17 Love Coloring Pages for Adults in 2024

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Love is all around us—don’t you agree?

We bet you will once you see this collection of love coloring pages for adults.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, these designs will surely fill your world with lots of love!

From mandalas to animals and flowers, we have gathered the best coloring pages just for you. Let’s check them out!

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1. All of Me Loves All of You

People say that when you love someone, you don’t love just a piece or part of them—you love them as a whole. Use this wonderful statement coloring page to show how much you appreciate them!

2. Love Doodle Bookmarks

Here’s a unique gift idea if your partner is a bookworm! Color it yourself to show how much of an effort you are willing to make for them. Even if they aren’t much of a reader, they will surely be glad to receive this gift.

3. Love Is in the Air

Looking for a special gift to give to your special someone? You can use this coloring page and turn it into a gift card. Write a short yet sincere letter to accompany it.

4. Floral Heart Coloring Page

If you are the artistic type, you might choose this page instead. Color it and frame it for the person you love. It would be a nice addition to your partner’s wall decoration.

5. Love You Zentangle

How about a relaxing mandala? Print two copies of this page and then ask your special someone (or your friends and family members) to color them with you.

6. Heart with Flowers Frame

Here is another page that can be used as decoration. Color it and then put a photo of you and your loved one at the center. Frame it and have it displayed on your walls or desktop table.

7. Love in Bold

Love is patient; love is kind—but love is also bold and strong, just like the strong, heavy lines used on these patterned hearts. We guarantee you will have a fun time coloring this page.

8. Love Cats

Cats are known to be reserved, but they are also sweet once they let their guard down. This coloring template is best if your partner is a reserved by sweet type of person.

9. Heart Mandala

Here’s an easier mandala for those who are new to coloring. It is detailed and still challenging, but it is also easy to finish since the spaces are bigger than the usual intricate designs.

10. Pair of Hearts

Here’s another easy mandala for you and your partner. You can use this coloring page in a lot of different ways, like as a gift card, wall decor, or simply a page in your coloring collection.

11. Love Dreamcatcher Mandala

Dreamcatchers are some of the most intricate coloring page designs you will find. Enjoy coloring this with the person that you love.

12. Dolphins in a Heart

Dolphins symbolize love, especially love of parents for their children. Mother dolphins take care of their children before they let them wander the ocean on their own. Thus, this dolphin heart coloring page is a great gift for your mom!

13. I Love You Forever

How would you feel if your wife or husband gives you a card with this message? Wonderful, right? Let your partner feel the warmth of your overflowing love through this simple yet sincere coloring page.

14. All You Need Is Love

Does this page remind you of the song? The Beatles were right—all we need is love! Print several copies of this page and give them out to the people you love the most.

15. Love Is a Box of Chocolates

Love, like life, is indeed a box of chocolates—you never know what you are going to get. But don’t be scared to fall in love. It is all part of the experience. Don’t you just love the intricacy of this coloring page?

16. Hearts in Pattern

What does your heart look like? We really like this page because it has several heart designs. You can use the whole page as a decoration, or you can cut them out and paste them on your journal or notebooks.

17. Love Is the Flower of Life

If you are looking for something beautiful and intricate to color, this just might be the one. While the main flowers are pretty simple, good luck finishing the smaller ones!

Final Words on Love Coloring Pages for Adults

We hope we were able to help you choose the best love coloring pages. Use them as gifts for your loved ones (or for yourself) or use them to decorate the walls of your beautiful home that is filled with love.

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