27 Wolf Coloring Pages for Adults in 2024

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Wolves are fascinating creatures. They are believed to have lived throughout the world and are often used in stories involving fantasy, mythology, and folklore.

They are also thought to symbolize loyalty, family, and friendship and are regarded as naturally good and inherently noble.

If you are a fan of wolves, then this article might be perfect for you. We have gathered 27 wolf coloring pages that are super fun and challenging to color. We have carefully selected those that we think will provide an enjoyable time.

Let’s check them out!

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1. Wild Wolf

First off, we have a mandala wolf from Etsy that is available in either JPG or PDF format. It is pretty affordable and worth the price, since you get it in a high-quality format.

2. Abstract Wolf

This design is quite detailed and will surely get coloring fans excited. The wolf appears to be regal and magnificent—he’s probably the alpha of his pack.

3. Angel Wolf

Here is a she-wolf who’s ready to take on her prey. The whole page is rather detailed, so you will definitely enjoy coloring it.

4. Mandala Wolf

This wolf looks fierce and cunning, and she has doodle images on her fur. For those who like doodles and similar types of designs, this coloring sheet might pique their interest.

5. Fierce Wolf

You can tell from those fierce eyes and glamorous fur that this wolf has royal blood. We are sure you will color it in a beautiful manner deserving of such a magnificent creature.

6. Half-Zen, Half-Real

This is definitely a unique approach to drawing a wolf. You get the chance to color a realistic wolf’s face on the first half, and then a mandala style on the other half.

7. Wolf in a Night Full of Stars

Are you one of those people who finds wolves to be beautiful and fascinating, especially at night? Others might think they are scary, but we don’t. Just look at how beautiful this wolf is while he’s appreciating the moon and the stars.

8. Wolf with Complex Pattern

Here is a wolf with a complex pattern for those who like complicated designs. It is rather difficult to color, so it will keep you busy on a fun afternoon.

9. Wolf with Geometric Pattern

Here is another wolf design with a very intricate style. The design is inspired by geometric patterns.

10. Wolf with Feathers

The designs from Just Color just keep getting more and more complicated! Here is another one that might keep you busy for a while!

11. The Magnificent Wolf

Here is another design from the same creator as the previous entry. If you really like coloring sheets that are complicated and challenging, check out these designs.

12. Wolves in the Mountains

Here is another detailed mandala for you to color. Wolves often live in forests and mountains, so you can imagine that while coloring this page.

13. The Winged Wolf

Have you seen a wolf with wings? Here’s one. She is probably a hybrid—the daughter of a wolf and a phoenix.

14. Full Wolf Mandala

Here is another challenging sheet with a really cool wolf mandala design that will be a blast to color.

15. Wolf with Roses

This wolf with roses all around him looks so handsome that we fell in love with it at first glance. It is also quite intricate, so there is no reason to get bored.

16. Wolf with Swirls

This design is rather complicated, but it isn’t too hard to color. Like many of the other sheets in this collection, this wolf design could make a great wall decoration.

17. Full-Page Wolf Mandala

If you are looking for a full-page mandala, then this is a great option. Take your time while coloring this page and use it as an opportunity to color away your stress and worries.

18. Realistic Wolf

This wolf image from Wildlife-Animals certainly gives off a realistic vibe. You can try coloring it with oil or watercolor to make it look even more lifelike.

19. Wolf in Moonlight Silhouette

We can only imagine how this one will look like when it’s done. If you want to make it look more magical, we suggest using different shades of gray and black to produce a silhouette effect.

20. Wolf Head

If you are looking for something that might take a couple of days to color, this coloring page is a great option. Isn’t it crazy how detailed and intricate it is?

21. Mother Wolf

Isn’t this mother wolf elegant? Moms and daughters might enjoy coloring this page together.

22. Gathering the Pack

Wolves usually gather the pack by howling. This can signal that one wolf needs the whole pack’s support in order to achieve something.

23. A Fierce Wolf

Here is a fierce, scary wolf who is ready to devour its prey. Coloring it is rather involved and will keep you busy all afternoon.

24. Hand-drawn Wolf Head

This image from Shutterstock isn’t free, but it is definitely worth the purchase. You can get it in high-quality JPG format and print it once you have downloaded it.

25. Fantasy Wolf

Here is another image of a fierce wolf who seems to ready to dominate the pack. He’s quite handsome as well. This design is available on Etsy in PDF or JPG format.

26. Grey Wolf

This design is rather easy to color, so it is recommended for adults who are coloring with their kids. It is the perfect sheet for an afternoon full of stories and hot cocoa.

27. Lovely Wolf

If you're looking for something elegant yet wild to color, this lovely wolf might just be what you're looking for.

Final Thoughts on Wolf Coloring Pages for Adults

We hope that this list was able to help you find the best wolf coloring pages for an afternoon of enjoyment. Some of them are for sale, while the others are available for free. Whichever you choose, we hope that you’ll enjoy coloring them with your friends and family.

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