23 Printable Dragon Coloring Pages for Adults

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Do you celebrate Chinese New Year?

If so, then you are probably fond of the dancing dragons that often appear during festivals. You might also be interested in how these dragons relate to the celebration. 

Historians believe that dragons are used during Chinese New Year to scare off evil spirits. Lions are also used, along with loud noises like music and cymbals. 

Dragons are magical, mythical creatures. Whether they are real or not doesn’t matter, because their beauty is what captivates most people.

In this article, we have compiled a list of dragon coloring pages for adults that are good for stress relief and mental relaxation. We have carefully picked ones that we believe will give you a challenging yet satisfying experience. 

Let’s check them out!

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1. Dragon on a Mountain Top

This dragon is from one of our favorite sources, Favoreads, and is available on Etsy. It depicts a mother dragon watching over her eggs and hatchlings. Once you make your purchase, you can have it in JPG and PDF format. 

2. Dragon Circular

The artist named this drawing “Dragon Circular,” probably because its body is curled in a circular form. This is how most Asian dragons look. Speaking of which, the next few coloring pages are mostly Asian-inspired. 

3. Asian Dragon

This Asian dragon seems to be enjoying his time up above the clouds. Dragons are wonderful and mysterious creatures. Have you ever dreamt of living in a place where there are dragons and other magical beasts?

4. Peace Dragon

Not all dragons are vicious. As depicted in many movies, there are those that bring peace and prosperity to humans. Perhaps this dragon is guarding the people that live near her. 

5. Chinese Dragon 1

Epic Dragon Line sheet

This Chinese dragon is available for printing or online coloring. Ask your friends to come over for Chinese New Year and spend the night coloring and bonding. 

6. Chinese Dragon 2

Here is another Chinese dragon that is more intricate than the previous one. You and your friends can color your stress away as you welcome the new year. 

7. Detailed Dragon

This is another detailed coloring page to satisfy your thirst for a challenge. This would make a great decoration on your wall!

8. Five-Headed Dragon

Can you imagine coming across a five-headed dragon in real life? It might take you more than half a day to color this one!

9. Dragon in the Cave

Many dragons live in caves, far away from people. This coloring sheet is perfect for keeping you occupied when you are having a day alone. 

10. The Fire Dragon

They say there are different kinds of dragons, but fire dragons are usually the strongest. Check out this fire dragon for proof!

11. Dragon with a Lamp

First off, check out this lovely dragon carrying a lamp to brighten your night. It looks to us like this dragon has fairy wings, so she is really magical. Get it for free by printing it directly from the site or downloading the JPG version. 

12. Gorgeous Dragon

Here is another dragon from Favoreads, available on a different site. They titled it “Gorgeous Dragon” because, as you can see, it is as beautiful as a strong woman. It is even framed in an intricately designed border.

13. Onyx Herald

This design is from Rachael Mayo of Deviant Art. She actually has a coloring book titled “Dragon Adventures: A Kaleidoscopia Coloring Book,” which is available on Amazon. You can purchase it if you want more dragon coloring pages. 

14. Storm Brewin’

Here is another page from the same artist. Check out her Deviant Art account to get more inspiration for coloring dragons. 

15. Dragon Phoenix

This page is from the same site but a different artist. It was initially designed for a commissioned tattoo but is also available for other types of artists. If you are a mythical creature enthusiast, then you are definitely going to love it. 

16. Chinese Dragon in Clouds

Here is a design for those who are looking for challenging coloring sheets. This dragon looks like those we see on the streets dancing during Chinese New Year. 

17. Scary Dragon

There are beautiful dragons and there are scary ones. This one is in the second category, but we still included it on our list since we’re pretty sure it’s going to be beautiful once you color it. 

18. The Girl and the Dragon

Here is a cute little girl and a baby dragon that is perfect for you and your kids. Ask them to color it with you after reading them a dragon story. 

19. Awesome Chinese Dragon

This awesome Chinese dragon is perfect for the Chinese New Year. You don’t have to be Chinese to celebrate—and you can color this sheet to join on the festivities. 

20. The Brave Girl and the Amazing Dragon

Because dragons usually represent strength, when they are associated with women, it is as if we are acknowledging how strong and tough women can be. 

21. The Goddess and the Dragon

Here is another image of a woman (this time a goddess) and a dragon. In some fantasy communities, it is believed that gods and goddesses borrow the powers of dragons to help control the human world. 

22. Battle Dragon

This image features a huge, armored dragon that seems to be ready for battle. Dragons often help knights at times of war—although other dragons actually battle the human warriors! 

23. Water Dragon

If you have watched Spirited Away (a fun animated movie that is great for the whole family), you probably know that Haku, one of the main characters, is actually a water dragon—just like this one!

Final Thoughts on Dragon Coloring Pages for Adults

Some of these dragon coloring pages are free, while the others are for sale. Whichever you choose, we hope that coloring them can help you relax and unwind. 

Celebrate Chinese New Year with your friends and family while coloring these sheets. What a great chance to bond and discuss this colorful culture!

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