55 Connection Quotes That Bind Us Together

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Connections are an invisible and indisputable fact of life. In today’s post, we’ll be diving into the importance of connection and providing you with a curated list of connection quotes to start joining some neurons to the concept in your mind. So, if you’re curious about connection and want to understand a little more about … Read more

71 Grind Quotes to Increase Your Motivation

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Looking to rekindle a little motivation? In today’s post, we’ll be providing you with some handpicked grind quotes to get your mojo back. It’s amazing how a short shift in perspective can renew our motivation and get us to take steps after a setback or when we’re feeling overwhelmed. However, before we bring forth the … Read more

51 Disrespect Quotes for Dealing with Rude People

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Have you ever encountered someone rude or disrespectful? You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who hasn’t and rude people are just a fact of life – just like bad weather. In today’s post, we’ll be providing you with a list of disrespect quotes to help you handle those who have, sadly, not developed the behavior … Read more

75 Gaslighting Quotes to Deal with Narcissistic Manipulators

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Gaslighting can make anyone feel like they don’t know up from down. In today’s post, we’ll be taking a look at gaslighting and how narcissists spin a web of deceit and attempt to control you simply by making you doubt yourself. In many cases, skill in manipulation and narcissism go hand in hand. We’ll also … Read more

75 Manipulation Quotes to Stop Gaslighters & Toxic People

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Life can throw all kinds of obstacles in your way, and sometimes these obstacles can take the shape of toxic individuals. In today’s piece, we’ll be providing you with some manipulation quotes and a little dive into why specific individuals are drawn to this behavior. Being in the midst of accomplished manipulators can almost feel … Read more

67 Priority Quotes on How to Identify What’s Truly Important

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“Get your priorities straight!” While I’m sure that we’ve all been scolded by our parents at one time or another with a statement like the above, sometimes even adults have to remind themselves what’s most important in their lives. In today’s post, we’ll be expounding more on the concept of priorities and then providing you … Read more