23 Printable Mindfulness Worksheets for Adults in 2024

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How often do you tell yourself that you are going to start practicing mindfulness?

And how often do you fail in doing so since you do not know where to start or how to continue?

We understand that it can be tough sometimes to start doing something and then continue doing it if you are lost and confused.

Especially for busy people, it may be a bit more challenging to continue being mindful when they have a lot on their plates.

In this post, we help you resolve this problem by providing you with a list of beautiful, sensible mindful worksheets. These printables can help you become more mindful—or, at the very least, help you not forget about your mindfulness aspirations.

Let’s check them out!

1. How to Practice Mindfulness Checklist

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Download the PDF

Here is a mindfulness checklist from Develop Good Habits for those who want to start but do not know how. It consists of eight points that teach you how a mindfulness practice works.

You can do them step by step or you can memorize them by heart, incorporate them into your mindfulness workout, and then go back and check to see if you have accomplished everything.

There is also a section provided at the bottom of the page to take notes where you can include your observations and/or next action steps.

2. Mindfulness Journal – What I Am Grateful for

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Download the PDF

We specifically designed this for people who want to be mindful of the things they are grateful for. As you can see, it has a very simple structure where you can write whatever comes to mind. Let your mind be wander and consider what you want to thank the universe for.

This mindfulness worksheet works best for people who are writers. Some people have a lot to say, and this is the perfect page for them.

3. Mindfulness Printables for Kids

We start with a set of free mindfulness worksheets from The Rooted Family website. You might notice that the title states this is “for kids,” but we believe that the worksheets are great for kids and adults alike.

The set consists of several kinds of mindfulness activities that can help you and your children live more in the present. If you want your kids to learn more about practicing mindfulness, this might be the perfect resource to use.

4. Self-Awareness Happiness Assessment

This worksheet is specially catered to those who want to focus on their happiness and self-awareness. Mindfulness literally translates to knowing more about yourself. How can you live in the present and be present if you are not aware of your preferences?

The worksheet explores the following:

  • What type of person are you today?
  • What are three verbs that can describe what kind of person you want to become?
  • When are you the happiest?
  • When are you most unhappy?
  • What are three things that instantly put you in a great mood?
  • Who makes you feel motivated and inspired?
  • What are the things that make you laugh?

As you can see, these are questions that focus on your happiness. To be more mindful means to be more attentive to what keeps you smiling and laughing.

5. 10-Minute Journal Page

This 10-Minute Journal Page is part of a set from Christie Zimmer. You can check out her official website if you want to see the other templates.

We suggest developing your gift of mindfulness by using this as a regular worksheet. It’s relatively easy to complete since you need only 10 minutes to write down your answers. 

The “Let Your Mind Wander” version allows you to explore your highest potential. Like all other prompts and worksheets, its goal is to help you be more attentive to your preferences. Once you have done that, you can develop your sense of self-love and self-care.

6. The Present Moment

Education.com provides us with a cute and friendly version of “The Present Moment” worksheet. The template’s goal is to help you practice mindfulness and self-awareness. It posits questions that revolve around your five senses.

There is also a clock-like design on the upper part of the sheet where you can graph or illustrate whatever you are feeling at the moment. It works like a mood tracker, as well as a test of your senses’ clarity and acuity.

7. DBT Mindfulness Exercise

This DBT Mindful Exercise worksheet was adapted from Marsha M. Linehan’s Skills Training Manual for Treating Borderline Personality Disorder. It is very simple and straightforward—perfect for minimalists and those who get easily distracted.

It is composed of three parts: Emotional Mind, Reasonable Mind, and Wise Mind. You simply have to fill out each category by describing your emotions in each category. These are the so-called “3 States of Mind” that help you appreciate your thoughts and emotions better.

You will also notice that the wise mind is the overlap between your emotional mind and reasonable mind. This suggests that wisdom comes from balancing your emotions and intellect.

8. My Not-to-do List

Have you ever heard of a “not-to-do” list? Here is your chance to try one. A lot of people enjoy these types of worksheets because they give them a unique approach to mindfulness and self-awareness.

This particular printable separates your “not-to-do” stuff into six categories:

  • Stuff that distracts you and wastes your time
  • Stuff that stresses you out and gives you anxiety
  • Stuff that drains your energy
  • Stuff that you feel obligated to do
  • Stuff that doesn’t actually need to be done
  • Stuff that you can’t control or isn’t your responsibility

While it is indeed important to list down the things you need to accomplish, it is also equally significant to know what you shouldn’t be wasting energy on. This strategy can help you concentrate on eliminating challenges and unnecessary tasks.

9. All My Feelings!

Here’s another one from Mylemarks that is specifically designed for kids and teens. It can help them become more aware of their thoughts and feelings while also putting in the effort to actually manage them. Like adults, younger people also feel anxious when they experience new feelings.

10. Mindfulness Journal Prompts for Kids

This isn’t exactly a worksheet, and it is made for kids, but we think it’s perfect for anyone who keeps journals. You can treat your journal as the worksheet itself and use these prompts to practice mindfulness.

