87 Patience Affirmations to Feel Calm While Waiting

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One of the most common experiences of modern life is the problem of choosing a line at the grocery store. Like most people, you always choose the slowest line and watch in frustration as other people pay for their groceries and leave the store while you are still waiting.

The phenomenon is so common that it’s the subject of a whole branch of mathematics. But what can you do to reduce your impatience and handle delays gracefully? The answer is patience affirmations.

Why Patience Affirmations to Feel Calm While Waiting are Important

The phenomenon of always choosing the slowest grocery line is a matter of statistics. In a store with three lines, where all three lines are approximately equal in length, you have a one-in-three chance of choosing the fastest line. But that’s not what causes the sense of impatience and the challenges of waiting.

Psychological research shows that we get impatient and experience anxiety about waiting when we:

  • Have a goal
  • Have estimated the necessary time investment to reach our goal
  • Experience an unexpected increase in the amount of time required

The unexpected delay causes agitation and frustration as we re-consider whether our goal is worth the new and higher investment, whether there is something else we should do instead, or what our alternatives might be.

It can lead to harmful or unproductive decisions as we change our minds or cause mental stress as we feel powerless to move more quickly toward our goals.

In some situations, it is possible to change goals and avoid impatience by taking another route quickly.

But in many cases, there is no solution but to wait. In that instance, positive patience affirmations can help calm our minds and help us handle the situation more gracefully.

87 Patience Affirmations to Feel Calm While Waiting

  1. Patience is a skill I can learn through practice.
  2. I breathe in stillness and peace and breathe out anxiety
  3. I can control my thoughts more and more every day
  4. I am more patient than I have ever been before
  5. I am proud of how much my patience has grown
  1. While I am waiting, I practice calmness
  2. I am full of patience and peace
  3. I recognize and accept my feelings of anxiety without dwelling on them
  4. I can distract myself from my fears with positive thoughts
  5. I am thankful for this present moment
  6. Sometimes I’m anxious, and that’s OK—it’s just temporary
  7. I am bigger than my fears
  8. Everything will work out for me and those I love
  9. I am compassionate toward myself and others who are in trouble.
  10. Knowing how to wait calmly makes me a stronger person
Patience Affirmations - Knowing how to wait calmly makes me a stronger person | patience quotes | affirmations for attracting crush | boyfriend affirmations
  1. Answers will come in their own time; I can wait till then
  2. I am thankful for my ability to wait patiently
  3. I take care of myself and my life no matter what
  4. I am in control of my thoughts and emotions
  5. I am aware of all my feelings, and I welcome them calmly
  6. Patience keeps me peaceful
  7. Day by day, I am making progress toward being more patient
  8. I speak kindly to myself when I am anxious
  9. Sometimes it is hard to be patient, and that is OK. I can do hard things
  10. I am focused on calmness
  11. I become calm when I breathe slowly and deeply, thinking about each breath
  12. Everything happens at the right time
  13. I have learned how to be at ease while waiting
  14. I have patience with myself
  15. I let go of expectations and anxiety
  16. I have all I need in this moment
  17. I don’t worry about what is beyond my control
  18. I am in control of my thoughts
  19. I am stronger than I know
  20. My patience makes me calm
  21. My patience helps those around me to be peaceful
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  1. My patience causes me to trust in the future
  2. It is easy for me to be relaxed while I am waiting
  3. I do not need to be in control 
  4. I overcome impatience every day
  5. I have plenty of time; there is no need to rush
  6. I feel relaxation throughout my whole body
  7. My life is working out perfectly
  8. Life is easier as I become more patient
  9. I am in harmony with everyone around me
  10. I accept that all things take time and cannot be hurried

I accept that all things take time and cannot be hurried”

  1. Waiting patiently is wonderfully easy for me
  2. I show my patience through my actions
  3. I release the need to be in control
  4. I am happier when I am patient
  5. I am patient with my co-workers
  6. I am a very patient person
  7. My patience helps me be relaxed and friendly
  8. Waiting is natural, and I do it easily
  9. I have plenty of time for everything
  10. Patience gets easier with practice
Patience Affirmations - Patience gets easier with practice | positive affirmations | relationship affirmations | affirmations for attracting crush
  1. I am patient with my family
  2. Patience is an asset to me 
  3. I can wait patiently when it’s necessary
  4. My patience makes me powerful
  5. Everything unfolds in its’ own time
  6. I choose to wait patiently
  7. I have faith that things will work out in time
  8. Waiting may be difficult, but I can do it well
  9. I can do complex things such as waiting patiently
  10. My patience helps me be successful
  11. I let a wave of relaxation pass through my body
  12. I accept the feelings of those around me
  13. By practicing patience, I become more patient
  14. I am patient when I am focused on this present moment
  15. I am patient with myself
  16. Everything happens one step at a time
  17. I don’t complain when things take a long time 
  18. Waiting patiently leads to new opportunities
  19. I am thankful for everything at this moment
  20. Anxiety does not dominate me
  21. My patience lets me achieve great things
Patience Affirmations - My patience lets me achieve great things | patience quotes | affirmations for rushing | affirmations to attract someone
  1. I am happy when I am patient
  2. Every day I learn to be more patient
  3. Life is easier now that I am patient and calm
  4. Waiting is rewarded with good things
  5. Patience can be learned with practice and persistence
  6. I am strong enough to be patient in any circumstances
  7. I trust in the process of my life
  8. My patience keeps me from feeling stressed
  9. My patience helps me to be confident and at ease
  10. I am resolved to become more patient every day

How to Use Patience Affirmations to Feel Calm While Waiting

Being calm and patient while waiting is a sign of emotional maturity and helps you avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety when you have no choice but to wait. Unexpected delays are part of everyday life; we all need strategies to manage these situations with grace and empathy. Here is the best way to remain calm and patient using patience affirmations:

Take a Deep Breath

When you feel yourself getting impatient, take a deep breath.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

Consider the goal you are trying to achieve and how you feel about the delay. You may be experiencing frustration and anger. Acknowledge these feelings without being overwhelmed by them.

Consider the Choices Available to You Right Now

Instead of looking backward and wishing you had done something differently to avoid this situation, focus on the present moment and what you can do right now. Can you change your goal or choose a faster way to reach your goal?

Make Peace With the Situation

If you can’t change the situation, make peace with it. Continue to breathe deeply and repeat your patience affirmations. Focus on the big picture rather than this momentary delay, and remember that your happiness is your choice.

Avoid Impatience Triggers

If you are someone who frequently experiences these kinds of unexpected delays (for example, traffic during your daily commute) and often gets anxious and stressed about them, find another strategy for managing these moments in the long term. Allow more time for waiting and delays.

Find a productive or interesting activity you can do while waiting, like listening to podcasts or answering emails. Make a game out of the delay, making mental bets on the race. Use the extra time to practice visualizing your long-term goals and moving toward what you want out of life.

Final Thoughts on Patience Affirmations to Feel Calm While Waiting

Over time, you can re-program your response to impatience and use positive affirmations to change your thoughts and life. Remaining calm in the face of unexpected delays is a difficult but necessary skill, and patience affirmations will help you achieve that goal.

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