100 Motivational Words of Encouragement for Your Employees

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As a workplace leader, you have many responsibilities that many don't consider from the outside looking in. Additionally, your performance is evaluated by external factors… like your ability to manage every situation, motivate others to grow, and cause the business to increase. 

To keep the business going, you must keep your employees motivated. And while it would seem that paying a fair wage would be enough to encourage each employee to do a good job, it isn’t. When we spend 8, 10, or more hours on the job a day, we need words of encouragement and motivation every now and then. 

As an employer, you need to hear that you are doing a good job leading the business to success, so be assured your employees need to hear the same.

What Are Motivational Words of Encouragement? 

Motivational words of encouragement are words that keep us propelling forward. To the receiver, they are like gasoline poured onto a fire or a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer's day.

As a leader in the business industry, your words or motivation help an employee excel from simply being a good employee to becoming a great one. Your words can also reassure someone doubting themselves and their abilities, giving them the courage to perform their duties on the job at a high level.

As a boss, we can fall into using harsh words and negativity to drive our employees to do better at their jobs. But as the saying goes, “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”  In other words, flattery and gentle persuasion are much better than being hostile, confrontational, or aggressive with your employees.

Not all encouraging words are easy words. But, sometimes, they are firm and eye-opening revelations that help us be better versions of ourselves.

In the 1990s, when I was a teenager, I got a job working at a local Subway restaurant. One of the owners was my science teacher (he knew of my character and demeanor and that I was a hard worker).  Yet, within the first few weeks of my employment there, my teacher's wife and the business co-owner considered laying me off the job.

I was a slow learner and struggled initially because I wasn’t familiar with Subway.  I had to learn everything from scratch at the business because my family was poor. To us, Subway was an expensive restaurant, so I had never eaten there before.

However, the general manager helped encourage me and gave me the opportunity to turn a potentially tough situation into fuel and motivation.  She also helped me track my progress and do other things that pushed me outside my comfort zone. 

It wasn’t easy, especially knowing my job was on the line. Still, in one month, I went from being on the chopping block to being considered the best employee they had ever had. As a result of her encouragement, I became a weekend supervisor. I trained all new employees in two different Subway locations. 

Later, the owner, who once thought of letting me go, expressed her regret for even considering the notion. It would not have happened if someone didn't see me as a valuable employee, compliment me on my progress, and encourage me to keep doing better. 

Words of encouragement for employees are necessary if you desire to see them succeed.

100 Motivational Words of Encouragement for Your Employees

  1. You've got the goods; just slow down and trust the process.
  2. If you keep working like this, I’ll soon be working for you.
  3. I know things have been hard lately, but you and your department have kept the whole place afloat.
  4. You are shining at just the right time. The sky is the limit.
  5. Don’t think for one moment that I haven’t noticed your work. Work that is good doesn’t go unnoticed.

Don’t think for one moment that I haven’t noticed your work. Work that is good doesn’t go unnoticed.”

  1. Customers are raving about the excellent service you provide them with. Keep it up!
  2. Your coworkers look up to you, so keep setting a notable example for them.
  3. I am considering you for a raise.
  4. I want to personally mentor you. I see your potential to become a leader at one of our branches.
  5. Don't settle where you are in the workplace. I see you playing a more significant role in this business.
  6. Great job! I know I can always depend on you.
  7. You keep things going smoothly in my absence, as they would run if I were here.
  8. You tried your best. That's all I can ask of you.
  9. Better to have tried and failed than not try at all.
  10. I see you getting better and better by the day.
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  1. You exceed my expectations with each project.
  2. Can I clone you? We need more employees who think like you.
  3. Your feedback is valuable and appreciated.
  4. I learn something from you on a regular basis. Good work.
  5. Thank you so much.
  6. Nicely done. You put everything you had into getting things squared away on time.
  7. You provide quality and efficient work. Upper management is raving about you.
  8. We could use your wisdom and expertise in other areas of the industrial plant.
  9. If you can’t do it, nobody can.
  10. We need a little more from you. I know you have it in you. That’s why I picked you for this team.

We need a little more from you. I know you have it in you. That’s why I picked you for this team.”

  1. I know you’ve been stressed, but I appreciate your diligence in getting things done.
  2. We voted, and you have been chosen for employee of the month.
  3. Why did I ever doubt you. You always seem to pull a rabbit out of a hat.
  4. You haven’t been yourself lately. Is there anything I can do to help you?
  5. I’ve been where you are and look at me now. So, I know you'll go far. I'm not as gifted as you.
  6. Your enthusiasm is magnetic; you make us all excited to be here.
  7. Here is a gift card to say “thanks” for doing such a great job.
  8. You are a whiz with numbers. Our accounting team could use someone like you.
  9. Thanks for noticing those mistakes we made. I totally overlooked them.
  10. I have never seen anyone work as fast as you.
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  1. You are a visionary; you see things from such a unique perspective.
  2. I love your system for doing things. Would you be open to training others?
  3. Your writing is excellent, and you're very well-spoken.
  4. Here's lunch on me. Just my way of showing appreciation for all you do. I can’t do this without your contribution.
  5. You have an excellent way of dealing with difficult people.
  6. Your attention to detail is top-notch.
  7. Your punctuality is refreshing. You’re always set and ready to go at opening time.
  8. I love the way you keep us on our toes. Great work.
  9. You bring the spirit of excellence that this place needs.
  10. Here is a little bonus check for all the extra business you have brought into the office.

