Helping VS Enabling: 9 Differences You Should Know

helping vs enabling | helping vs enabling quotes | helping vs enabling bible

Are you having difficulty figuring out whether you’re helping or enabling a loved one? There’s a thin line between the two and you can easily cross it and not realize you did. You’re not alone. You’re one of many who aren’t sure if they’re providing support or creating a monster. I had to figure this out … Read more

How to Make a Girl Like You Over Text [with 13 Examples]

how to make a girl like you over text | how to entertain a girl over text | make girl fall love you through chatting

Have you developed a crush on a girl? Are you trying to get her to like you, but don’t know how to communicate very well? Texting is a great tool for expressing emotions, flirting and actively get to know someone better. In this article, I’ll offer a few tips on how to make a girl … Read more

9 Steps to Get Over Abandonment Issues in a Relationship

how to get over abandonment issues | effects of child abandonment in adulthood | how to overcome abandonment issues from childhood

It hurts. It really hurts… being abandoned by the person you believed would be yours for the rest of your life.  But, people change, and sometimes they change their minds too.  Where you were once their all, you are suddenly their nothing. You get left behind.  The pain seems unbearable.  Being abandoned can create massive … Read more

51 Funny Memes About Relationships in 2023

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Do you and your partner like memes? If so, then you might find these images very relatable! We’ve gathered 51 funny memes about relationships that you can share with each other to keep the love brimming with passion and humor. You can use these memes to lighten the mood after a fight or to simply … Read more

37 Funny Thinking About You Memes for 2023

thinking about you memes | thinking of you memes for him | thinking about you memes for her

Do you often think about someone? They could be your partner, friend, family member, or even co-worker. This post aims to make you laugh and give you that same happy feeling that you get whenever you think about a certain someone. We’ve gathered 37 funny thinking about you memes that we bet you will relate … Read more

9 Ways to Use Reverse Psychology in Your Relationship

how to use reverse psychology | how to use reverse psychology on a man | how to use reverse psychology on a narcissist

In today’s day and age where everything can be Googled, it seems many people have forgotten the power of words. In particular, not everyone knows how to use words to control situations and get what they want. Some may think that being straightforward is the only way or that it’s just not worth it if … Read more

13 Ways to Show Respect For Others in Your Everyday Life

ways to show respect | what are 5 ways to show respect | ways to show respect to others

“Respect isn’t earned, it’s given.” I’m sure you’ve heard this saying before. Basically, it means to act in a way that is worthy of respect. Unfortunately, many people misapply the saying. They use it to justify not respecting someone else, and this shouldn’t be so. I think you can agree with me when I say … Read more