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The owner of Happier Human is Steve Scott. Steve is an author who is also the owner of the popular blog DevelopGoodHabits.com. Steve has long been interested in positive psychology and specifically its applications to increase happiness.

71 Quotes About Overcoming Adversity and Creating Perseverance in Your Life

Have you been facing difficulties in your endeavors these past few days? Here are some adversity quotes to cheer you up! Encountering adversity is inevitable. It is a part of our human life. But how do you think successful people were able to overcome their mishaps? It all depends on how you deal with the obstacles life […]

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The 5 Best Meditation Cushions to Find Your Moment of Zen (2019 Review)

Want to meditate on a regular basis? As explained by “Psychology Today,” meditation can retune your happiness by rewiring your brain. It is a powerful practice to achieve peace of mind, and it can turn even the saddest person into a happier one. But how does meditation increase happiness? According to a 2011 research study by Fredrickson, et […]

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