7 Free Wheel of Life Templates and Worksheets

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Ever wondered how balanced your life really is?

The Wheel of Life is a transformative tool that maps out various aspects of your life, from personal growth to relationships.

By using Wheel of Life templates and worksheets, you can better understand your current priorities and adjust your focus to align it with what truly matters. This reflective exercise could be the key to unlocking a more fulfilling and happier life.

Today, we've curated a diverse selection of Wheel of Life template options, each designed to help you visualize and assess the different areas of your life.

Whether you prefer a simple black-and-white layout or a more vibrant design, there's a template here for everyone.

Keep reading to discover a tool that could transform your approach to personal well-being!

1. The Wheel of Life: Black-and-White Template

First we have a Wheel of Life in a circular diagram divided into segments representing different aspects of life, such as Personal Growth & Learning, Spiritual, Business & Career, and Finances. It allows you to rate your satisfaction in each area on a scale from 1 to 10.

Each segment has concentric circles, indicating levels of satisfaction or achievement. The center represents “0” or lowest, while the outer edge represents 10 or highest. Overall, it visually represents balance or imbalance in your life.

Below the wheel is a section with checkboxes for each life aspect, accompanied by lines for notes or action items, facilitating reflection, planning, and personal development.

2. Colorful Wheel of Life Worksheet

This Wheel of Life worksheet is a vibrant, color-coded exercise designed to help you evaluate your satisfaction in vital areas ranging from Business & Career to Friends & Family.

Instructions at the top provide a simple three-step process for users: identify essential life areas, rate satisfaction levels, and color in segments to visually represent your current life balance.

With a place to enter the date and a gentle reminder to be honest with scores, this worksheet aims to facilitate a transparent and honest self-assessment to aid personal development and life satisfaction.

3. Customizable Wheel of Life Template for Businesses

This corporate-themed Wheel of Life template features a space for personalization with “Your Name” and “Today's Date” at the top.

There’s also a designated spot for “Your Company Name/Logo,” making it suitable for the business environment or personal branding.

The template is divided into eight segments representing different aspects of life, such as Health, Friends & Family, and Significant Other, each with a radial scale from 1 to 10 to rate personal satisfaction levels.

In addition to an example wheel for guidance, the worksheet includes instructions for reflecting on each life category, measuring satisfaction, and drawing a line to create a visual representation of balance in your life.

It also emphasizes the importance of instinctual scoring over overthought responses.

4. Holistic Wheel of Life Assessment Tool

This Wheel of Life assessment tool uses a holistic approach, breaking down life satisfaction into six key areas—Emotional, Physical, Environmental, Social, Recreational, and Mental—each shaded in a different pastel color for easy distinction.

It encourages a strong and healthy mindset by including an “Emotional” category emphasizing care for one's needs and feelings, and a “Mental” category for fostering a solid and healthy mindset.

The assessment is visually intuitive, with concentric circles representing levels from 1 to 10, allowing individuals to rate their satisfaction in each sector and create a visual map of their overall well-being.

5. Personalized Journal Wheel of Life Template

This template features a personalized Wheel of Life printed on a journal page, offering a tangible and intimate way to self-reflect, with prompts and suggestions to enhance each area of life.

With a warm, inviting design that includes splashes of gold and handwritten-style prompts, the template guides users to rank their fulfillment in areas such as Education, Health, and Adventure on a scale of 1 to 10.

The page encourages proactive steps for improvement, helping users assess their current satisfaction levels and set actionable goals.

6. Wheel of Life Balance Assessment

The image features a Wheel of Life tool titled “Finding Balance in Your Life.” Each segment is shaded in a range of blue, pink, and purple hues, representing different life areas such as Health, Finances, and Family & Friends.

The wheel is divided into eight sections, each labeled with a vital life area. Meanwhile, the segments are numbered from 1 to 5 to offer a simplified scale for assessing satisfaction levels.

The central area of the wheel is highlighted with the number 1 across all segments, suggesting an equal starting point for evaluation. The wheel also incorporates a registered trademark symbol, indicating it is a proprietary design or concept.

7. Personalized Wheel of Life Journal Entry

This image showcases a personalized and detailed Wheel of Life journal entry, creatively designed for a hands-on approach to self-assessment and goal setting, with each pie slice dedicated to a different aspect of life, such as Mental, Physical, and Family.

It is a vibrant and engaging template housed within a ring-bound journal, filled with personal affirmations and specific goals that emphasize actionable steps for self-improvement.

While it is not a printable template, this image serves as inspiration for those who prefer crafting their own journal diaries, offering a highly customizable and visually appealing method for monitoring and enhancing one's quality of life.

Final Thoughts on Free Wheel of Life Templates and Worksheets

We've explored a variety of Wheel of Life templates, each with its own unique way of helping you assess and improve your life's balance.

From minimalist designs to colorful and detailed layouts, these tools are crafted to guide you in your journey of self-discovery.

We hope you've found inspiration in this list, and that these templates serve as a valuable resource in your pursuit of personal harmony. May your Wheel of Life spin towards happiness and contentment!

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