45 Printable Summer Coloring Pages for Adults & Kids

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Summer is just around the corner. Are you ready?

For some, summer is the most eagerly anticipated part of the year. That might be because it’s the season for beaches, vacations, road trips, and summer getaways.

Children are usually excited about summer break. They get to go to camp, the beach, the pool, or grandma and grandpa’s house. Adults, on the other hand, get to travel to places that may be a bit farther from home.

Whatever your reason is for loving summer, we’d like to be a part of your preparation.

In this post, we have gathered a list of 45 printable summer coloring pages that will be fun for both kids and adults. While you are getting ready for summer, you might as well get yourself excited with these coloring sheets.

Let’s get started!

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1. Summer Doodle for Kids

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First off, let’s check out this doodle-style coloring page of the word “summer” to help your kids get ready for season. With the sun, rainbow, flowers, plants, and butterflies, we are sure your children will love this page.

2. I Love Ice Cream

Everybody loves ice cream, one of our favorite summer treats. Enjoy some ice cream with your kids this summer while filling in this tasty coloring sheet!

3. Hello, Summer!

What’s better than free summer printables from Crayola! Here’s a coloring page that’s complete with all the beach essentials. Are your kids excited about going to the beach?

4. Under the Sea

Your children are definitely going to love this coloring page. After all, everyone loves sea creatures!

5. Under the Sun

If they’d rather stay dry, your kids can try this “under the sun” design instead. Let them experience the joy of sunbathing on the hot sand. We are sure they are going to have a lot of fun!

6. Get Ready to Surf!

This coloring sheet is for slightly older kids, as the younger ones might find it difficult to color the trees and flowers carefully. If you want, you can color this sheet with them and talk about how cool surfing is as a sport.

7. Happy Picnic Day!

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Summer isn’t just about the beach. It’s also the season for outdoor picnics! Look at how these kids are enjoying their time snacking and chatting.

8. Happy Camping Day!

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Another summer activity that the kids love is camping. Who doesn’t love roasting marshmallows over a campfire! Bring this coloring page with you for some recreational activity once you settle down in the evening.

9. Guitars and Bonfires

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Guitars and bonfires go together like summer and camping. In fact, the campfire is one of the most anticipated events during camping trips—singing, partying, and just enjoying the time under the moonlight.

10. Slide and Swim

free summer coloring pages for adults | happy summer coloring pages | schools out for summer coloring pages

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If you are quite busy and the beach is out of the question, you can at least take your kids to the nearest swimming pool. Make sure it has a slide! Kids love slides!

11. Building Beach Sandcastles

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Building a sandcastle is one of the best moments of a beach getaway. It provides the same feeling you get when you build a snowman in winter.

12. Retro Bus with Suitcases

Don’t you just love the vacation vibes that this retro bus is putting out? This design is quite detailed, so adults will definitely enjoy coloring it.

13. Summer Doodle for Adults

hello summer coloring pages | easy summer coloring pages | cute summer coloring pages

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Here’s a summer doodle coloring page for adults. If you love detailed designs that are fun and involved, this one is perfect for you!

14. Pineapple Mandala

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Color this page while enjoying a delicious piña colada. It’s hard to think of a better way to spend a sunny summer afternoon.

15. Ready for the Road Trip

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Ready for a road trip? Hit the road with your family and explore parts of the country you haven’t been to before. And while you are at it, bring this coloring sheet along for some evening entertainment!

16. Ice Cream Mandalas

summer coloring pages | summer coloring pages for adults | easy summer coloring pages

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How about some detailed ice cream mandalas for your color cravings? These designs will be more fun if you color them while eating something cold and tasty.

17. Beach Vibes

summer mandala coloring pages | summer clothes coloring pages | summer cute coloring pages

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This is a simple yet fun design to color, and we recommend it for kids and the elderly. How fun is that flamingo inflatable?!

18. Hello Summer Mandala

How about a more complex version of “Hello, summer”? This might take a while to color, but it will be worth the effort.

19. Flip-Flops on the Beach

It’s time to put those high heels in the closet and let your feet enjoy the season. Summer is here and your flip-flops are ready. Color this sheet to get yourself in the summer mood.

20. Summer Fruits

Do you love fruit? We do! Summer is the season when most fruits are ripe, and it is also the season when we enjoy fruit-flavored drinks. Enjoy eating summer fruits (or drinking them!) while coloring this fun page.

