25 Best Songs About Insecurity & Feeling Insecure

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Have you ever found a song that echoes your deepest insecurities?

Songs about insecurity are more than just entertainment; they reflect our deepest struggles.

They allow us to feel understood and less alone, offering a rhythm to our internal chaos. These tunes can also be a soothing balm, helping us find peace, happiness, and a renewed sense of self-worth.

In this post, we offer you a collection of songs about insecurity that includes a variety of artists who share their own vulnerabilities through music. Each track has the potential to be the companion you need in moments of self-doubt.

Dive into our carefully curated list and discover songs that resonate with your personal experience with insecurity. Keep reading to find your anthem of courage and confidence!

1. Don’t Let Me Get Me, Pink

Don't Let Me Get Me is a candid self-reflection on Pink’s struggles with self-doubt and her desire for self-acceptance. Her honest lyrics and pop-rock sound make the song a compelling choice to explore the theme of insecurity.

The song resonates with those who grapple with their inner critic and feelings of not being good enough. Pink's vulnerability allows listeners to connect with the universal experience of self-doubt.

2. Drew Barrymore, SZA

Drew Barrymore delves into the longing for acceptance in a relationship. The soulful vibe and heartfelt lyrics capture the vulnerability that arises in love and dating. SZA’s candid storytelling reflects the universal experience of seeking validation and navigating emotional ups and downs.

3. Liability, Lorde

In Liability, Lorde touches on the haunting themes of feeling like a burden and not fitting in. The song’s minimalist production and introspective lyrics resonate with the feeling of insecurity.

This song explores the experience of feeling like one’s flaws make them unlovable. Lorde’s emotional delivery makes it a poignant piece that speaks to the insecurities many possess.

4. All By Myself, Eric Carmen

All By Myself is a classic power ballad that explores the depths of loneliness and insecurity. Eric Carmen’s soaring vocals and emotional intensity make it a timeless choice.

Capturing the feeling of vulnerability that comes with being alone and struggling with self-doubt, this song’s raw lyrics resonate with anyone who has faced moments of isolation and insecurity.

5. Stressed Out, Twenty-One Pilots

In this alt-pop anthem, Twenty-One Pilots delves into the anxieties and insecurities of adulthood. The song’s catchy melody and introspective lyrics make it relatable to those facing the pressures of life.

Stressed Out reflects the everyday experience of longing for the simplicity and security of childhood. Its themes of growing up and feeling overwhelmed connect with those who are navigating life’s challenges.

6. Unpretty, TLC

TLC’s Unpretty is an empowering track that addresses self-esteem and the pressure to conform to societal beauty standards. Its uplifting message and relatable lyrics make it a powerful anthem for self-acceptance. TLC’s message of embracing one’s true self resonates with anyone who has struggled with self-worth.

7. Things I’ll Never Say, Avril Lavigne

Things I’ll Never Say is a pop-rock song that explores the fear of opening up and expressing inner thoughts. Its reflective lyrics and melodic sound capture the essence of vulnerability.

Reflecting the hesitation and self-doubt that can prevent individuals from sharing their true feelings, Avril Lavigne’s passionate delivery makes the song relatable to those with hidden insecurities.

8. Cool Kids, Echosmith

Cool Kids is an indie pop track that addresses the desire to fit in and be accepted. The song’s catchy melody and lyrics belie the insecurity of not belonging. The song reflects the universal experience of wanting to be part of a group and fearing rejection.

9. Unwell, Matchbox Twenty

In this song, Matchbox Twenty delves into the complexities of mental health and self-doubt. The introspective lyrics and relatable message capture the experience of feeling mentally and emotionally unsteady, which often goes hand in hand with insecurity.

The song’s candid portrayal of inner turmoil resonates with those facing similar struggles.

10. If I’m Insecure, James Blake

If I’m Insecure is an electronic-infused track that touches on themes of vulnerability and emotional instability.

Its atmospheric sound and meaningful lyrics create a sense of emotional depth, exploring the fragility of emotions and the fear of revealing one’s inner doubts.

11. Scars to Your Beautiful, Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara sings an empowering pop song that celebrates self-acceptance and challenges beauty standards. The song's uplifting message and soulful vocals make it a powerful anthem for embracing imperfections.

Its empowering lyrics resonate with anyone who has grappled with self-esteem issues.

12. Insecurities, Jess Glynne

Jess Glynne gives us a pop-infused track that delves into personal insecurities and self-doubt. The song’s candid lyrics and catchy melody provide the foundation for a relatable exploration of inner struggles that many people deal with.

