5 Trust Issues Quizzes & Tests to Measure Your Level of Trust

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Do you have trust issues?

Like respect, trust is something that is gained over time and not easily given. Especially for people who have been betrayed many times, it can be difficult to trust others.

But trust is still a wonderful thing to have, and overcoming your trust issues is possible. Although it doesn’t have to be given to everyone, trust is something we can offer to those who are sincere to us.

We have gathered a list of trust issues quizzes that you can use to measure your level of trust. There is no harm in knowing whether or not you need to open up a bit more.

Let’s check them out!

1. Quiz Expo: Do I Have Trust Issues?

Having trust issues is different from feeling fear and getting anxious. It is normal to doubt some things, but it becomes a problem once the doubts become exaggerated and you can no longer function.

This is the type of anxiety and trust issues that Quiz Expo: Do I Have Trust Issues? seeks to explore. It analyzes your thoughts and emotions based on your answers, and also looks into the stability of your relationships with other people. In addition, it has a list of things that may indicate trust issues.

There are 20 questions available—a mixture of both objective and subjective ones. Click on the “start quiz” button and it will redirect you to the quiz.

2. Quizaza: Do I Have Trust Issues?

The Quizaza: Do I Have Trust Issues? quiz is composed of 20 situational questions that try to determine what you would do or feel if you encountered them. The answers are also situational, with a bit of an explanation of why you would probably choose them.

After answering the last question, a pop-up window containing your results will appear. There is no score or grade, only a statement and explanation of why you may or may not have trust issues.

3. Quizterra: Do I Have Trust Issues?

If you are looking for a site that goes directly to the test, you might want to check out Quizterra’s Do I Have Trust Issues? quiz. It has 15 questions, with varying answer options. Most of the questions are situational and ask you what you would do if you ever encountered the listed situations.

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Like respect, trust is something that is gained over time and not easily given.

When answering questions like these, it is best to think carefully about your answers. The best results come when you are honest about your feelings. This will help you determine whether or not you should be seeing a health professional.

4. Scuffed Entertainment: Do You Have Trust Issues?

On this site, Scuffed Entertainment not only provides the quiz, but also gives you reasons why you should be taking trust issues quizzes in general. Difficulty trusting people may seem to be a mild problem on the surface, but if left unchecked it can affect your mental and emotional health.

The Do You Have Trust Issues? quiz is composed of 30 questions that are both objective and subjective. Some are situational, while others are direct information about how you view yourself (e.g., What are your strengths?). When you’re done, you are provided with a simple result stating whether or not you have trust issues.

5. ProProfs: Do I Have Trust Issues?

ProProfs offers us a set of 10 questions in their Do I Have Trust Issues? quiz to determine whether or not we have trust issues. If you have been feeling distrustful of anyone lately, then you may have trust issues you need to identify and work through.

Take this quiz to find out, bearing in mind that the results are not 100% accurate, so it is still best to consult a mental health professional.

Final Words

We hope that the trust issues quizzes we shared above can help you determine whether or not your level of trust is becoming a problem.

Take a quiz or two and spend some time doing some introspection. Are these trust issues ruining your relationships? If so, it’s probably time to talk about them with a mental health professional.

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