151 Gratitude Journal Prompts for Daily Thankfulness

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Have you ever felt ungrateful and needed a way to get back into a positive mindset? I know I have… and this is why I use gratitude journal prompts on a regular basis.

Writing about how grateful I am for family, friends, my career, and everything else in my life helps me remember what truly matters. I gain control of my emotions and peace of mind each day by using a journal. 

You can also improve your quality of life in this way. All you need to do is commit to making writing in a gratitude journal a daily habit. You can even use this as an opportunity to pick out a journal and pen you love at the store.

I have a set of beautiful journals with The Great Wave off Kanagawa by artist Katsushika Hokusai printed on the front of each one.

In this post, I'll give you a whole list of ideas for gratitude journal prompts. 

What Is a Gratitude Journal?

A gratitude journal is a journal you can use to record what you're grateful for on a consistent basis.

Gratitude journals are different from other types of journals, as they are meant to be written in daily in order to be most effective, serving as a daily reminder of all that is good.

Other journals can be utilized when the mood strikes you. For example, art journals allow you to practice self-care and get as creative as you'd like with various artistic mediums… especially if you want to blow off steam or shed and emotion.

Whereas dream journaling gives you a way to write down your dreams and remember them, analyze them even, to get a better look inside yourself.

Gratitude journaling can improve your mental and physical health. According to research, jotting down what you're thankful for can:

  • Improve the quality of your sleep
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase positivity
  • Strengthen self-worth
  • Help you celebrate the present
  • Possibly lower the risk of heart disease

Plus, journaling is a simple activity you can do on a budget with minimal effort.

You should use a gratitude journal to reflect on at least three things that are important to you.

This could be your memories, loved ones, the beauty of nature, your house, the food on your table, or anything else you can think of. I write down anything I can think of, from my adorable pets to the splendid butterflies in my backyard. 

Gratitude journaling is one of the best methods of bring more gratitude into your life. But if you wonder why gratitude even matters I encourage you to check out this post detailing the benefits of gratitude.

What Are Journal Prompts?

Journal prompts give you ideas on what to write about. This can help you stay focused on a particular topic and acquire clarity on whatever you may be writing about.

Furthermore, there are plenty of interesting prompts to make it easy for you to get started on your journaling experience. 

