25 Best Songs About Monday to Start the Week

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Need songs about Monday to express how you feel about the start of the week?

People either dread Mondays or looking forward to its arrival.

For the first group, Monday heralds the start of the work week, which is something they wish they could avoid.

Meanwhile, the other group is excited for Monday’s arrival because it symbolizes a fresh start.

Whichever side you’re on, today’s collection of songs about Monday will help jumpstart the week for you.

1. The Happy Mondays, Innocence Mission

The happy Mondays, we are blue-green. In the air, we are yellow, too. The clouds of Pennsylvania break apart, they move away from me and from you.

Let’s start on a cheery note. This song is a reminder that Mondays can be happy and magical.

2. Monday Monday Monday, Tegan and Sara

Oh what’s wrong with you? Monday, Monday, Monday.

The things people dread often have a way of coming true. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Here’s a song where the narrator expects Monday to be lousy. Because of that expectation, unfortunate events throughout the day are highlighted.

Predictably, the person concludes that things tend to go wrong on Mondays. Maybe they could use some positive affirmations instead.

3. Long Monday, John Prine

It's gonna be a long Monday, sittin' all alone on a mountain by a river that has no end.

In this song, the narrator recalls a past relationship that had a lot of happy memories. However, the relationship ended a long time ago.

The narrator describes his feeling as a Monday filled with loneliness.

4. Permanent Monday, Jordin Sparks

‘Cause every time you go away, the sunshine starts to fade. Frozen by the hands of time into a permanent Monday.

In the same vein as the previous example, the narrator of this song pines for a lover who’s not by her side.

Being separated from her lover feels like torture for this woman. This song equates her loneliness with Mondays.

5. Monday, The Living End

I don’t wanna play on Monday.

A lot of people don’t feel like themselves on Mondays. Here’s a song about the general dislike for the first day of the work week.

6. Rainy Days and Mondays, Carpenters

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.

Here’s an iconic song that has permanently tagged Monday as the most miserable day of the week. Coupled with a rainy day, Mondays can be downright depressing for some people.

7. Monday, Imagine Dragons

You are my Monday, you're the best day of the week. So underrated and a brand new start.

In this song, Monday is described as a chance for a brand-new start. It’s a fresh take, considering that many songs paint Monday as the most depressing time of the week.

8. It Sure Is Monday, Mark Chesnutt

Well it sure is Monday, ain't it a sin? I gotta work my way through the week again. I had a ball Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But it's all over now and it sure is Monday.

There are a lot of reasons why people dread Monday so much. In this song, a working man rues the arrival of Monday after having a great time over the weekend.

9. Chelsea Monday, Marillion

Patience, my tinsel angel. Patience, my perfumed child. One day they’ll really love you. You'll charm them with that smile. But for now it's just another Chelsea Monday.

This song is about having patience if you’re working toward a goal. It’s a reminder that things won’t happen overnight, and that you might have to face some disappointments along the way.

10. Monday Morning, Christina Aguilera

Hey, forget about your Monday morning. We are never gonna be that boring.

This song is about the struggle to constantly find exciting things to do. Boredom and monotony can close in if one fails to do so.

11. Monday’s Rain, Bee Gees

Oh, baby, please don't let me walk in Monday's rain.

In this song, walking under the rain and Mondays are combined to paint a truly miserable picture. A man begs for his lover not to leave him, as his life will be filled with misery if she does.

12. Monday Blues, Kylie Minogue

Keep counting down the days to you. It's getting me through those Monday blues.

Long-distance relationships are often difficult for both parties. In this song, a girl thinks about her lover who’s far away from her.

She looks forward to the time when they can be together again. Those thoughts help her get through the loneliness that she describes as “Monday blues.”

13. Monday Morning, Death Cab For Cutie

The night is gonna fall. And the vultures will surround you. And when you're looking in the mirror, what you see is gonna astound you. But all these lines and greys refine. They are the maps of our design of what began on a Monday morning.

This song is about positive changes. Although things may deteriorate, the narrator looks forward to what’s to come.

The source of hope is a new romantic relationship that may have begun on a Monday morning.

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14. Monday, Monday, The Mamas and The Papas

Oh Monday mornin' you gave me no warnin' of what was to be. Oh Monday, Monday, how could you leave and not take me?

While in the previous example a new relationship may have started on a Monday, this song is the opposite. It is about a guy who was left by his partner on Monday.

15. Stormy Monday, Allman Brothers Band

They call it Stormy Monday but Tuesday's just as bad. Lord, and Wednesday's worse. And Thursday's also sad.

This song is a cover of Bobby Blue Band’s single that you can view here. In this song, a man’s lover leaves him, making him feel sad all week long, not just on Monday.

16. Thank God It’s Monday, NOFX

I'm gonna tell you what I really think I like about Mondays. ‘Cause they feel like Saturdays. When you don't gotta go to work. Every day is a holiday. I wake up when I want to. I do anything I wanna do. Can't wait for Tuesday.

Many of us would be happy if we’d only had to work two days a week. That’s exactly what NOFX expresses in this song.

NOFX loves the weekdays because, for their band, the working days are the weekends. That leaves them with the rest of the week as their days off.

17. She Left on a Monday, Bic Runga

She left on a Monday. She's a siren down the road in your herringbone overcoat that you don't expect to get back.

This song is about a prideful man who, despite his longing, doesn’t want to go after his lover, who left him on a Monday. Instead, he just wallows in his misery.

18. Monday Comes Around, Switchfoot

Monday comes wondering, where do you run to find a second start?

Need another example of a song that paints Mondays in a positive light? Here’s one from Switchfoot.

In this song, someone wants to have a second chance, and views Monday as the day of new beginnings.

19. Laundromat Monday, Joe Jackson

Monday. Laundromat Monday.

This song is about a guy who hasn’t grown up, and believes he needs a woman in his life to do chores for him. His perspective is immature and unhealthy!

20. I Don’t Like Mondays, Tori Amos

Tell me why I don’t like Mondays.

Do you love Mondays, or hate them?

In this song, a girl tries to figure out life and why she doesn’t like Mondays.

21. Monday Again, Pink Cream 69

Yes it’s Monday again.

Meanwhile, this song is of someone complaining about Monday. As it turns out, they have to get in line for that, because a lot of other people don’t like Mondays, too!

22. Monday Without You, The Wilsons

Can’t think about Monday without you.

It seems like a lot of people in the music industry feel that Monday is a lonely day.

In this song, the narrator contemplates the memory of a loved one. They feel that their loss is more palpable during Mondays.

23. Monday, filous with Ashe

I wanna see you on a Monday, if that's alright.

While loneliness is one of the emotions associated with Monday, there’s also hope and excitement.

Here’s a song about falling in love and wanting to see that special person on a Monday.

24. St. Monday, Billy Bragg

I’m a hard worker but I ain’t working on a Monday.

In this song, a man declares himself a devotee of St. Monday, and promotes absenteeism from work on the day. However, this is met with consternation from his site supervisor.

25. Manic Monday, The Bangles

It’s just another manic Monday. Wish it were Sunday. ‘Cause that’s my fun day.

In this song, a working woman wishes that it was still Sunday so she could stay home. She wakes up from a romantic dream on a Monday morning and has to rush to get to work.

Final Thoughts on Songs About Monday

There you have it—a collection of songs to help you get the week started.

Monday is often associated with the rush, discomfort, and misery of the morning commute to work. It is also a day correlated with loneliness and despair.

On the other hand, Monday can also be associated with the hope and excitement found in new beginnings.

In reality, all the days of the week have the potential to be great. It’s up to you to make them so.

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