27 Printable Free Gratitude Journal Templates & Worksheets

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Ready to elevate your mindset and be more thankful for the blessings in your life?

There's a simple yet profoundly effective way to cultivate a happier, more balanced life: keeping a gratitude journal.

Gratitude journal templates and worksheets offer a structured format for you to jot down daily or weekly reflections about the good things in your life.

These simple tools can have far-reaching benefits, including boosting your mood, reducing stress, and even improving sleep quality.

In this article, we're excited to present 27 gratitude journal templates and worksheets that have a variety of styles and purposes. Whether you're new to gratitude journaling or a seasoned veteran, there's something here for everyone.

So go ahead, scroll down, and let's begin this enriching journey together!

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1. Simple Gratitude Journal

This template offers a balanced blend of simplicity and mindfulness, wrapped in a soothing color palette of white, beige, and khaki green. At the top, there's a designated space for you to jot down the date, making it a versatile choice for daily use.

The page is thoughtfully divided into three sections: one for an affirmation or positive quote to kickstart your day, another to list three things you're grateful for, and a final section to recap three significant events of the day.

2. Gratitude Countdown

This template encourages a deeper dive into positive thinking with five distinct sections: listing five things you're grateful for, four things you're looking forward to, three accomplishments for the day, two people you're thankful for, and one amazing thing that happened to you today.

Designed in a calming powder blue-and-white color scheme, this template brings an organized approach to gratitude journaling. A space for the date is provided at the top so you can use this page on any day you choose.

3. Week-at-a-Glance Gratitude Journal

This weekly template features a clean, inviting design enhanced by the serene color combination of white, beige, and teal blue.

The layout features seven spaces—one for each day of the week, from Monday to Sunday. The ample space provided for each day allows you to easily capture the simple moments that you're thankful for throughout the week.

4. Simplified Gratitude: The Heart List

Embodying minimalist design principles, this template is awash in a crisp color scheme of teal blue and white. It features nine heart-shaped bullet points as visual prompts, inviting you to list what you're thankful for.

Since it has no designated space for the date, this template is perfect for adding gratitude notes whenever you feel inspired. It offers an uncomplicated yet meaningful way to engage with thankfulness.

5. Today’s Snapshot of Gratitude and Joy

This template features three main sections: a space to list three things you're grateful for, a small box to jot down one word that describes what made you happy today, and a versatile box where you can either draw or write freely about your day.

Designed for capturing the essence of the day, it includes a designated area for the day’s date, inviting you to engage in a daily gratitude practice.

This multifaceted template allows for both structured reflection and creative freedom, serving as a snapshot of your daily emotional landscape.

6. Gratitude Countdown Reimagined: Peach Edition

This template mirrors the structured approach of the earlier Gratitude Countdown, but with a fresh aesthetic twist. The sections are neatly enclosed in individual boxes, offering the same detailed journaling experience, but with an organized, compartmentalized look.

The soothing peach-and-white color palette adds a warm touch to the page, making it a wonderful alternative for those who love the content of the previous entry but are looking for a different visual experience.

7. Gratitude Garden

Adorned with subtle leaf drawings and a dominant green palette tinged with yellow, this template exudes a sense of growth and positivity.

The layout is segmented into various sections, including space to list five things you're grateful for today and five positive affirmations to uplift your spirit.

Additionally, it includes dedicated areas for jotting down something you're proud of, something you'd like more of, a “happy doodle,” and your favorite moment of the day, making it a comprehensive tool for both gratitude and self-reflection.

8. Pastel Pink Daily Gratitude Journal

Featuring a soft, pastel pink-and-white color scheme, this template exudes a gentle, calming aura. The elegant “Daily Gratitude Journal” heading in cursive sets the tone for meaningful reflections.

With four distinct sections—Today I'm Grateful For, I Laughed Today Because, This Person Brought Me Joy, and Something That Inspired Me Today—this layout invites you to explore different facets of gratitude and joy, making it an enriching way to end or begin your day.