151 Gratitude Journal Prompts for Thankfulness

  1. Write about something positive that happened to you recently that made you feel more fortunate. 
  2. List some of the qualities of people you admire. Then find ways to add these qualities to yourself. 
  3. Name five things that make you smile. Reflect on how these affect your mood. 
  4. Write down five objects found in nature you're grateful for. 
  5. Name three good deeds you can do for others in the next few days and do them. 
  6. What makes you appreciate your job or career the most? Is it something you do or your work environment, or is it the people you work with and why?
  7. Name the top six ways you can help improve your neighborhood (plant trees, organize a neighborhood cleanup, become a mentor, etc.)?
  8. What are some of your favorite things about your town, city or state?
  9. Write a paragraph about what you admire about your favorite person in the world.
  10. What are four actions you can take to make another person happy? Then go out and do these in the next week. 
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Writing about how grateful I am for family, friends, my career, and everything else in my life helps me remember what truly matters.
  1. How can you appreciate your five senses more by being mindful
  2. What top three things/people make your home feel special?
  3. Which three struggles have you overcome throughout your life and how did these make you a better person?
  4. List three qualities you admire about yourself.
  5. What are your favorite meals you enjoy eating or cooking?
  6. In what ways can you be more thankful in your day-to-day life?
  7. What makes you laugh really hard and how can you make yourself laugh more often?
  8. What's something big or small you can do to help those less fortunate than yourself (homeless people, children with cancer, etc.)?
  9. Make a list of what makes your closest friends special. 
  10. Imagine why your favorite song makes you happy, sad, etc., and describe this feeling in a few sentences. 
  11. What are 10 items you own that make your life easier (technology, appliances, etc.)?
  12. What's one small step you can take towards overcoming a challenge you currently face. 
  13. What's one way you can brighten a neighbor's day today?
  14. Whose one person you can't stand? Now write down anything you can learn to love about him/her. (This could be his/her style of clothing, hair color, or something else.)
  15. Think about a work of art that resonates with you and write down how it makes you feel and why you love it. 
  16. Consider one thing that makes you angry. How can you turn this into something more pleasant?
  17. 27. What's your favorite smell in the whole world? Write down how it stirs your senses and provokes your emotions.
  18. Which books do you reread over and over again? Write down why these boost your mood.
  19. Pick your favorite teacher or professor from your past or present and write about what makes him or her special. 
  20. What valuable lessons did you learn from your past mistakes?
  21. Choose an organization or public service (library, education, fire department, etc.) you're grateful for and write a paragraph about it. 
  22. What are some things you love about your personal style and clothing choices?
  23. Pick a holiday you enjoy and write two paragraphs about why you feel this way. 
  24. Write down three reasons why a particular object in your home brings you joy. 
  25. Put down three paragraphs about a family member and why you're thankful for them. 
  26. Make a list of 20 places you'd like to visit before you die and consider visiting at least one of them soon. 
  27. What's your favorite color and what about it boosts your positivity?
  28. What's a small purchase you can make and how can it increase your happiness? (You could buy chapstick, comfortable socks, a scented candle, or something else.)
  29. List nine things you can do to love yourself more and try incorporating these into your everyday life. 
  30. How can doing good for others make you happier than doing things for yourself?
  31. What place makes you feel inner peace? How can you bring part of this into your daily life?
  32. What's the most beautiful place you've ever traveled to? Imagine how you felt while you were there and write your feelings down. 
  33. Which movie always puts you in a brighter mood or is there one that changed your life in some way? Consider why you feel so strongly about it.
  34. Write down ideas on how you can be more accepting of those who are different from you. How can doing this improve your quality of life?
  35. Do you have a favorite creative outlet? If so, how does it improve your mood? If not, write down a creative outlet you'd like to learn and how this can cheer you up. 
  36. Name one bad habit you'd like to change and why. Then write down small steps you can take to make this happen. 
  37. What are some things you can do for a friend or family member next time they're unhappy or not feeling well?
  38. Who was your childhood sweetheart and what positive qualities about this person would you like your next partner to have?
  39. What did your parents teach you growing up that made you a better person?
  40. Name a fear you've always had and list ways you can start to overcome it. 
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A gratitude journal is a journal you can use to record what you're grateful for on a consistent basis.
  1. Think about something nice you did for another person and write a paragraph or two about the situation. 
  2. What's one thing you can do to make your bedroom more comfortable or bright and how can this make you cheerful?
  3. Pick a goal you'd like to achieve. Write down how achieving it could increase your life satisfaction. 
  4. Consider one way you're unique from those around you. Why do you appreciate this difference in yourself?
  5. Make a list of things that irritate you. Then write down ways to see them from a different perspective. Can you laugh at some of these or make them easier to handle?
  6. Name one way in which you're more fortunate than someone else. How does this make you more thankful?
  7. When was one time a stranger made an honest effort to help you? Write a paragraph about why you liked this person and why what they did for you mattered. 
  8. Write down one highlight of your day and why it's positive for you.
  9. Consider a time you did a good deed for someone else. How did this affect you and the other person?
  10. In your opinion, what's something that makes a person genuinely beautiful?
  11. How does overcoming obstacles make you feel?
  12. Name one time you felt uncomfortable with change. After this change, how did your life improve?
  13. Pick one problem in your personal life you wish would end. Now write down ideas on how you can change the problem for the better.
  14. Choose the type of weather condition you like the least. Figure out how you can tolerate it with a positive mindset next time it happens (read a book, think positive thoughts, etc.). 
  15. Name one thing you like about your appearance and write a paragraph about it. 
  16. In what ways can having a positive mindset each day make your life easier?
  17. List some positive ways you can deal with any problems or people that bother you?
  18. How can seeing the strengths of various people help you understand their true worth?
  19. What or who makes life more meaningful to you?
  20. What gives you a sense of purpose and why? If you lack a purpose, write down ways you can have one on a daily basis and how this can enhance your lifestyle.  
  21. How can you turn what bothers you about someone into something that benefits you in a healthy way? 
