25 Best Sigma Male Memes to See in 2024

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Are you a sigma male? Or are you looking for a meme to send to your sigma buddy?

If so, then this article is just for you. Calling all sigma males out there!

(If you aren’t so sure if you are a sigma male or not, you can check out this post.)

We’ve gathered the best and funniest sigma male memes to relate to this year.

Let’s check them out!

1. Sigma Drake

A meme list wouldn’t be complete without the Drake Meme—and what better way to start this list than with one? So, would you be a cringe guy or a sigma Drake?

2. Welcome to the Club!

Buff Puss in Boots is a mood for those who know. Send this to your newfound sigma man.

3. You are a Sigma Male.

Sigma men don’t care, no matter what. So what if you are fond of Pokémon? That doesn’t make you any less of a sigma male. In fact, it makes you more of one because you aren’t afraid of what other people think about you.

4. Sigma Male Wardrobe

Sigma male rule number one—clean and almost empty wardrobe. Remember, sigma men don’t care. Plus, a clean wardrobe means a clean life.

5. Always Has Been…

There are some who believe that sigma males are actually stronger than alpha males. Do you agree?

6. What to Choose?

Gigachads, according to the Internet, are “attractive, muscular, and confident males,” which is no different from a sigma male. Perhaps the difference lies in the fact that sigmas usually don’t care about how they look—even though they look good.

7. Sigma Male Defensive Stance

Ever heard of the sigma male defensive stance? Yep, this is definitely it! Practice your poise.

8. When You Have a Sigma Male Friend.

If your best friend is an attractive, confident guy and the relationship is seriously platonic, he is definitely a sigma.

9. Sigma Male’s Mood Against the Government Be Like…

Sigma males usually play it cool, no matter the topic or circumstances. This is probably how they will look when you start talking about the government—seems indifferent, but actually has a lot to say.

10. The Sigma Male Choice.

Sigma men are firm with their choices and hate bandwagon propaganda. They could care less about what you think because they have their own beliefs.

11. Nap Over Women.

Sigma males will always choose to nap over looking for women. Come to think of it, sigmas will typically choose work over anything else because they value their financial freedom. Ironically, women will still seek them out.

12. Sigma Male Mentality.

This is why women aren’t top priority. Sigmas don’t try to understand women because they believe that even women can’t understand themselves or each other.

13. If Only…

If there are sigma males, there are also sigma females. Cheers to all our sigma ladies out there!

14. Sigma Cat

There’s a common notion that if wolves symbolize alphas, cats symbolize sigmas. Everyone knows the foundational character trait of cats—they don’t care.

15. Sigma Peter Parker

We raise our glass to all the sigma Peters out there! We laughed really hard when we saw this meme. Imagine if all of our superheroes were sigmas!

16. Female Equivalent of Sigma Male…

Real sigma males don’t need to tell other people what they are. In fact, if a guy cares enough to call themselves a sigma male, they probably aren’t one.

17. Sigma Male Supremacy

“Even the clouds can’t move me.” This is sigma male supremacy at its finest, y’all. Asian sigma males are the best!

18. Average Male… Sigma Male, Rather.

Is this an average male trait or a sigma male personality trait? We think it’s both…but the sigma male will probably actually end up winning the fight.

19. Sigma Move.

That is one proud sigma move there! Sigma males split the bill, ladies.

20. When a Sigma Male Comments…

You don’t get to throw cheesy, alpha lines with sigma men—they will crush your fantasy world with a truth bomb.

21. Sigma Male, For Sure.

We’ve been repeating this since the beginning—sigmas really don’t care. Having a girlfriend is ok, but not having one is ok too.

22. Walk Like a Sigma.

Want to become a full-fledged sigma? If you truly don’t care what the rest of the world thinks, your swagger will let people know what you are.

23. Mom, I’m a Sigma.

When your mom is trying to set you up with girls or when she keeps on asking why you’re still single…mom, I’m a sigma. It may be hard to explain, but you have to try.

24. Sigma Male Rules.

Sigma males definitely make their own coffee. Why would you ask anyone else to do it for you? You are independent and self-sufficient. You are a sigma!

25. Be Your Own Bank, Sigma.

Last but definitely not least, sigma males are always their own bank. You don’t need anyone to support you financially. That is the essence of being a sigma, after all—you’ve got your own money.

Final Words on Best Sigma Male Memes to See

We hope you enjoyed this list of sigma male memes. Of course, you’ll probably say you don’t care (you’re a sigma male, after all), but we know you found them funny and relatable.

If you’re not a sigma and you simply stumbled onto this page, take the opportunity to pick the best memes for your sigma male friends. It’s ok—they won’t get offended. After all, they are sigmas!

Finally, if you want to identify YOUR personality type, then take one of these 11 personality tests to better understand what makes you tick.

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