Here is a little bonus check for all the extra business you have brought into the office.”

  1. I know you’ve been putting in some long hours, but you’re the engine that helps this machine (company) go.
  2. If anyone embodies the company's principles and values, it's you.
  3. You never settle for mediocre. That's one of the things I love the most about you.
  4. You're such an out-of-the-box thinker. That’s why we get along so well.
  5. I’m so happy you are a part of this team.
  6. Congratulations on your many accomplishments. You’re an undeniable asset to the division.
  7. Your smiling face sets an excellent tone for everyone that comes into the building.
  8. You never complain. You just get things done.
  9. You are an excellent communicator. Thank you for always keeping me informed.
  10. Your positive, can-do attitude is contagious.
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  1. You have a great sense of humor; you keep things cheerful and lighthearted around the office.
  2. I can confide in you about anything.
  3. You are a great listener who answers questions with empathy and without judgment.
  4. You are so gentle and patient with our clients. That’s why so many of them prefer you.
  5. You’re smooth under pressure, and it has a calming effect on everyone.
  6. You are a role model that others can pattern themselves after to be successful.
  7. You pour your heart into all that you do. It’s inspiring how passionate you are about this business.

You pour your heart into all that you do. It’s inspiring how passionate you are about this business.”

  1. You treat everyone fairly, no matter how they are dressed or what they look like. I like that.
  2. This is a busy workplace, but you always are available to help others.
  3. You’re always so thoughtful and polite.
  4. You're a quick learner and execute assignments like you've been here for many years.
  5. You could tell I was not happy, and you took the time to calm me down. Thank you.
  6. Thank you for recommending the new vendors. They worked out excellently.
  7. In every sense of the word, you are a true professional.
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  1. I've watched how you took the new hires under your wings and trained them. It is evident in how knowledgeable they are about the products we sell.
  2. No matter the degree of difficulty, you always find a solution.
  3. You have breathed new life into that department and set a new standard for other areas to follow.
  4. You are more than an employee to me; you are more like a trusted friend or close family member.
  5. You are the stability that this place needs. 
  6. I appreciate how you humbly keep your composure, even when you have a hundred reasons not to.
  7. You make others feel precious, valued, seen, and appreciated.
  8. Has anyone told you that you’re a saint for putting up with me and my crap on a daily basis?
  9. You never miss a day.  And when you're back from time off, you never miss a beat.
  10. You are such a nurturer.  When we have a bad day, you have a way of turning it all around.
  11. Adding you to our team was the best decision I've made as a manager
  12. You're gifted and talented in addition to being working.  Everyone is still talking about your quadruple chocolate cake from the Christmas potluck.
  13. You make the most complicated processes seem simple.  And have a great way of communicating that to others.
  14. Don't ever doubt yourself again.  Your growth has forced me to be a better version of myself.  Thank you.
  15. You started off kind of slow, but nothing could hold you back once you got in the swing of things.
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  1. Our clients rave about you.  That's why we'd like you to be the face of the company.
  2. You can't teach work ethic, integrity, and determination.  You came here with those qualities, and they set you apart.
  3. If we had an award for BEST DRESSED, you'd be the winner.  And your great attitude is a reflection of the way you present yourself outwardly.
  4. You have been through some of the most challenging seasons of your life recently, and still, you managed to give your all and exceed our expectations.
  5. I knew you'd be good when I hired you, but not this fantastic.  I have to admit.  Great job.
  6. I know you have been disappointed with some of the ways things were in the past, but we took your feedback to heart and made some adjustments that I know you’ll greatly appreciate.
  7. Here is your raise.  It would be even more if I could give you what you deserve.
  8. Hiring you back was such a great decision.
  9. Rain, sleet, or know, there is no other employee we can count on more than you.
  10. You are the engineer that makes this place go!
  11. Here is your new office.
  12. We want you to stay.  We'll match other offers.
  13. You are not only good for productivity in the workplace, but having you here is good for morale.
  14. We just changed our bonus structure, so you receive more compensation than we previously discussed.
  15. We are adding a new leadership position that acts as a liaison between managers and staff.  Someone who is a leader and has the heartbeat of the crew.  So, we’d love to consider you for the new role.
  16. You've got the job.  We feel your skills and expertise are a good fit for our agency.

Final Thoughts on Words of Encouragement for Employees

As you read the words of encouragement, I know you had more than one employee come to mind who reflected those kind and motivating words.

Your employees know they work for you, so you don't have to lord it over them. So, encourage them by assuring them they are working “with you” to achieve great things in business. 

You never know what a person is juggling while away from work. It could be personal issues, grief, or depression.   So, if you see an employee’s production on the job beginning to diminish, try offering them words of encouragement

The power of your words can change the trajectory of your employee’s life, career, work environment, and the success of your business. So, use your words wisely.

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