35 Prosperity Affirmations for Living an Abundant Life

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When we think about a goal we have set for ourselves, did we push past the fear and doubt to reach it?

Or did our feelings, fear, and crushing self-doubt prevent us from reaching this goal?

These thoughts are sourced from a scarcity belief that there will not be enough, resulting in feelings of anxiety, stress, and fear

To help eliminate these ideas, prosperity affirmations make us consciously transform our thoughts from negativity to positivity. When practiced daily, prosperity affirmations help us form new thought patterns and beliefs.

In this article, we will provide 35 prosperity affirmations you can choose from to recite daily. But first, let’s start with a simple definition.

What Are Prosperity Affirmations?

Prosperity affirmations are small sayings we can repeat every morning to help us develop prosperity consciousness, which is a requirement for becoming successful and prosperous. 

Prosperity is each person’s birthright, but negative programming often interferes with having abundance. At some level of consciousness, we either fear or hate prosperity and money.

However, to create prosperity and abundance, we must think about prosperity and abundance. When our focus is solely on what we don’t have, we focus on lack or want. With these negatively-focused thoughts, this is what our lives attract.

To combat this, repeating prosperity affirmations is an effective method of filling our heads with abundance thoughts. Studies show the most successful executives utilize self-affirmation techniques to improve their performance and power.

Simultaneously, we must realize that prosperity and abundance do not simply equate to money, since it is just one component of these ideas.

Instead, having the time to do what you wish, holding positive and sincere relationships, being surrounded by love and joy, and having a satisfying job or business are some of the many other aspects of prosperity and abundance in life.

One study titled, Reconceptualizing Self-Affirmation with the Trigger and Channel Framework: Lesson from the Health Domain, notes that self-affirmation can promote adaptive outcomes and positive behavior change. Prosperity affirmations are just part of the process, so you still need to complete the work.

35 Abundance and Prosperity Affirmations

  1. I am grateful for all the positive aspects of my life.
  2. I choose to hold life’s many mysteries.
  3. I welcome receiving unexpected opportunities.
  4. I am grateful for the abundance that’s on the way and the abundance I currently have.
  5. I can achieve greatness.
  6. I currently have everything I need to be successful in all my endeavors.
  7. I am open to unlimited possibilities.
  8. I am prepared to share all my gifts with the world.
Abundance and Prosperity Affirmations - I am prepared to share all my gifts with the world. | spiritual affirmations for prosperity | power affirmations for manifesting wealth and abundance | gratitude affirmations for wealth #affirmation #mantra #inspirational
  1. I am open to new solutions and creativity.
  2. I can achieve whatever I set my mind to.
  3. I welcome miracles into my life.
  4. I attract money effortlessly and easily.
  5. I welcome receiving the highest and best for all.
  6. I can give what is the highest and best for all.
  7. I release resistance toward attracting money.
  8. I conquer all my money goals.
  9. I receive and accept unexpected money.
  10. I can overcome all current and future money obstacles in my way.
  11. I am united with the abundance of energy.
  12. I am proud of the individual I am and the individual I am becoming.
  13. I am proud of myself and all my accomplishments.
  14. I am a beautiful individual, inside and out.
  15. I attract positive and loving individuals in my life.
  16. I am grateful for my body because I…
  17. I am peaceful, centered, and grounded.
Abundance and Prosperity Affirmations - I am peaceful, centered, and grounded. | i am affirmations for abundance | abundance quotes and affirmations | positive affirmations for abundance and happiness #wealth #abundance #prosperity
  1. I want and choose happiness.
  2. I am worthy of empathy and compassion.
  3. I am true, graceful, and authentic.
  4. I deserve respect, love, and empathy.
  5. I am more than just my mistakes.
  6. I am lovable and loving.
  7. I can love myself.
  8. I am worthy of receiving love.
  9. I choose happiness over all else.
  10. I have made it this far and can keep going.
Abundance and Prosperity Affirmations - I have made it this far and can keep going. | abundance quotes and affirmations | affirmations for success and abundance | affirmations for abundance and love #dailyaffirmations #affirmation #sayings

Final Thoughts on Prosperity Affirmations

We can shift away from the scarcity ideal to an abundance mindset by repeating prosperity affirmations, but we still must do the work to improve our mindset. 

Developing a daily habit of consciously selecting our thoughts is an excellent method of transforming our mindset. 

When we change our thoughts, we can change reality for ourselves and those around us. We already have everything in our arsenal to be successful, we just need to believe it by repeating prosperity affirmations daily. 

We must act now! 

If we are ready to take our abundance to the next level, then we must begin by repeating the above prosperity affirmations today!

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