This document offers 18 journal prompts that can help anyone reflect on their experiences and thoughts. If you are a parent, you can even use this as an opportunity to bond with your kids. It is an excellent way to teach them the art of mindful meditation through writing.

11. Mindfulness Bingo

If you are a beginner in practicing mindfulness, this free printable bingo might make the practice more approachable. It consists of all the things that you need to do and remember in order to get started. Some of these include:

  • Telling someone how you truly feel
  • Doing something kind for a stranger
  • Practicing affirmations
  • Writing down your thoughts
  • Living in the moment

Once you get used to doing these things and become an expert in practicing mindfulness, you can even come up with your own activities and create your own bingo system.

12. 5-Minute Mindfulness Journal

Here’s a mindfulness worksheet that you can complete in just five minutes. It only has four steps: writing down how you are feeling internally, how your body feels, and the thoughts you are having, as well as a breathing exercise to help you relax and concentrate.

The Kind Initiative offers this template for free in order to help more people start practicing mindfulness. It is composed of three pages, and you can download them all from their website.

13. Five Senses Mindfulness Exercise Worksheet

This worksheet is somewhat similar to the previous ones, but with a twist. Free Period Press states that it is an exercise from Elizabeth Gilbert’s Instagram account. Gilbert is the author of the bestselling book Eat, Pray, Love.

Grounding is an exercise for people with anxiety and panic attacks that helps them focus whenever they feel overwhelmed. It is one of the best methods to keep you calm and present whenever you feel disconnected.

This worksheet aims to help people practice the art of grounding with all five senses, with the goal of developing mindfulness. It works both for kids and adults, and it is accessible to all.

14. Printable Mindfulness Worksheets

Project Energise presents us with a collection of worksheets you can answer in your free time to improve your mindfulness skills. According to the creator, he created these sheets because he couldn’t find a compilation online. He is an avid mindfulness practitioner who wants to share his mindfulness habits with anyone willing to try.

These worksheets provide a fun and easy way to practice mindfulness, such as coloring, writing, and drawing. They also include pages about the best breathing techniques.

15. Hardcore Self-Care Worksheets for Adults

If you are a hardcore fan of hardcore worksheets and printables, this may be a good option for you. It focuses on self-awareness, but, as the creator states, “It is not your usual BS.” We highly recommend this worksheet for adults who want to try a funny and sarcastic approach to mindfulness.

16. Who Are You?

Here’s an entry from The Happiness Planner. It is a worksheet that helps you get to know yourself better. Mindfulness is a product of self-awareness, so you need to know who you are, what you want, and what you need. Of course, that includes what you are not, what you don’t want, and what you don’t need. Where do you excel and where do you fail?

17. Build Your Self-Esteem

This worksheet focuses on your strengths rather than your goals. After all, you need to know what you are good at before you begin setting your goals. The worksheet is composed of eight sections, each with spaces for three answers.

We suggest, creating a counterpart to this sheet focusing on your weaknesses. This will help you better determine where you want to go in life.

18. Good Reasons To

Here’s a simple worksheet for those who do not have time to complete a more detailed one. You only need to answer three questions: words that describe what you want to be, an important question you’d like to ask yourself, and ways you can be the person you want to be. It focuses on your goals, plus the methods you can use to get there.

19. Journal Prompts for Mindfulness

In this document we have a list of journal prompts that you can either print and cut out or write straight into your journal. As you can see, the prompts help you focus on your current life. You can answer one question per day if answering them all at once seems like too much.

20. Mind Full vs. Mindful

Here’s a rather simple worksheet that you can print or just take inspiration from. Being mindful is far different that having your mind full. While mind-full is future-focused, chaotic, and overwhelming, mindful is present-focused, peaceful, and subtle.

21. 300 Mindfulness Worksheets

This collection of mindfulness worksheets is a product of Mindfulness Exercises, a group dedicated to helping people practice the art of mindfulness with confidence and skill. According to the group, these worksheets help save a lot of time, especially for those who have a busier-than-usual lifestyle.

22. Mindfulness Series

This series of mindfulness worksheets from Education.com includes seven parts. It was specifically designed for students who want to improve their state of mindfulness and become more focused individuals and learners. The worksheet set also helps develop students’ social-emotional learning skills.

23. From A to Z

These worksheets are a product of I Am Me Creative Mindfulness. They include a number of mindfulness worksheets, including the one seen above. Some of the other worksheets contain sections where children can draw freely, using the prompts written on the pages.

As you can see, the design of these worksheets is very child-friendly. However, adults may also use them if they feel like doing so.

Final Thoughts on Mindfulness Worksheets

Being mindful is an essential part of being happy. It is difficult to practice and master, but it pays off in the end. If you are having trouble learning to be mindful, then this mindfulness worksheet list might help you.

And if you want more resources on mindfulness worksheets, be sure to check out these blog posts:

Finally, if you want a simple way to reduce your stress and anxiety, then try writing these 35 mindfulness journaling prompts to live more in the present moment.

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