17 Printable Unicorn Coloring Pages for Adults

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Unicorns are one of the most mythical and legendary magical creatures—and they are super popular with kids. After all, who doesn’t love a unicorn-themed event?

Unfortunately for all the youngsters out there, unicorns aren’t actually real—although the Encyclopedia Britannica can explain their history and mythology, if you are interested!

In the meantime, they also make a great subject for coloring. In this post, we share with you 17 printable unicorn coloring pages that you can use to create magical moments with your friends and family members.

Let’s make some magic!

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1. Unicorn Mandala

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Satisfy your unicorn cravings with this lovely unicorn mandala. We are sure you will love coloring these beauties!

2. Mother & Baby Unicorn

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Here’s a mother and baby unicorn that our moms and kids would surely love to color together! The flowers are a bit detailed, adding a bit of a challenge.

3. Unicorn in Flower Border

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Here’s another flower-filled unicorn coloring page. See how beautiful you can make it!

4. Beautiful Unicorn

Isn’t she beautiful? Unicorns have always been widely loved for their beauty and noble natures.

5. Ornamental Unicorn

Here’s another one that will help relieve your stress after a long day of work. Purchase it in the size and style that you want then get busy coloring!

6. Cute Unicorn with Flower Wreath

Here is another pretty unicorn with flower designs. You can print this directly or download it as a PDF file from the site.

7. Fairy & Unicorn

This lovely drawing utilizes simple lines to create a detailed work of art. Coloring it will bring it to life!

8. Unicorn Face

Here’s a super intricate coloring page, if you’re looking for a real challenge. This is a great option for the advanced coloring fanatics out there!

9. Unicorn Scene

Check out these unicorns in a forest scene. Do you think that unicorns live in forests, or in magical realms? Wherever they live, we’re sure it’s a magnificent and wondrous place.

10. Unicorn in Flowers

Here’s another intricate and challenging drawing that will likely take hours to complete. Coloring bliss!

11. Intricate Unicorn Pattern

This one is even more intricate than the last one! If you have a week’s worth of stress to blow off, sit down for an afternoon of coloring and dive into this masterpiece!

12. Princess & Her Unicorn

If you are looking for something to color with your little princess, this page is a great option. It’s not for free, but it is definitely worth the purchase if it can help you spend some quality time with your kiddos.

13. Flying Unicorn

If unicorns were real, do you think they would fly? Let your imagination run wild! Color this flying unicorn exactly how you’ve always envisioned it.

14. Unicorn in the Garden

This unicorn looks like it is enjoying a relaxing afternoon in a garden. We suggest enjoying a relaxing afternoon coloring it!

15. Cute Baby Unicorn on Moon

This is a great coloring page for adults, teens, and even the elderly. The unicorn is cute and the swirling pattern provides a nice challenge.

16. Full Body Unicorn Mandala

This full-body unicorn design is available on Homemade Gifts Made Easy. It’s not for free, but it sure looks fun to color.

17. Geometric Unicorn

How about coloring this unicorn in a geometric pattern? It is unique, detailed, and a lot of fun to color.

Finals Words on Printable Unicorn Coloring Pages for Adults

We hope that you found some unicorn coloring sheets to meet your needs, and that you find some time in your busy schedule to print them out and enjoy them. Even if unicorns aren’t technically real, we can bring them to life in our minds and on our coloring sheets!

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unicorn coloring pages for adults | unicorn coloring pages for adults pdf | unicorn images to print free
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