27 Printable Aesthetic Coloring Pages for Adults & Kids

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Looking for some aesthetic coloring pages that you can work on to deal with stress?

Coloring is a great technique to relieve stress and anxiety—and it’s not just for kids anymore.

Nowadays, more and more adults are looking forward to new coloring sheets from a variety of creators and designers. Coloring has even become a popular bonding activity for families.

Experts also agree that coloring has tons of therapeutic benefits, beyond simple stress relief. It enhances focus and helps with brain stimulation. It can even be an effective treatment for certain illnesses.

Today, we have gathered a list of 27 printable aesthetic coloring pages that can be enjoyed by both adults and kids. Some of them may be too intricate for very young children, but they are definitely worth spending your time on!

Let’s check them out!

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1. Floral Beauty

We like how these flowers look like art from the stained-glass window in a palace. They are so detailed and will definitely be fun to color. When you finish, you may want to use it as living room decoration.

2. Regal Presence

Can you feel this girl’s undeniable regal presence? Choose colors that represent royalty to you and get busy coloring.

3. Thanksgiving Aesthetics

This coloring page will definitely keep you busy. It is fully of super detailed depictions of everything related to Thanksgiving. We suggest using colored pens or pencils for those outlines.

Check out this link for more Thanksgiving Coloring Pages.

4. Halloween Vibe

How about a coloring page related to Halloween? The tree looks rather scary, but it gives off a great aesthetic aura. Color the moon and clouds with a bright, off-white shade and the background with a combination of blue and black—magnificent!

Check this link out for more Halloween coloring pages.

5. Unicorns in Love

We think these unicorns would make an excellent addition to your aesthetic coloring collection. The design is super detailed, but will be a blast to color.

Visit this link for more Unicorn coloring pages.

6. Ready for the Road!

Do you like traveling and road trips? Here’s a coloring page that perfectly represents that hobby! Don’t you just love the mandala-like design? You might find yourself wanting to hit the road once you start coloring it.

7. Mad Hatter of Wonderland

How about coloring something dark yet beautiful? The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland won’t disappoint. This detailed coloring page is sure to keep you busy. Imagine what it will look like when you finish—exciting!

8. Love Grows

Here’s a simple statement coloring page suitable to decorate your room (or your child’s room, if you are a parent). You can also check out this link for more inspirational coloring pages.

9. Horse in Elegance

Aren’t horses so beautiful? Some countries regard them as the noblest among all animals, and they are commonly associated with elegance, grace, and beauty. We couldn’t agree more.

10. Dreamland Wonder

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you got to see something like this every time you entered dreamland? We bet this coloring page will look amazing once you’re done. It might take you some time to finish those details in the background, though.

11. Kiss Under the Rain

Here’s a coloring page for all our friends who are in love. A kiss under the rain is one of the sweetest moments you will experience with your special one. Why not take this opportunity to color with your partner and show them how much you appreciate them?

You could also use some of these love coloring pages to express your feelings!

12. Smile for the Camera

Smile and pose for the camera, y’all! We love this design, as it has so many elements perfectly combined altogether. Aren’t you excited to color it?

13. Merry Winter

This coloring page is giving us some Christmas feels. If you love the snow, winter, or Christmas, you are going to love this design for sure!

14. Sweet Strawberries

Who likes strawberries? We do! We also like how this strawberry coloring page gives off a minimalistic yet aesthetic vibe. Those strawberry mandalas are incredible!

15. Lovebirds in the Air

Consider using this coloring page if you have been invited to a wedding. Add a personal touch to your gift by accompanying it with a card with this design.

16. Wheel of Flowers

We can already imagine how beautiful this design will turn out to be once you are done coloring it. It may not be obvious, but those circles are flowers in mandala form. The background is wonderfully designed, too.

17. Passionate Pisces

Who said that the koi fish is only good as a tattoo design? Look at how those curls and swirls make this page into a masterpiece. It is said that the koi fish symbolizes strength, bravery, and dedication. If you resonate with these values, this is the coloring page for you.

18. Coral Reefs

One of the most breathtaking, serene, and aesthetic scenes you will ever encounter is a vibrant, healthy coral reef. Here’s a coloring page that captures the beauty found under the sea.

19. Sail Away

Are you ready to sail away and go on a journey? If you are someone who has always loved the open sea, you will likely find joy in coloring this sheet. It may be old-fashioned, but some people prefer to travel by ship rather than plane.

20. Flowers for You

We can just imagine these flowers in someone’s garden. If you enjoy gardening or simply arranging flowers, here’s a list of other flower coloring pages you might enjoy!

21. Garden Flowers

Here’s another lovely garden flower scene. Imagine it in full bloom, then color the page and bring the scene to life!

22. Lovely Cactus

Cactus and succulents might be different than flowers, but they are beautiful in their own way. If you are a fan of the desert, here’s a coloring sheet for you.

23. China Princess

Asian beauty is so unique and regal. Just look at this princess from China. Those fierce eyes tell us that she is not just a princess, but a warrior, too. We bet you will enjoy coloring her dress!

24. Girl in the Rain

Perhaps you like the cute, shy type? If so, try coloring this lovely portrait of a timid girl. The rain adds a bit of drama to the design, and her hair looks so soft it seems criminal not to color it.

25. Victorian Beauty

How about some delicate beauty? This girl looks classy and noble, and is just waiting for you to color her.

26. Reading in Solace

Here is another lovely girl in a garden setting. This reminds us of The Secret Garden! Spend some quiet time alone, coloring this picture of a girl spending some quiet time alone!

27. Black Beauty

Isn’t she so beautiful? Just check out those pouty lips, big, round eyes, and perfectly shaped eyebrows. Her curls are also to die for. She’s perfect!

Final Thoughts on Aesthetic Coloring Pages

There you have it—our list of aesthetic coloring pages. We hope you enjoyed reviewing all of the templates we shared today. We also hope that you were able to find a few that will suit your preferences.

What are you waiting for? Download and print your favorites and enjoy all the benefits of coloring!

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