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Money Secret #4 – Delight Is In The Details

The last time I was on a date, things got awkward. In itself, nothing new – on my best behavior, I’m unique. Loosened up by alcohol, I turn a bit weird. It started off normal. Following my own advice, we were eating at the highest rated Italian restaurant in New York City. I hadn’t had a single expensive […]

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Performance and Learning Goals for Emotion Regulation

In an attempt to feel better after experiencing negative emotion, different people use different strategies. Some talk about their problems with others, other try to distract themselves from thinking those negative thoughts, others try to find something positive from the experience. There are two strategies which people can use on their own, without help from […]

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The Relationship of Procrastination With a Mastery Goal Versus an Avoidance Goal

Goals can be classified into many different dimensions. One of the most popular models is the 2×2, approach vs. avoidance vs. mastery vs. performance model:   Approach Avoidance Mastery Mastery-Approach Mastery-Avoidance Performance Performance-Approach Performance-Avoidance   To better understand what each of these dimensions mean, you can read this page on goal setting or this study which […]

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Money Secret #1: Buy Many Small Pleasures

Can money buy happiness? It can. At least in some ways. Financial security from money management reduces divorce rates, increases life span, and just plain feels good.1,2,3 Wealth purchases life-changing vacations, variety – the spice of life, and free time – with which to actually live life. Despite this, the average person with a family […]

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What No Child Left Behind Leaves Behind: The Roles of IQ and Self-Control in Predicting Standardized Achievement Test Scores and Report Card Grades

This study tests the hypothesis that report cards and standardized assessments test different things – specifically, that report cards focus more on testing self-control, and standardizes assessments on testing intelligence Their reasoning is that the individual components which build into a report card grade, like paying attention in class, doing homework, and showing effort, primarily require self-control. […]

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