13 Trippy & Psychedelic Coloring Pages for Adults

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Over the years, the word psychedelic has come to be associated with drugs like LSD, since it describes a state of consciousness that is characterized by hallucinations and transcendence.

But “psychedelic” is so much more than that. The word literally means mind-revealing and consciousness-expanding. While it is true that some people use drugs for this purpose, psychedelic experiences are entirely possible without using substances, and still provide a higher level of perception and sensibility.

This can be achieved through meditation, extreme exercise, and any number of other disciplines.

If you are looking for some crazy psychedelic artwork, you are in for a treat. We have gathered 13 trippy and psychedelic coloring pages that will surely satisfy your thirst for color.

Without further ado, let’s dig in!

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1. Psychedelic Swirls and Circles

First on our list is a mandala pattern of swirls and circles in a kaleidoscopic vibe. We’re sure you will have a great time coloring this with your friends. Download it from Pinterest, save and print copies, and then enjoy!

2. Mystic Back Cover

Do you like sun and moon designs? If so, you will definitely enjoy this coloring sheet. It is extremely intricate and involved and will keep you distracted for hours.

3. Cyberpunk Psychedelic Girl

Here’s a complex design that will be a blast to color. We wonder what it will look like once you have finished! Try coloring this page on your next evening with friends and compare everyone’s different approach.

4. Skulls and Roses

If you enjoy gothic coloring pages, this one might suit your taste. Really get creative and find colors that make the image pop.

5. Landscapes & Characters

We really love this page, with all of its intricate detail. Imagine yourself walking in a trippy landscape like this one while laughing with your friends. Isn’t that relaxing?

6. Psychedelic Woman

How about coloring this psychedelic woman? There are a lot of different inspirations present in this design. You can even see Celtic elements. It is available in JPG format, but you can have it as a PDF file if you change the settings when clicking the “print” button.

7. Trippy Tattoos

Do you have tattoos? If so, you might enjoy coloring this page. Check out that brave roar on his back and the beautiful flowers surrounding it. Aren’t they fascinating? Try coloring this outside on a sunny day and see what sort of inspiration you get.

8. Mushroom Houses

Mushrooms are commonly found in psychedelic-inspired designs, likely due to the psychoactive substances that are found in some mushrooms. Download and print this page and ask your friends to come over and enjoy some bonding time (we mean coloring together!).

9. Psychedelic Forest

The artist says there is a hidden cat in this drawing. Can you see it? We can, but we won’t tell. You’ll have to see if you can find it once you start coloring.

10. Psychedelic Patterns

How about coloring these patterns inspired by musical elements and peace symbols? This could be a unique way for musicians to rest and unwind. Grab copies, print them out, and invite your friends for a relaxing night of coloring.

11. Cool Psychedelic Girl

We can just imagine how beautiful this girl will look once you are done coloring her. The background also has a nice design. It has some real boho vibes, complete with peace signs and symbols.

12. Trippy Moon

Here’s a moon and stars page to go with the sun and moon design we featured earlier. We love mystical, mythical depictions of the cosmos!

13. A Psychedelic Scene

Our last entry is not available as a web page. However, we included it to encourage you to buy the book since it has so many amazing designs in it. 

Final Thoughts on Trippy & Psychedelic Coloring Pages for Adults

Has your craving for all things freaky and psychedelic been satisfied? We hope so, and we hope that you loved all the coloring pages we shared above. Relieve your stress and worries, gather your art materials, and color those blues away.

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Finally, if you want to want to see MORE free coloring pages?, then check out these 31 spring coloring pages that all adults and kids can enjoy<.

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