13. Locked Away, R. City ft. Adam Levine

Locked Away by R. City, featuring Adam Levine, is a pop song that explores the fear of revealing one’s true self in a relationship. Its emotional lyrics and memorable chorus capture the essence of vulnerability.

The song addresses the fear of being judged and rejected by a loved one due to one's flaws or insecurities.

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14. Guess I’m Dumb, Glen Campbell

This is a classic song that touches on themes of self-doubt and uncertainty in love. Its timeless sound captures the feeling of not being sure of yourself and the vulnerabilities that come with it.

Glen Campbell’s touching delivery makes it a poignant choice to explore the theme of insecurity.

15. I Wish I Could Be Her, K. Michelle

I Wish I Could Be Her is an R&B ballad that explores the insecurities that arise from comparison and self-doubt. The song’s emotional delivery and honest lyrics resonate with those who are feeling inadequate.

In this song, K. Michelle delves into the common tendency to compare oneself to others and yearn for someone else’s life.

16. Insecure, Jazmin Sullivan ft. Bryson Tiller

Jazmin Sullivan’s Insecure, featuring Bryson Tiller, is an R&B track that directly addresses relationship insecurities and doubts. The song’s candid lyrics and soulful sound create an intimate exploration of vulnerability.

Insecure offers a glimpse into the complexities of romantic relationships and the fears of not measuring up. Jazmin Sullivan and Bryson Tiller’s emotional duet perfectly captures the experience of having doubts in a relationship.

17. Insecure, Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol offers a reggae-infused track with a rhythmic melody and introspective lyrics that provide a relatable exploration of vulnerability. The song touches on maintaining trust and confidence in a partnership.

Sauti Sol's evocative music and lyrics connect with listeners facing insecurities in a relationship.

18. Hold Up, Beyoncé

Beyoncé's Hold Up is a powerful pop song that delves jealousy and insecurity in a relationship. The song’s bold lyrics provide a vivid portrayal of inner turmoil.

19. Water Under the Bridge, Adele

Adele's Water Under the Bridge is an emotional pop ballad that addresses the uncertainties and insecurities that can arise in a romantic relationship.

Her heartfelt lyrics and powerful vocals directly address the complexities of love, including moments of doubt and vulnerability. Adele’s emotive voice conveys the depth of these emotions, making it relatable to many.

20. Jealous, Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas delivers a pop hit in this song that explores the feelings of jealousy and insecurity in a relationship. The song’s honest lyrics provide an introspective look at these emotions.

Specifically, the song delves into the experience of feeling insecure when someone else’s attention is on your partner.

21. Dancing with Myself, Billy Idol

Billy Idol’s Dancing with Myself is a New Wave rock song that touches on themes of loneliness and self-reflection. The song's upbeat sound and introspective lyrics create a unique exploration of one’s inner struggles.

The music effectively captures the isolation and internal battles that can come with insecurity.

22. Don’t Delete the Kisses, Wolf Alice

Don't Delete the Kisses is an indie rock track that explores the uncertainties and insecurities of modern dating. The song’s dreamy sound and reflective lyrics offer a glimpse into the world of digital connections and emotional vulnerability.

The song addresses the challenges of navigating relationships in the digital age, where insecurities and doubts can be amplified.

23. I Hate Everybody, Halsey

I Hate Everybody by Halsey is a pop song that explores the darker emotions of insecurity and isolation. The song’s honest lyrics and edgy sound create an intimate exploration of inner struggles.

The piece delves into the feelings of disconnection and distrust in relationships.

24. I Suck, Mark Ronson ft. Rivers Cuomo

Mark Ronson’s I Suck (featuring Rivers Cuomo) is an indie pop track that humorously addresses feelings of inadequacy. The song’s catchy melody and playful lyrics provide a lighthearted exploration of insecurity.

The song takes a humorous approach to self-doubt and the moments when we feel like we don’t measure up. Mark Ronson and Rivers Cuomo's playful collaboration makes it a fun and relatable choice for this song list.

25. My Stupid Mouth, John Mayer

John Mayer often digs deep into emotional themes, such as saying the wrong things and feeling insecure about it. My Stupid Mouth is no exception, as demonstrated by its candid lyrics and heartfelt delivery.

The song captures the experience of regret and self-criticism that often accompanies moments of verbal insecurity.

Final Thoughts on Songs About Insecurity

Today’s journey through songs about insecurity has unveiled the power of music to comfort and inspire. From ballads to anthems, these tracks hold a special place in the hearts of those who seek solace in music.

We hope you've found a song that speaks to you, or perhaps discovered a new perspective from the introspective lyrics. May this list be a starting point for many uplifting moments in your life's soundtrack.

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