35 Printable Snowflake Coloring Pages for Adults

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Winter is here and what do we love about it?


Of course, snowflakes are fun to look at, but they can make life a bit difficult. If it’s too snowy to play outside, how about trying a relaxing, creative indoor activity?

Coloring has become a favorite pastime activity of both kids and adults alike. In addition to being fun and entertaining, it has tons of therapeutic benefits.

In this article, we share with you a list of 35 printable snowflake coloring pages that are perfect the winter season.

Let’s check them out!

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1. A Flurry of Snowflakes

Tealnotes is a good source for coloring pages. Their downloadables are usually available in PDF format. As for this sheet, you can simply click the download link at the bottom of the picture, or click here.

2. Mandala Snowflakes

These pretty snowflake mandalas are not free, but they are definitely worth the price. For every item you buy from Kids Press Magazine, a portion of the profits is donated to children in need.

3. Let It Snow!

Here is a downloadable PDF file of the famous line “Let it snow!” You and your kids will surely have a good time coloring it beside the fireplace while drinking hot chocolate.

4. Snowflake Coloring for Kids

If you have young kids who are just learning how to color, here's a very simple snowflake coloring page for page for kids that they can easily complete.

5. Little Snowflakes

Little Snowflakes | unicorn coloring pages | snowflake printable

via homemade-gifts-made-easy

Homemade Gifts Made Easy is one of our favorite coloring page sources because their sheets are always available in PDF format, and they are totally free! Check these beautifully drawn snowflake mandalas.

6. Snowflake Mandala 1

Snowflake Mandala 1st | frozen snowflake coloring pages | frozen snowflake coloring pages

via homemade-gifts-made-easy

This design is rather simple, making it perfect for those who are just starting to get into coloring.

7. Snowflake Mandala 2

Snowflake Mandala 2nd | snowflake coloring pages images | snowflake template

via homemade-gifts-made-easy

This one is a bit more complicated and is a great option for those who have been coloring for a while now.

8. Snowflake Mandala 3

Snowflake Mandala 3rd | snowflake free coloring pages | snowflake coloring pages for adults

via homemade-gifts-made-easy

Here are six snowflakes on one page, which you can cut out and use as design materials for your journal or other projects.

9.  Snowflake Mandala 4

Snowflake Mandala 4th | snowflake coloring pages for kindergarten | snowflake coloring pages easy

via homemade-gifts-made-easy

Here is another page with a bunch of fun patterns so you have lots of options.

10.  Snowflake Mandala 5

Snowflake Mandala 5th | snowman coloring pages | snowflake coloring pages free printable

via homemade-gifts-made-easy

The site provides snowflakes in groups of three, as well as in bigger sizes if you want a larger snowflake cutout.

11. Snowflake Mandala 6

 Snowflake Mandala 6th | unicorn coloring pages | snowflake coloring pages easy

via homemade-gifts-made-easy

This sheet is for those who like it simple yet classy. It might look easy, but you can challenge yourself by using different colors (or using alternative coloring materials like watercolor paints).

12. Snowflake Mandala 7

Snowflake Mandala 7th | snowflake coloring pages images | unicorn coloring pages

via homemade-gifts-made-easy

This snowflake has heart shapes inside of it. You might enjoy coloring it with your special someone.

13. Snowflake Mandala 8

Doodle Art Alley is another site that we really enjoy. It provides tons of coloring pages that are free and high quality. Check this one out!

14. Snowflake Mandala 9

This coloring sheet is complicated enough for those who really like to dive into their coloring, but not so hard that it makes you frustrated if you are new to coloring.

15. Snowflake Cut-Outs

After you finish coloring these snowflakes, you can cut them out and hang them on your Christmas tree!

16. Snowflake in Circles

This unique design is available either in a small JPG version or a large, transparent PNG version. It has a rather different, since the designer chose to use circles instead of lines and curves.

17. Winter Solstice Mandala

This Winter Solstice themed mandala represents the shortest day and night of the year that typically occurs between December 21 and 23.

18. Anti-Stress Snowflake

The site that provides this coloring sheet claims that it will relieve your stress and help you relax. It isn’t free, so you need to be a member to download it.

19. Snowflake Mandala 10

This link directs you to a collection of beautifully drawn snowflakes, but this one really caught our attention.

20. Snowflake Mandala 11

Here is another lovely design from the same site that might interest you.

21. Perfect in White and Blue

Although we think that this coloring page would look wonderful in white and blue, you can use whatever colors seem best to you!

22. Winter Soul Mandala

Last and definitely not least, check this beautifully designed snowflake is our personal favorite, because it is so elegant and unique. It almost looks like a brooch design!

23. Simple Snowflake Pattern

You can download this simple snowflake pattern in PNG format by clicking the yellow “download” button at the side. You may also share it on your social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

24. Starry Snowflakes

Alisa Burke is an artist dedicated to encouraging people to increase their happiness through creativity. You can access this snowflake coloring sheet via Google Drive, but you will need to ask permission first.

25. Detailed Snowflake

India Parenting provides you with the option to download, print directly, or color online. We tried coloring this sheet online and we found that this option might not be suitable for those who are using laptops or computers, since it is pretty difficult to color by mouse. Downloading or printing is the better option.

26. Snowflake Mandala 12

This design is detailed enough to keep you busy the whole day. It features exceptional artwork and intricate patterns that will be a blast to color.

27. Snowflake Mandala 13

Spend all morning coloring this beautiful mandala snowflake, then head outside for a snowball fight with the kids!

28. Snowflake Mandala 14

The best part about snowflakes is that every single one is uniquely intricate. Look at how unique this drawing is—just like a real snowflake!

29. Snowflake Mandala 15

This design has enough curves and lines to keep you busy while enjoying coffee and watching the snow fall through your window.

30. Snowflake Mandala 16

There’s nothing better than curling up by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa and coloring away the afternoon while the snow falls outside.

31. Snowflake Mandala 17

If you have senior at home who enjoy coloring, let them try this design. It has bigger spaces that are a little easier to color.

32. Snowflake Mandala 18

Here is one final design from Doodle Art Alley. Check their site for even more beautiful coloring sheets that will test your abilities and keep you entertained for hours.

33. Crown Snowflake

The designer of this page calls it the “Crown Mandala,” but it looks like a snowflake to us! Try it out for something different this winter!

34. Difficult Snowflake Pattern

If you are up for a challenge, we suggest this super intricate coloring sheet. There is no download or print button, but you can copy the image and paste it into Word or Paint for printing.

35. Intricate Snowflake Mandala

You can download this lovely image in PNG format. It is also available for sharing on your favorite social media platforms.

Final Thoughts on Printable Snowflake Coloring Pages for Adults

We hope that you found some inspiring snowflake designs to help you take your winter coloring to the next level.

Sometimes you just need to relax and spend some time doing something that soothes your soul. Since it’s winter, we suggest bundling up and coloring winter-inspired sheets with the people you love. Let it snow!

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