102 Trust Affirmations to Get You Through Uncertain Times

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Recent years have been full of turmoil and uncertainty, and events have disrupted the plans and goals of millions of people. The future may seem equally uncertain, making people question their purpose and creating feelings of anxiety and ambiguity.

So how does a person maintain optimism and faith in these uncertain times? Trust affirmations are designed to help you manage uncertainty, whether it’s due to global events or simple daily disruptions.

Why Trust Affirmations are Important to Get You Through Uncertain Times

Trust affirmations are based on a philosophy of “trusting the universe.” For some, trust is a form of spirituality, where they trust in God, karma, the process, and so on.

However, naming a spiritual belief isn’t necessary to benefit from trust affirmations. The point is that there are many situations in life that you simply cannot control.

This loss of control can be a source of stress, anxiety, and frustration, or you can choose to accept the loss of control gracefully. No matter where you place your faith and trust, you can benefit from the calm, positive acceptance of things you cannot change.

In fact, surrendering your worries and troubles and embracing uncertainty carries a vast range of physical and mental health benefits. It reduces anxiety, stress, and depression and gives life a sense of purpose and meaning.

It fosters meaningful connections with others and ourselves and helps us be a force for good in the world. So why not let go and accept uncertainty with these trust affirmations?

102 Trust Affirmations to Get You Through Uncertain Times

  1. I can cope with the everyday stress of life
  2. I trust that I am safe
  3. I am not afraid of the unknown
  4. I am satisfied with my life
  5. I am connected to other people
  1. I let go of doubts and welcome trust
  2. I embrace each day with confidence
  3. I welcome each new day
  4. I am filled with courage and confidence
  5. People care for me, and I care for them
  6. I am filled with faith and trust
  7. I always do my best
  8. I release fear and accept love
  9. I am exactly who I am meant to be
  10. I can trust in the course of my life
  11. My life is moving into the light
  12. I have faith in my future
  13. I am thankful for those I love
  14. I trust in a bright future for myself and those I love
Trust Affirmations - I trust in a bright future for myself and those I love | self trust affirmations | affirmations for trusting the universe | affirmations for trust issues in relationships
  1. I work to make my dreams come true
  2. Everything will work out well for me
  3. I go forward with energy and trust
  4. I am whole and well at this moment
  5. I am thankful to be here
  6. I see a happy future unfolding for the ones I love and for me
  7. My life is full of possibilities
  8. I have everything that I need
  9. I meet difficulties with confidence and creativity
  10. I am a good friend to others
  11. I have succeeded many times; I know I will succeed again
  12. I choose peace and trust
  13. I am willing to believe the best of other people
  14. I am in control of my emotions and thoughts
  15. I am healthy and strong
  16. I trust my strong body and mind
  17. I can reach my goals
  18. I am safe and protected
  19. I make good decisions
  20. I can handle uncertainty
  21. I am healthier and stronger because I am a trusting person
Trust Affirmations - I am healthier and stronger because I am a trusting person | affirmations for trusting the process | affirmations for hope | surrender affirmations
  1. I know things will work out ok
  2. I can thrive in uncertain times
  3. I follow my dreams fearlessly even though I can’t see the end of the path
  4. I am not deterred by obstacles
  5. I am fearless
  6. I am fully alive at this moment
  7. I am unstoppable
  8. I embrace myself with courage
  9. I welcome others with peace
  10. I am entirely calm at this moment
  11. I give trust to others and receive it back with joy

I give trust to others and receive it back with joy”

  1. I breathe in trust and breathe out worry
  2. My life grows in trust and strength
  3. All is well at this moment
  4. I am fully alive in the present
  5. I am building my best life
  6. I never give up on myself
  7. I work hard to achieve my goals
  8. I trust in my own hard work
  9. I give my energy to love and trust
  10. I expect to succeed
  11. I improve daily
  12. I have faith in myself
  13. I release fearfulness and welcome trust
Trust Affirmations - I release fearfulness and welcome trust | relationship trust affirmations | affirmations for trusting the universe | self trust affirmations
  1. I am continually growing in trust and confidence
  2. I am filled with thankfulness and gratitude
  3. My life is a triumph
  4. I see myself as happy and trusting
  5. I am worthy of trust
  6. I deserve to be happy
  7. I am my own best friend
  8. People know they can trust me
  9. I nurture the deepest wishes of my heart
  10. I am strong enough for this life
  11. I can do anything I choose to do
  12. I can relax and fully live my life
  13. This is my time
  14. I radiate well-being in this moment
  15. I am aglow with peace and contentment
  16. I can always find a solution to any problem
  17. Time is on my side
  18. I am steady and grounded in trust
  19. I act on my perceptions wisely
  20. I prosper because of my smart choices
  21. My life blooms with promise
  22. My trust sustains me during uncertain times
  23. I am always stable, even in uncertainty
  24. I nurture what is positive in all my relationships
Trust Affirmations - I nurture what is positive in all my relationships | affirmations to trust others | affirmations for trusting the process | surrender affirmations
  1. I am completely capable
  2. I have so much to be thankful for
  3. I am wiser and stronger than I know
  4. I am becoming the best person I can be
  5. I love my life
  6. I feel joyful and strong
  7. I can trust myself to know when I am safe
  8. I am secure and protected
  9. I can keep myself safe
  10. I respect myself
  11. I use good sense in all my decisions and choices
  12. It’s great to feel so strong and capable
  13. I see myself as wiser and stronger than ever before
  14. I am confident and free from worry

How to Use Trust Affirmations to Get You Through Uncertain Times

Here is how to use trust affirmations to reduce stress and manage uncertainty:

Accept What You Cannot Control

You cannot control the weather, the future, or the actions of others. All you can really control are your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. However, truly accepting this truth moves you into a place of empowerment, where you aren’t the victim of things that happen to you but the active participant in what you choose to do with what is available to you.

Practice Quiet Observation

Instead of doom scrolling, sit quietly in nature and observe the motion of the trees, the activity of insects, and the slow growth of plants. They all exist in a complex system of forces that influence and cooperate with each other.

They are all part of the universe, and you are as well. With practice, you can observe the actions of others, and your own thoughts and feelings, with this same quiet appreciation for how things interact with each other.

Show Gratitude

Gratitude is an incredibly powerful way to cultivate a positive attitude in the face of uncertainty. Simple gratitude exercises help increase your happiness and spread positivity worldwide.

Live in the Present

The primary source of anxiety from uncertainty is worry about the future. Focusing your attention on the present moment is a powerful way to release yourself from the stress of this uncertainty.

Final Thoughts on Trust Affirmations to Get You Through Uncertain Times

It is perfectly normal to experience stress and anxiety, especially in these uncertain times. However, using trust affirmations to help you feel calm, centered, and connected is the best way to deal with factors beyond your control.

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