21. Ocean Designs

The sea is ready for you—and the sea creatures are, too! While you are waiting for summer to start, print this page and have some fun coloring.

22. Summer Hat

A beach adventure isn’t complete without a summer hat. Even if you haven’t bought one yet, you can color this one to get some inspiration.

23. Summer Flowers

Everybody loves the sight of summer flowers. Some of the most popular include dahlias, peonies, marigolds, and of course sunflowers.

24. By the Seaside

Doesn’t this look like the perfect setting to enjoy some drinks by the seaside? Consider using this coloring page as a unique way to invite your friends on a warm weekend getaway.

25. Tire Swing in Summer

Did you ride a tire swing when you were young? I remember so well how excited I was every summer when I’d play on the tire swing at my grandparent’s house. We hope your kids get to experience that, too.

26. Minions at the Beach

Your kids will surely love these minions enjoying a tropical island. We also recommend this page for those who are a bit older and know how to color carefully.

27. Summer in Detail

Check out this detailed depiction of the word “summer.” You can color this online if you want, or you can download it or print it directly.

28. Feel the Summer

Feel the summer vibes with these mandala flowers and butterflies. Once you finish coloring this sheet, post it somewhere prominent to remind yourself that it’s only a few more months until the best time of year.

29. Aloha, Hawaii!

Hawaii has always been a popular destination for people who want to have fun at the beach. Are you planning to go there this summer? If you are still undecided, then this coloring page might help you make up your mind.

30. Summer Memories

What is your favorite summer memory? Mine’s not the beach, surprisingly. My most memorable summers were the ones I spent at my grandparents’ home.

31. Ocean Waves

This is such an impressive coloring design. We’re definitely adding this to our personal list of summer coloring pages to print. How about you?

32. Coconut Tree Mandala

No summer is complete without coconut-based drinks. Color this page while enjoying another round of piña coladas, or any other coconut drink you prefer.

33. Animals in Summer

Animals enjoy summer, too, just like we do. It’s the time of year when they are able to enjoy good weather and lots of sun. You might want to color this page with your kids for some bonding time.

34. Let’s Sit and Chat

What’s better than a summer spent sitting and chatting with friends in the backyard? Look forward to happy summer afternoons with this beautiful coloring sheet.

35. Garden Stories

If you have a bigger group coming and there isn’t enough space in the backyard, the garden is always ready for your summer afternoon parties. Use this page to make personal invitations.

36. Summer Butterflies

Butterflies are also alive and vibrant during summer. Why not spend some time coloring these summer butterflies while they are in their prime? You can use the finished page to decorate your living room.

37. Picnic on a Warm Summer Day

Here’s a simple drawing of a picnic setup. Your kids might want to go on a picnic like this during the summer—just make sure the weather’s not too hot. While enjoying your time together, you can all color copies of this page as a group activity.

38. Sandcastles

Picnics aren’t the only summer activity that kids love. Consider going to the beach and spending some time building sandcastles. You can all get ready for the adventure by coloring this page.

39. Summer Flower Garden

This page might be challenging for kids to color, but we think it will come out great. It is detailed enough to keep them busy while enjoying summer vacation.

40. Mickey, Minnie, and Kids

Here’s another picnic-themed coloring page, but with our favorite Disney couple and their kids enjoying the afternoon. What a lovely family!

41. Pooh’s Friends

Do your kids prefer Winnie the Pooh and his friends? If so, consider this picnic coloring sheet for them!

42. Summer Doodle Lovin’

One of the best parts of summer is all of the delicious food we prepare and enjoy! Here’s a doodle of all the different dishes we love eating during the hot summer days.

43. Sun Mandala

Here’s a good option for the adult looking for a more detailed, challenging coloring page. It will probably be nice with different shades of red, orange, yellow, and white.

44. Summer Seashells

If you like collecting seashells, you might also enjoy coloring these mandala-style shells! Take this sheet with you to the beach, along with your favorite crayons, colored pencils, or markers.

45. Tropical Beach

This design is super detailed and intricate. We’re sure it will keep you busy while you wait for everyone else to get ready to head to the beach.

Final Words on Summer Coloring Pages

Did you find some fun summer coloring pages in this collection? We hope that we were able to help you find some entertaining designs to enjoy with your kids. Have a great summer!

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