9 Affirmation Decks to Reinforce What’s Important in 2024

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Have you been feeling lost and confused lately? Maybe you are experiencing down moments and can’t seem to improve your mood? Whatever the case, we are here to boost your spirits. In this article, we share with you nine affirmation decks that can help reinforce what is important in your life. These decks aim to … Read more

100 Affirmations for Focus and Concentration

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Like many people, you lose hours of productivity every week due to distractions and procrastination. We live in a world of increasingly short attention spans, making it challenging to maintain focus and concentration. Affirmations for focus can help improve your attention span and get more done in a day. Why Affirmations Are Important for Focus … Read more

102 Trust Affirmations to Get You Through Uncertain Times

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Recent years have been full of turmoil and uncertainty, and events have disrupted the plans and goals of millions of people. The future may seem equally uncertain, making people question their purpose and creating feelings of anxiety and ambiguity. So how does a person maintain optimism and faith in these uncertain times? Trust affirmations are … Read more

104 Mindfulness Affirmations to Live in the Present Moment

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In today’s busy world, it is customary to spend your time planning and anticipating the future, making to-do lists, and focusing on goals and outcomes. It is also usual to ruminate over the past, thinking about situations and experiences that still affect our emotions and perspectives. But these types of thoughts can be stressful and … Read more

79 Self Care Quotes for Your Mind, Body & Soul

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For most of us, life is busy, chaotic, and, at times, stressful. The list of expectations and obligations are ever-growing, with our own needs often shunted aside. But without that much-needed “you-time”, burnout is inevitable. The constant cycle of daily demands and obligations, be it from a strained relationship, an arduous job, or the 24/7 … Read more

7 Ways to Live Consciously in an Unconscious World

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There are generally two groups of people as far as awareness is concerned. Those that are wired to think before acting… and those who inherently act impulsively. Pausing to collect your thoughts, and considering the consequences of your actions, are habits of conscious people. As you may imagine, there’s much more depth to practicing conscious … Read more