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The Science of Compassion

The Science of Compassion See the studies behind compassion. Why does compassion help? What can it do? Why does it matter? Discover the science of compassion and how it can make a difference in your life. Many studies are beginning to show not only the positive impact of having more compassion but the effectiveness of techniques to […]

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Recognizing the Right type of Gratitude

This is a guest post from Ciara Conlon, one of Ireland’s best productivity and well-being bloggers. What are you grateful for today? How often do you stop to give thanks for all the gifts you have been given? Recently I met a friend for coffee who described to me the changes she’d been experiencing in […]

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The 5 Excuses You’re Using to Sabotage Your Happiness

It is easy to sabotage happiness. Most often people do not realize they are even sabotaging their happiness. They just believe that happiness eludes them. But all too frequently if we step back and look at things from a neutral perspective we can see how we sabotage our own happiness.Why don’t we more actively pursue happiness?We think […]

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Positive Psychology Scales and Measurements The Brief Self-Control Scale (Tangney et al., 2004) is a 13-item questionnaire, which asks participants to endorse statements on a 5-point scale where 1 = not like me at all and 5 = very much like me (e.g., “I have a hard time breaking bad habits” and “I do certain things […]

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Difficult, Not Easy

The harder the goal, the smaller the motivation. Right? Unless the reward also got better, the effort wouldn’t be worth it anymore. That’s why I use to choose easy over difficult. When trying to accomplish difficult long-term goals, I would break them up into easy sub-goals. Easy means reason for optimism and less effort. That […]

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