9. Simple Gratitude Journal: Beige Edition

Evoking a sense of timeless elegance with its white-and-beige color palette, this template serves as an alternative to the first entry.

Similarly, it features a space for the date and three main sections for affirmations, gratitude, and daily happenings, but differentiates itself through a number of design elements, including a cursive “Daily Gratitude Journal” heading.

10. Gratitude Jar: A Container for Thankfulness

Featuring a beautifully designed, cartoon-style jar with the phrase “I'm Thankful For” written inside, this template serves as a unique, visual space for gratitude.

Instead of standard lines or boxes, it offers a wide-open area where you can freely write down anything you're grateful for.

The playful and artistic design invites you to record your gratitude in a manner that feels less constrained and more spontaneous, making each entry a heartfelt addition to your “virtual” jar of thankfulness.

11. Grateful for the Skills

Crafted in a pleasing color scheme of pink and brown, this template is as visually calming as it is functional. It features elongated boxes for each section title, adding a touch of aesthetic elegance to a simple layout.

With categories for “Things I Am Grateful For” and “Things I Am Capable Of,” a space for a quote, and a note section, this journal template encourages you not only to recognize your blessings, but also to acknowledge your own strengths and inspirations.

12. App-Style Gratitude Journal

Designed to mimic the look of a mobile app, this template combines modern functionality with the tactile joy of a printable journal. It's adorned in a pleasing mix of pastel colors that immediately set a calming mood.

With well-thought-out sections, this journal template helps you navigate the full spectrum of your emotions while focusing on positivity and future aspirations.

13. Letter of Gratitude

Featuring a light brown background adorned with flower designs, this template provides a traditional, letter-writing aesthetic.

The central focus is a large, unstructured space following the prompt “I Am Thankful For,” allowing you the freedom to write as if you're composing a personal letter of gratitude.

The floral accents and generous writing area make this template ideal for those who wish to delve deeply into their feelings of thankfulness, capturing the nuances in a letter-like format.

14. Best Part of the Day

Sporting various shades of brown, this template offers a grounded, earthy feel that complements the introspective nature of gratitude journaling.

The page is divided into four specific sections: “I Am Thankful For,” “Today's Affirmation,” “Best Part of My Day,” and a spot for an inspiring quote.

These focus areas guide you through different layers of gratitude and positivity, providing a holistic view of your emotional well-being while adding a touch of sophistication through the monochromatic design.

15. Gratitude List for Today

Featuring a soft, light green background, this playful template brings a lighthearted touch to the practice of daily gratitude.

With elements like an endearing animal character jotting notes on the side and an alarm clock graphic at the top, it's both visually engaging and functional.

Sections include a space for the date, a note on the day’s weather, a checklist for things you're grateful for, and areas for jotting down your daily motivation and reminders, making it an all-encompassing daily guide.

16. Weekly Gratitude: A Burst of Citrus Colors

Decorated in vibrant shades of orange, yellow-orange, and a soft pastel peach, this weekly template bursts with energy and warmth. The layout includes boxes for each day of the week, from Sunday to Saturday, along with a designated space to write the month.

Accented by a single, elegantly designed flower on the side, the template manages to be both lively and understated at the same time. This color-filled weekly format encourages you to engage in regular gratitude reflections while also serving as a visual pick-me-up.

17. Passionate Gratitude Reflections

Each section comes in a designated box with lines, guiding you through five different areas: one thing you're grateful for, one challenging situation or person you're learning from, one person you're thankful for, one thing you like about yourself, and your favorite moment of the day.

Radiating vibrant energy with its hot pink and crimson red color scheme, this template is an invitation to engage in deep emotional reflection. To add a touch of whimsy, small hearts are sprinkled across the background, reinforcing the theme of love and gratitude.

18. Minimalist Gratitude Journal

Laid out in a minimalist style featuring a white background and stark black text, this template is a masterclass in efficient design. It skillfully incorporates various elements of daily life, from gratitude bullet points and water intake icons to emotional check-ins and space for unfiltered thoughts.

