15 Sigma Female Traits & Characteristics

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Has someone said you remind them of a sigma female? Perhaps you’re seeing the term sigma personality popping up in your search to figure out your socio-sexual archetype.  Either way, you can’t leave without reading the rest of this article. There’s a lot to discover even if you’re trying to understand the behavior and needs of your sigma girlfriend.

Just as there are six common male personality types, female personalities are grouped into six archetypes based on personality traits. Grouped in a social-sexual hierarchy from top to bottom are the alpha, sigma, beta, delta, gamma, and omega personality types.

The ranking system ranks men and women based on traits such as dominance, leadership abilities, and how they interact with the world. Males and females are classified into groups to help them understand their social behaviors.

The sigma female is a new addition to the hierarchy and is one to watch. She can easily be mistaken for an alpha female at first glance… until you take a closer look. A clearer image of the female sigma starts emerging once you examine her distinctive attributes.

We’ll also quickly look at the other female archetypes to see how they compare.

What Is a Sigma Female? 

‘Sigma female’ is a term used to describe a confident, independent, mysterious woman, who bears traits similar to the Sigma male. She is considered an ‘introverted alpha female’ and “lone wolf” because she limits social interaction.

Often mistaken as shy, this female type has healthy self-esteem and hates abiding by rules and restrictions. She is a “strong silent” type who follows her own rules for living and is quite capable of getting by on her own.

Sigma personality, better known as the ‘lone wolf’, became the latest addition to the pecking order after being introduced by Theodore Robert Beale, aka Vox Day. Beale is believed to be the creator of the socio-sexual hierarchy. Curiosity arose about the new archetype that appears to be a hybrid between alpha and beta personalities. The newly added member ranks second in the pecking order, effectively pushing beta down to third place.

All of these personalities have unique characteristics that help you understand their strengths and weaknesses. Let’s take a quick look at how they compare to the sigma archetype.

Alpha Female

A female alpha exhibits high confidence and strong leadership qualities like her alpha male counterpart. Those qualities make her intimidating, especially to men. She’s typically an extrovert who commands the room and is able to maintain her composure under pressure. She’s bossy, typically planning and directing others on what to do.

Not everyone likes her take-charge personality. However, her dominant persona is the reason the alpha female is at the top of the hierarchy. Last, but not least, alphas know their worth and won’t settle for anything less than they deserve.

Beta Female

A female with beta characteristics is one who is nurturing to others, which makes her a good companion. Compared to alpha females, she appears to have higher emotional intelligence. This translates to being more compassionate and empathetic towards others. At the same time, she is submissive and content with being a follower.

She’s shy and often keeps her thoughts and opinions to herself to avoid conflict. These traits are interpreted as weakness or low self-esteem. She also comes across as shy and introverted or easy to take advantage of. To the surprise of many, beta females know when to establish boundaries to prevent disrespect.

Delta Female

Intelligent, practical, logical, realistic, highly self-aware, yet modest, and shy are traits or characteristics seen in delta females. They are believed to have started out as alpha females who became socially distant due to bad life experiences.

sigma female characters | sigma female mbti | sigma female dating
A sigma female usually doesn’t realize how much certain people are fearful of her until someone brings it to her attention.

Limiting social interaction helps keep them away from drama and toxic situations. A female delta values open and honest communication and can effectively assert her needs. However, they silently struggle with insecurities.

Gamma Female

Independent, confident, and goal-oriented are some of the traits that stand out for a gamma female. She’s so confident, it can sometimes be overwhelming for those around her, but not in a negative way. Her knack for being organized and hardworking serves as an inspiration to others.

A woman with a gamma personality has a strong sense of judgment which enables her to make good decisions. Gamma women are comfortable socializing and spending time in solitude as ambiverts are. Overall, they tend to be happier by leading an organized and balanced life.

Omega Female

Omega females are perceived as having personality traits similar to beta females. For example, quiet, romantic, and emotionally mature yet submissive, introverted, and vulnerable. At the same time, they are confident, like having their own way, and do not want to be boxed into a ‘type’.

Omegas are brainy, as they read a lot to expand their knowledge base. People only find out in conversations how clever these women are. On the downside, she worries a lot about what others think of her and often finds herself anxious and frustrated.

Are the Sigma Female and Sigma Male Alike?

The sigma woman is like the gender opposite or female twin of the sigma male in most ways. First off, they are both dominant but in a silent and not overbearing way like alpha personalities. Both are very reserved, highly independent, and self-reliant. Both refuse to conform to societal rules and expectations.

They see themselves as individuals who should be free to create their own pathways and live as they please. However, their independent, freedom-loving personalities often cause them to break rules unintentionally. While they don’t set out to be rebels, that is exactly how the world sees them.

Another observation. Sigma males and females are neither eager to be a leader nor have the patience to be a follower. However, their charming and understanding demeanor makes people want to follow their lead. Overall, despite being very much alike in their personalities, the sigma male is more of a loner than his female counterpart.

