61 Selfish Parents Quotes to Help You Cope Better

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A loving family should bring warmth, happiness and hope without limits. It should instil trust and respect whilst being a celebration of unity. But whilst many families strive for such a positive environment, we haven’t all been so lucky. For those of us who’ve dealt with a selfish parent, the emptiness is overwhelming. The constantly … Read more

67 Grit Quotes to Persevere When Times are Tough

We’ve all had those feelings of uncertainty and worry; a lack of self-belief or faith that we’ve got what it takes. And whilst giving up may seem like the easier option, breaking through that wall of self-doubt is the key to a happy you. Because you can do this: You have the strength to dig … Read more

51 Helpful Abandonment Issues Quotes and Sayings

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If you’re feeling, or have ever felt abandoned, these words are for you. Because whilst the pain is an unavoidable journey, you don’t have to face it alone. You don’t have to pretend it’s OK. Or put on that brave face when, in reality, you’re feeling anything but brave. The emotional and even physical agony … Read more

65 Toxic Relationship Quotes to Free Yourself Today

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When you first meet someone, the world is a beautiful place. The trees are greener, the candy is sweeter and everything is just, well, great. But as the honeymoon period fizzles out, masks begin to slip and reveal a much uglier truth. You find yourself trapped, unappreciated and unloved by the person you’ve given so … Read more