Sections for the day's favorite affirmations, accomplishments, and tomorrow's anticipations are also included, providing a thorough yet streamlined way to engage with both your emotional and physical well-being.

19. 30-Day Gratitude Challenge

This unique 30-day template acts as a roadmap for cultivating gratitude over the course of a month. Each day provides you with a specific prompt or theme to focus your gratitude around, offering direction to your journaling endeavors.

Ideal for those new to the practice or looking for a refresh, this challenge template streamlines your daily journaling while encouraging you to explore different dimensions of thankfulness.

20. Thank You Coloring Page

This hybrid template serves both as a coloring page and a gratitude journal entry or thank you card. Featuring beautiful mandala-inspired floral designs at the bottom and a graceful “Thank You” in cursive at the top, it creates an atmosphere of appreciation.

The expansive space in the middle allows for personalized writing, making it versatile enough to either be shared as a heartfelt token of gratitude to someone else or kept in your own journal for personal reflections.

21. Thankful For Coloring Page

Combining the art of coloring with the practice of gratitude, this template features an intricate mandala of floral designs as its background. The phrase “I Am Thankful For” is elegantly displayed at the top, encased in a ribbon outline that's also available for coloring.

With an uncluttered space in the middle for writing, this design blends the calming effect of coloring with the introspective art of journaling. It's an ideal pick for those looking to engage in a multi-sensory expression of gratitude.

22. A Month of Gratitude

This template takes the form of a calendar, providing boxes for each day of the month from 1 to 31, each prefixed with the phrase “Today, I'm Thankful For.”

Designed for quick and concise reflections, the limited space in each box encourages you to capture the essence of your daily gratitude in just a few words.

23. Gratitude Quotes

This template features a compilation of inspirational gratitude quotes, each framed by beautifully designed green vines. While the quotes alone offer food for thought, you have the option to print, cut out, and integrate them into your journal for added inspiration.

Whether kept digitally or transformed into a physical journal embellishment, the eye-catching vine designs make this collection more than just a list of quotes—it's a visually and emotionally enriching experience.

24. A Vibrant Gratitude Journal

This template brings together an eclectic color scheme of dark violet, black, yellow, and white. Sections include space for the date and day, along with diverse prompts like the day's affirmation, why you like yourself, and things you’re good at.

The template also offers space for you to note the people you're grateful for, things you care about, and the best part of your day.

With its striking colors and comprehensive prompts, this design encourages a well-rounded exploration of gratitude and self-awareness.

25. Finding the Good in Every Day

This weekly gratitude template captures attention with its playful design, featuring each week's entries inside comic book-style conversation bubbles.

The layout is headed by the uplifting phrase “There is something good in every day…” which sets the tone for positive reflection throughout the week.

By placing each week's list within its own conversational bubble, the design subtly encourages you to “speak” your gratitude, making this template an inventive and engaging way to focus on the good in every day.

26. Gratitude in Simplicity

Adhering to a minimalist aesthetic with a white page and black font, this undated weekly gratitude template provides seven distinct parts for each day of the week.

The journal is framed by the thought-provoking phrase, “When you can't be grateful for everything, be grateful for something,” located at the top and side of the page.

This straightforward layout and the guiding mantra make it a versatile choice for those who seek simplicity while acknowledging gratitude, one day at a time.

27. Gratitude Cards

These gratitude cards come in a uniform format, designed specifically for easy printing and cutting.

Once separated, these cards can either be pasted into your journal or assembled into a vision board, providing you with versatile options for keeping your thankfulness front and center.

Their portable nature and consistent design make them perfect for a quick reminder of the good in your life, wherever you choose to display them.

Final Thoughts on Gratitude Journal Templates & Worksheets

Today, we've walked you through a diverse array of gratitude journal templates, each offering its own unique way to help you focus on the good in your life.

We hope you've enjoyed reading this article as much as we've enjoyed creating it for you. Whether you're seeking simplicity or intricacy in your gratitude journaling, we hope you find the perfect template that resonates with your heart.

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