  22. Which talent do you appreciate the most about someone you admire and why?
  23. How did the people around you play roles in making you the person you are today?
  24. Write down some necessities in your life, such as food or shelter, you're grateful for. 
  25. What or who are you the most grateful for?
  26. What's one memory or moment you'll always cherish?
  27. How do children make the world a happier place?
  28. What's something consistently burdensome about your life that makes you a stronger person?
  29. Name one thing/person that makes your life more exciting?
  30. What's something positive (self-love affirmations or positive self-talk) you can say to yourself every day?
  31. What kind of gift could you give someone that would make you feel like a better person?
  32. What gift did you receive that mattered to you the most and why?
  33. List eight ways you can escape your comfort zone more often. How can incorporating these into your life increase your personal fulfillment?
  34. Write down something beautiful you've never noticed before about your surroundings or life in general.
  35. In what ways can you commit to living in the moment (stay focused, be present, meditate, etc.) and how can doing this help you enjoy life?
  36. Consider your current age and write down three things you love about this time in your life. 
  37. Make a list of at least 10 things you've learned in the last month or year. 
  38. What do you love the most about yourself?
  39. List a few things you take for granted and how you can be more grateful for these. 
  40. What's something you're looking forward to doing soon and why? If you're not looking forward to anything, pick something you're sure to stick to. 
gratitude journal prompts for high school students | gratitude journal prompts for elementary students | gratitude journal prompts for recovery
Gratitude journals are different from other types of journals, as they are meant to be written in daily in order to be most effective, serving as a daily reminder of all that is good.
  1. What's one way you can take better care of your health and well-being and how can you make sure to do this regularly?
  2. Name six things you'll take notice of and appreciate in the next 48 hours. 
  3. Look outside your window and list 10 things you're thankful for. 
  4. What was yesterday like for you? List three things you liked about this day.
  5. Consider where you were five years ago in your life. In comparison to today, in what ways have you made personal progress?
  6. What's your favorite vacation destination and why? Where else would you like to visit?
  7. What do you love about pets or animals? How do animals contribute to the environment and your own life in some way?
  8. How does your career enhance your skills or make you a better person in general?
  9. What's one thing you can change to improve your day tomorrow (wake up early, exercise, use technology less, etc.)? Write down how making one little change in your life can be significant or even life-changing for you. 
  10. In what ways can having a sense of humor make your problems easier to deal with? Write down ideas to make yourself laugh when you're unhappy. 
  11. How can being less selfish help you be happier and improve your relationships? List ways you can be a better person.
  12. Write down your top 3 blessings you're thankful for.  
  13. List 5 ways you can make someone grateful you're in their life and give thanks for that opportunity.
  14. If you have a pet, write about how that pet makes you happy. If not, write about a fun experience you've had with someone else's pet. 
  15. Who was your most influential teacher in school and why?
  16. What is something you've learned in life that has made your life better? 
  17. List one way your best friend has made you smile.
  18. Think of the time a stranger was kind to you. 
  19. Be grateful for the ability to journal. 
  20. 110.  Tonight, look toward the stars then write down being thankful for the beauty. 
  21. If you love big hugs, write down how they feel. 
  22. List the reasons you love to give love to others. 
  23. Write down your experience of witnessing the kindness of a stranger to you or someone else. 
  24. List the reasons you love to receive love from others. 
  25. Write down your favorite recipe and why you're thankful for it.
  26. Think of the last time you walked on the beach and felt the sun and sand between your toes. 
  27. Express your thankfulness for your home. 
  28. What is your favorite part of today?
  29. Who are you thankful for in this moment? 
  30. Name 3 things about your job that you love.
  31. What are you doing today to reach your fitness goals for tomorrow? 
  32. Breathe deeply, in and out,  and feel your gratitude for life. 
  33. Which family member were you most thankful for last week?
  34. Which birthday were you most grateful for? 
  35. Are you happy with today? 
  36. What makes you laugh the loudest? 
  37. Name the top 3 ways you navigate through stress best.
  38. What will be your next intentional act of kindness? 
  39. What’s your favorite personality trait about yourself? 
  40. Write down one thing about each family member you’re grateful for.
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Gratitude journaling can improve your mental and physical health.
  1. What is a life experience that brought you joy? 
  2. Write about something in nature that brings you happiness.
  3. Define gratitude. 
  4. What is one thing you dream of doing before you die? 
  5. Do you have a hobby? Write why you enjoy it.
  6. Compliment one part of your body. 
  7. List 3 things you do for self-care.
  8. What have you done that you’re most proud of? 
  9. What's something you find beautiful?
  10. Write about the best advice you've received. 
  11. Think about your favorite song. 
  12. Write down a compliment you’ve received.
  13. What do you look forward to each day? 
  14. Be conscious and thankful for every breath. 
  15. Watch the sunrise and write your first thoughts.
  16. Write what you felt when you watched the ocean waves. 
  17. Write down the comfort of a warm blanket straight from the dryer.
  18. Listen to the patter of rain and write down how you feel. 
  19. Take a look at the sunset and contemplate its beauty. 
  20. Think about your last walk in the park and what you appreciated about being there. 
  21. Put on your favorite pair of fuzzy socks and write down how comfy and cozy they make you feel. 

Final Thoughts on Gratitude Journal Prompts

Using gratitude journal prompts can make your life more meaningful.  Additionally, writing every day has a multitude of benefits, such as:

  • Calming the mind
  • Relieving boredom
  • Lifting your spirits
  • Improving brain function

Upon waking each morning, gratitude journaling can provide a dose of positivity to boost your mood for the entire day.

If you don’t feel you’ve got time for journaling in the morning, perhaps you meditate instead, you can use gratitude journal prompts before bedtime. Doing so can help you sleep deeper and longer throughout the night.

When I write in my journal, I feel my body and mind relax, and I can breathe easier. This makes journaling completely worth it for me. I can forget about my worries and fears – and focus on what I really care about at the moment.

We hope you find gratitude journaling to be as rewarding and eye-opening as I do… it is a great way to really appreciate those closest to you and all that is good in your life.

Doing so may even help you get along better and bring you closer together. If this post inspired you, you might enjoy reading another one of our articles about journal prompts for anxiety.

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