51 Quotes About Healing Your Body & Mind [2022 Update]

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What does it mean to heal your mind, body, and soul? How exactly do you undergo that process? Your body has its own self-healing mechanisms. Because it wants to stay healthy, it heals itself naturally through a number of natural bodily functions. Your immune system is mainly responsible for that. But did you know that … Read more

51 Regret Quotes to Help You Let Go of the Past

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Have you ever felt regretful about things that you have done (or failed to do) in the past? It’s quite alarming to feel bitterness and disappointment every time you remember the things you could have done or the decisions you shouldn’t have made. You blame yourself for the people and things you lost and beat … Read more

51 “Thinking of You” Quotes to Let Someone Know You Care

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Are you thinking about someone and want them to know it? There are times when you might find it hard to let someone know that you are thinking of them. Perhaps you’re too embarrassed to let them know, or you’re just lost for words and don’t know how to communicate it. In this post, we … Read more

33 Social Anxiety Quotes to Deal with Uncomfortable Situations

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Do you often get nervous and uncomfortable when surrounded by many people? Or do you sometimes become self-conscious and insecure when dealing with unfavorable situations? In this post, we share with you some of the best social anxiety quotes that can help you deal with uncomfortable and unfavorable scenarios. We want to help you feel … Read more

45 Introvert Quotes to Survive in an Extroverted World

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Did you know that there are tons of successful people who are introverted? It’s true! Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks, Mahatma Gandhi, Mark Zuckerberg…the list is endless. These famous people are (or were) introverts who enjoy being alone instead of mingling with the crowd and receiving attention. They would rather spend an entire night watching movies … Read more

51 Be Kind Quotes to Inspire Kindness in Others

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What does it mean to be kind? Why do you need to be kind? When we show kindness to other people, we inspire them to show the same kindness to others. They might also give the same kindness to us in return. It’s like a domino effect in a continuous cycle of goodness. Kindness is … Read more

41 Inspiring & Powerful Quotes About Community to Help Others [2022]

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Did you know that helping others can lead to a happier, healthier you? It’s true! When you lend someone a helping hand, you feel a lot better about yourself. It feels so rewarding because you know that you have contributed something very important to mankind. Additionally, giving and helping allows you to build stronger connections … Read more

51 Quotes About How Life is a Journey

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They say that life is about the journey and not the destination. But what does that really mean? You’ve probably heard this line a million times before, but maybe you couldn’t quite understand what it was trying to illustrate.  The most successful people will tell you that the process of accomplishing something is far more … Read more

71 Quotes About Loving Yourself First

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“Learn to love yourself and you will be a lot happier in life.” We often hear these words from people who have achieved the ultimate state of happiness—those who seem to have perfected the art of coping and self-help. We may realize that if only we could learn how to actually do what they do, … Read more

43 Moving Forward Quotes to Let Go of the Past

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Letting go and moving forward are two of the most difficult and painful things to do. If you really want to let go and move forward, you have to go through what can be an agonizing process. You need to be ready work through your pain—and that can be a frightening prospect. In this article, … Read more