11 Simple Ways to Stop Taking Things Personally

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A dear friend of mine, Roxanne, went through a nasty breakup recently. There were a lot of stories and rumors floating around about the events leading up to their breakup, and since then, she has taken everything very personally. If we walked into a restaurant and someone glanced at her, she would freak out and … Read more

11 Thought Record Examples, Templates, & Worksheets

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Do you ever feel the need to record your thoughts? You may be reading this because you suddenly realized that recording your thoughts is an important practice for mental health. We’ve gathered 11 thought record examples, templates, and worksheets that you can use as inspiration for your thought record entries. Some of them are printables, … Read more

11 Mindfulness Activities to Try at Work in 2023

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A colleague of mine, Abby, is going through a rough time at work. She is always on the go and she wants all her problems solved immediately.  Unfortunately, when it comes to the mind and body, there is no “quick fix.” Are you experiencing something similar and feeling like you’re running on a hamster wheel? … Read more

17 Rules for Slowing Down to Enjoy Life More

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It’s amazing how often I have seen something in the past without really seeing it. Can you relate? Things you don’t realize or see until that “ah ha!” moment long after. Luckily, I’ve been able to do more things in my own time over the past few years… and it’s been a learning experience. Something … Read more

13 Best Mindfulness Apps to Live Mindfully in 2023

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Mindfulness meditation technology has leveled up its game—are you ready to level up as well? In this post, we share with you a list of the best mindfulness apps to help you live mindfully today. We have carefully checked out and reviewed these apps, so rest assured that they are all equipped with what you … Read more

15 Ethical Dilemma Examples You See in the Real-World

ethical dilemma examples | ethical dilemma examples for students with answers | ethical dilemma examples for college students

In your everyday life, and especially at work, have you faced ethical dilemmas that challenge your personal morals? If so, considering common ethical dilemma examples can go a long way to resolving your own. You’ll learn you must analyze the risks, rely on your convictions, and trust your instincts. Stepping back and removing yourself from … Read more

15 Kindness Activities for Kids to Practice in 2023

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Parents and educators have to teach kids various skills. Perhaps just as important as math, reading, science and social studies… kids must learn how to be kind. Being kind doesn’t cost you or your child anything, but it can bring a wealth of benefits your way. Plus, kindness is one of those important character traits … Read more

251 Would You Rather Questions for Kids in 2023 [Printable]

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Why are would you rather questions for kids so effective? Well, if you’ve ever tried to help children open up and communicate more, you probably agree with me that it can be a challenge. Kids are focused on the things they enjoy and, more than anything, they love playing and spending time with their friends. … Read more

17 Mindfulness Activities and Exercises for Teens in 2023

mindfulness activities for teens | mindfulness activities for students | mindfulness adolescent worksheet

Teens tend to be impulsive. After all, it’s hard not to be when they are young and have not had to deal with the consequences of bad decisions yet. But one strategy that can help is to practice simple mindfulness exercises that are designed for teenagers. In this article, we will provide a quick definition … Read more

Morals VS Values: 5 Basic Differences

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Many of us would admit we have seen a change in our society in the past couple of decades.  We have taken steps forward for women’s empowerment, social justice, and many other social issues plaguing our world.  Yet we have also taken steps back in some of the most fundamental issues that destroy our planet … Read more