Do you know the difference between sigma and alpha males? Sigma Male VS Alpha Male: 11 Basic Differences makes a great read.

15 Characteristics and Personality Traits Seen in Sigma Females

So much has been said about this personality type, recently added to the socio-sexual pyramid. Much of it is positive, as far as their core traits and characteristics go. I highlighted 15 of those below to give you a gist of what to expect when dealing with sigma women.

Keep in mind that sigmas may act out of character depending on the situation, just as other archetypes do. For example, they may appear extroverted if they’re feeling highly social. However, their hardcore characteristics remain stable.

#1. She’s Independent

You’ll find her as someone who is independent in various areas of her life. She remains confident in using her knowledge, skills, and abilities at work and school. Financial independence means everything to her since she dislikes feeling in need. As her friend, you won’t have to worry about her borrowing money to pay bills or catch up on rent.

She’s usually the one loaning out money to loved ones. Her physical and emotional independence is equally vital to her. If she’s stressed or hurt, she’ll figure out a way to cope. You won’t find her playing the victim role since she sees herself as strong and resilient against adversities.

#2. She’s the Loyal Type

If you have her as a platonic friend or partner, hold on to this woman for dear life. Sigma females are famous for their loyalty and will be your best buddies for life. You don’t have to ask her to have your back. She instinctively demonstrates that deep level of care and protectiveness for loved ones.

Note she’s not acting this way out of a sense of obligation. Loyalty is a part of her core values. Even though it is a natural quality, she sometimes hates it because others tend to take advantage of her commitment. They think they can misbehave and she’ll always be understanding, compassionate, and forgiving.

#3. She Can ‘Do Bad’ All By Herself

Remember the Tyler Perry movie, “I Can Do Bad All by Myself, starring Taraji P. Henson? The plot is in the name, and getting by on her own is just what the female sigma is gifted for doing. Her self-reliance and independence are positive traits although they can backfire. She’s usually so caught up in getting things done that she forgets to ask for help.

Her lack of team spirit isn’t intentional. In her mind, things get done quicker if she does them herself. In fact, she doesn’t really trust others to perform as effectively as she would or have the patience to wait. So she ends up taking on almost everything in her life. Although she’s efficient, she often feels stressed and physically and emotionally burned out.

#4. Her Friends Are Few and Far Between

This particular trait goes with her ‘lone wolf’ personality so it should be surprising at all. She’s able to connect socially and does maintain a close-knitted circle of friends and loved ones. To get into her inner and private world, she has to trust you, for she knows all too well that many people have ulterior motives.

Somehow she formed the belief one to two loyal friends are good enough. For one, fewer female friends save her from dealing with gossip and potential drama. She is by far a drama queen. So if maintaining her peace and solitude means settling for a few trusted friends, then it’s a price she’s willing to pay. Sometimes, she prefers male friends to females to avoid toxic situations.

#5. She’s Private and Elusive

The sigma female is one of the most private of the six archetypes you’ll probably ever meet. She goes to lengths to protect details about her life from the outside world. As such, she’s difficult to get to know. You may interpret this as being mysterious or elusive. While she enjoys the air of mystery, and it’s intriguing to some men, others tend to feel she’s hiding something or keeping secrets.

sigma female zodiac signs | sigma female quiz | sigma female celebrities
She prefers to contribute ideas in a team setting or while working on joint projects instead of directing others.

Unfortunately, it can lead her partner and close friends to think she can’t be trusted. What makes things a little more tricky is her construction of an iron-clad shield around her. The protective, not-so-easily penetrable armor gives her space and freedom in her own world to do what she wants, as she pleases.

#6. She’s Intimidating to a Lot of People

Being confident, assertive, and independent comes at a cost for her. These strong attributes often make others feel intimidated by her. In reality, they have nothing to worry about. Her self-awareness and high level of emotional intelligence mean she’s mindful of other people’s feelings. She most certainly doesn’t intend to scare off or hurt anyone.

In fact, the female sigma usually doesn’t realize how much certain people are fearful of her until someone brings it to her attention. It’ll surprise them, but she’ll smile and quickly disarm anyone who feels cornered by her presence, wit, or intelligence.

#7. She Has No Interest in Being in the Limelight

The female sigma is perfectly content with coming in and leaving without anyone noticing. If it takes wearing jeans and a T-shirt or dull colors, then she’ll dress the part to avoid being seen. Unfortunately, going covert fails, as she commands the room by her mere presence.

She functions at her best if she’s working and succeeding behind the scenes. She’s usually well-accomplished but you’ll never know it unless it comes out by the way or someone else highlights her achievements. Although extremely confident, her modesty doesn’t let her brag and boast to get compliments, recognition, or praise. In fact, she feels a bit self-conscious when others publicize her strengths and abilities.

If you’re a friend or partner, it’s best not to ‘put her out there’ and end up embarrassing her.

