15 Printable Elf Coloring Pages to Enjoy the Holidays

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Elves are one of the many symbols of Christmas. They are known to be Santa’s helpers, especially when it comes to creating toys for children and taking care of reindeer.

Even outside of Christmas, they are still fascinating creatures that are exciting to paint and color. Those that live in the forest (not the Christmas elves) are often depicted in movies as being rather beautiful and magical.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a collection of elf coloring pages?

In this post, we have gathered 15 wonderful elf coloring pages for your entertainment this holiday season. The first few are great for kids and the elderly, while the last ones are perfect for adults and teenagers.

Let’s check them out!

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1. Elf Candy

This coloring page (and the next) is inspired by pages from the Elf on the Shelf book from parents.com. This elf jumps straight into the holiday season with holly and candies surrounding him. You can download it for free in PDF format.

2. Merry Christmas!

This elf greets you with a “Merry Christmas” banner. You can use this for your gift cards this holiday season. It is also downloadable in PDF format.

3. Mother Elf

This is rather an intricate design that is best for tweens, teenagers, and adults. You can download it in JPG format.

4. Beautiful Elf & Horse

This coloring page is from the artist Rebecca Sinz. It is a page from her Malevolence Coloring Book and you can currently buy it at a discounted price. If you are a big fan of her work, you can just buy the entire coloring book on Amazon or from her website.

5. Couple Elves

Artist RuaCharl titled this page “Lance and Herm: Dressing for Battle.” The two characters are half-elves that he made for a role-playing game some years ago. He created them separately, but decided to make them partners in this fun coloring sheet.

6. Little Elf Girl

Now this cute little elf girl is one of our favorites. It is rather easy to color, making it perfect for kids. Print it out and have your kids color it while waiting for Christmas Eve dinner.

7. Elves on the Shelf

Here is a group of elf friends ready to take on the season. You can draw a shelf under them if you want to make them feel more at home.

8. Elf Unboxing a Gift

This is a picture of an elf who is excited to unbox his gift and see what’s inside. It is perfect for kids before Christmas Eve to make them feel more excited about their gifts.

9. Cute Boy in Elf Costume

This drawing of a cute little boy in an elf costume isn’t free, but it is definitely worth the purchase. You can choose which size would you like your download to be.

10. Cute Girl in Elf Costume

Here is the girl version of the previous picture. You can use them both as inspiration for your child’s next Christmas costume party.

11. Child Elves

Here is one for those adults seeking the stress relief of intensive coloring. It is downloadable in JPG format with a 1024×1314 resolution.

12. Oni Girl

This elf girl looks dazzling yet intimidating—a beautiful piece of art. You can check out the artist’s colored version here.

13. Dancing Elves

These beautiful elves dancing under the moonlight look so gorgeous that we just had to include them. We suggest using watercolor and adding some mystical elements to the background. You can then hang it on your wall as a decoration.

14. Come with Us

This fairy elf seems to want to take you with her. Imagine wandering around the world of elves and fairies—that would truly be magical. Print this sheet and color it with shades of wonder and mystery.

15. Handsome Elf

The original title of this art is “Royalty: Luke Lineart.” It was created by Adele Lorienne in 2004, and you can buy it on her website or visit her shop on Etsy.

Final Thoughts on Elf Coloring Pages to Enjoy the Holidays

We hope that we were able to satisfy your need for a collection of challenging elf coloring pages. Use these pages as a way to de-stress, or color them with your kids while relaxing during the holidays.

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