#8. She is a Natural-Born Leader Who Doesn’t Care to Be In Charge

While an alpha female has to be in charge or she will feel out of place, not the sigma woman. She’ll also choose to work independently than in a group if you give her a choice between the two. She prefers to contribute ideas in a team setting or while working on joint projects instead of directing others.

Somehow people recognize her leadership qualities and allow her to take the reins. They automatically trust and rely on her to get things going and oversee projects to the end. I think it’s her charisma and confidence that causes others to let their guard down and follow her lead.

#9. She Sets High Standards for Herself and Others

She knows personal standards are necessary to help her get the things she desires in her personal and professional life. However, those standards are sometimes too high for certain people to reach. It could be one reason why this female archetype is often more single than not.

Depending on which way you look at it, having high standards can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it helps her maintain healthy boundaries between herself and complacent or disrespectful people. She is also able to protect her self-esteem from the likes of toxic personalities such as narcissists and men who play games in relationships.

#10. She’s a Trendsetter

She often finds herself in a bit of a predicament because she wants to go unnoticed. At the same time, she doesn’t follow trends. What she does is create her own style and fashion. She makes inexpensive clothes look expensive as she wears them with poise and confidence. Her goal is to look unique since she hates dressing and looking like everyone else.

Funny enough, that is exactly what makes people notice her. She ‘sticks out like a sore thumb’ for her unique fashion, which she wears confidently. Next thing you know, people are complimenting her wardrobe and asking “Where did you buy that outfit?” She’s become a trendsetter by accident.

#11. She Can Blend Into Any Setting

The ability to blend into just about any situation showcases the flexible nature of the sigma female. Her open-mindedness and non-judgmental approach allows her to embrace people of all ethnicities, culture, and backgrounds. Everyone is a human and everyone is valuable in her eyes.

People also draw to her because they can sense she’s easy to open up to. She’s not going to be rude or condescending to them or think she’s superior. Her family members and friends are often amazed at how kind and all-inclusive she is towards humankind.

#12. She Doesn’t Let Others Push Her Around

Doing what she wants, when, and how are her hallmark traits. Don’t try telling her that her way is wrong. She won’t let you or anyone else dictate her life or her goings and comings. Your sigma girlfriend or spouse isn’t going to do things she’s uncomfortable with. The girl knows her worth and is also famous for having strong protective boundaries.

Since she’s more of an introvert, quiet, and reserved, people often mistake those as signs of weakness. Little do they know, she isn’t a walk-over. She’ll quickly call out inappropriate or disrespectful behavior. Even though she’s more patient with her partner and children in this department, her tolerance has limits.

#13. She Has an Uncanny Ability to Self-Soothe

A sigma female turns inward for help and healing, thanks to her strong ability to self-soothe. You’re not going to find her calling up friends to discuss her troubles. She might not even share them with her partner. She doesn’t want to burden others with her stresses. She also believes it’s her problem to fix.

Taking on life by herself can make her more prone to emotional distress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions. However, she doesn’t like revealing she’s not well as she hates feeling vulnerable and in need of help. Things have to be falling apart with no other choice before she asks for assistance.

#14. She Lives Life at Her Own Pace

Of course, she does. Remember she doesn’t go by how society says she should live her life. She flaunts societal rules and norms. She dislikes when others ask why she’s single as if something is wrong with her single status. She’s not going to engage in a conversation about when she should marry or have children. Besides, she’s protective of her privacy.

sigma female quiz | how to spot a sigma female | sigma female zodiac signs
The ability to blend into just about any situation showcases the flexible nature of the sigma female.

She decides on a timeline and pace that suits her. Usually, she’s not in a rush. It’s important for her to know what she’s getting herself into before she makes up her mind. That means, getting all the tiny details regarding the benefits and risks involved. If she’s not comfortable with the assessed outcome, she’s not going to follow through.

#15. Setbacks Do Not Faze Her

The tenacious sigma woman keeps on going regardless of what problems she faces or the uncertainties that lie ahead. Because she has a solution-driven mentality, you’re unlikely to hear her complain about challenges. What you’ll likely hear is “How can I (or we) fix this?” instead of making excuses to avoid setbacks.

As such, you’d be lucky to have her on your team at work or as a romantic partner. The ability to stay focused on her goals and the outcome regardless of disappointment, aligns with other core qualities as a strong, confident, resilient woman. See 10 Ways to Get Your Life Back After a Major Setback.

Final Thoughts on Sigma Female Personality

Sigma females are generally fun to be around once you get to know them. Good luck with that though, considering how private and elusive they can be. The secret is earning their trust.

After that, you should be well on your way to establishing a deep, lifelong connection. You’ll have a charming, independent, resilient, loyal, and no-nonsense friend, partner, and confidante for life. Since we’re on the subject of traits and characteristics… why not find out which one of the Myers-Briggs 16 Personality Types you are.

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