55 Printable Adult Coloring Pages to Enjoy in 2024

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Did you know that coloring is for more than just kids?

Recently, a lot of studies have emerged indicating that coloring can also be a fun activity for adults. It is a great way to release stress and tension, making people healthier and happier. In fact, an article from Beaumont even compared it to meditation as a way of rewiring the brain to achieve peace of mind.

Moreover, coloring is known to improve people’s motor skills and visual abilities. It develops your brain’s logic and creativity ,and also strengthens your focus and concentration. It generally has a lot of mental benefits that adults need to keep their minds and bodies healthy.

In this post, we share with you 55 adult coloring pages you can use to de-stress and relax. While most coloring pages are for kids, there are tons of templates available out there that are suitable for adults.

Some of these coloring pages are simple and easy to complete, while others are more intricate and complex. Even if they seem to be a bit difficult, challenge yourself and see how it feels to finish a piece of art.

Let’s now check our list!

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1. Today, I Choose Joy

Here’s an amazing coloring page from Thaneeya McArdle, the owner of the Art Is Fun blog. She is dedicated to helping people attain happiness through art, and this page is a wonderful example of that. Choose joy today; choose happiness every day.

2. Darling, what if you fly?

This is one of our favorites on this list. It is simple, yet very powerful. As an adult, there are things that we are afraid of trying. But with this coloring printable, we hope that you can take that leap of faith you’ve been considering for so long.

3. Flower-Themed Mandala

This flower-themed mandala has a more complicated structure than the previous pages. It is perfect if you want to relieve some stress or clear your mind for a little while. 

4. Dwell on the Positive

This coloring page is another from Thaneeya McArdle although we found on her personal blog. It has a quote that says “Only dwell on the positive.” McArdle’s goal is to spread happiness through art and colors.

5. Such a Good Day

There is no better way to start your day than by telling yourself that it is going to be a good day. Simply print and color this design and post it somewhere you can always see it.

6. You Are Amazing!

Here’s an amazing coloring printable for an amazing person like you. You can use it as a gift for your amazing friends, family members, or special someone to let them know you appreciate them.

7. Nice Little Town 4

Here’s something cute for the animal lovers out there. Nice Little Town 4 is a coloring book by Tanya Bogema (Stolova). You can purchase the entire collection via Etsy.com.

8. For the Brave Hearts

Lions represent bravery and fearlessness, so we recommend this printable to those who believe that they can be brave. We also suggest it to those who might worry that they lack courage and resolution, as this is a great way to incorporate these values into your life.

9. Lovely Flowers

This is a great option for those who like flowers that are intricately designed. There are so many details that you can color, which makes it a really effective stress-reliever. Check out the page to find other similar designs.

10. Like a Boss!

You are the boss of your own life. No one can dictate what you need to do. Keep that in mind by coloring a poster version of the design above.

11. Cocktail at the Sun

This is a perfect coloring page for early summer. Condition yourself for the warm season by combining all your favorite summer colors in this wonderful artwork.

12. You Can Always Start Over

We really like coloring pages that have quotes and mantras in them, like the one listed here. No matter how much you fall and fail, you can always start over. You have probably experienced pain and suffering a hundred times as an adult, but remember that you can always get up and fight again.

13. House in a Jar

This adorable “house in a jar” template took our breath away. If you check the comments section on Etsy, you will see lots of examples of what it can look like once it is colored. Maybe you can find some ideas to use for your version!

14. 5 Corporation

This artwork is from 5 Corporation, a private preparatory school in Japan. According to 5 Corporation, this design was requested by a client who wants to show that “young children will make a bright future.” We recommend it to parents who want to have fun coloring with their children.

15. Comfort in Coloring

The bathroom depicted in this drawing looks like the most comfortable room in the entire house. You can make it even homier by adding some color!

16. Tree in a House

This wonderful tree-inside-a-house design reminds us of the old-time houses when technology hadn’t been fully developed yet. This is a great option for plant lovers who also love to color.

17. For the Moon Lovers

Nearly everyone agrees that the moon is beautiful, especially during super dark, clear nights. This coloring page is perfect for all the moon lovers out there.

18. Catch those Bad Dreams, Warrior!

Dream catchers are believed to protect young children from nightmares and evil spirits while they sleep—but they are great for adults too. If you are interested in dream catchers, then you will probably find this coloring page fun.

19. Psalm 26:3

Here’s a scripture from Psalm 26:3 about love and kindness. It could be a perfect gift for a religious friend or relative. Likewise, you can use it to remind yourself of what love and kindness really mean when you have a grateful heart.

20. Choose Love

Here’s a coloring page recommendation that is full of love. You can post it on your wall or send it as a gift to your loved ones.

21. Hey, Dragon Lover!

Yet another symbol of strength and bravery, this is a coloring page for those who love dragons and adventures. It has many intricate details that adults will surely enjoy coloring.

22. Mother & Child

Check out this mother and child coloring template dedicated to all the mothers out there who are willing to do anything for their kids.

23. The Goddess of Seasons

For those who like coloring complex, beautiful artworks, we recommend checking out this template. The details are so intricate that you will likely find yourself getting lost in the coloring process.

24. Beauty and Nature

Here is another sophisticated work of art that is perfect for coloring. It is an illustration created by Edward Ramos, and is available at JustColor.net. There are other really beautiful designs available on this site as well. 

25. Quirky Clocks

Time is valuable, especially when you’re an adult. There are a lot of things to think about and consider, but you need to make sure that you always get the rest and “me time” that you deserve. Here’s a clock-inspired template to help you keep that in mind.

26. Sister Love

Here is a perfect gift for ladies who have sisters, or who share a deep, sisterly bond with their best friends. Print out two copies and color them together, giving each your own personal touch.

27. Love in Details

The designer clearly called this picture “Love in Details” because the word “love” is surrounded by a lot of intricate designs, including hearts, love birds, butterflies, and flowers. It would probably make a great gift for your special someone once you’re done coloring it.

28. A Night Out

Here is another complicated and detailed coloring page. Imagine finishing this and being able to hang your masterpiece on the wall. It will surely bring you a feeling of gratification and happiness.

29. Cityscapes

Abi Daker, the creator of this design, is a master in creating detailed drawings of panoramic views and cityscapes. While her designs are intended to be linear and grayscale, you can always add some colors to make them look livelier. Either way, her drawings are exceptional.

30. Asura and Ramen Break

Here’s a detailed picture that depicts life in the busiest parts of the world. The designer named it “Asura and Ramen Break,” as it features a girl (Asura) sitting and eating ramen with her friends. It looks like such a satisfying picture to color!

31. Love You Forever

Wouldn’t it be sweet to hear your partner say these words? We’re pretty sure that they’d like to hear you say these words from you as well. Better yet, you can brighten your partner’s world with your love by coloring this page!

32. Phoenix Coloring Page

The phoenix symbolizes a lot of things, including hope, rebirth, solitude, grace, and resurrection. This is because the famous bird is known to rise from the ashes after it dies and burns. If you identify with the phoenix—if you are someone who has fought countless battles, but keeps on coming back—then this page is for you.

33. Swing with Nature

Check out this lovely artwork from Christian Book. It is perfect for those yearning for some peace and quiet.

34. Love under the Umbrella

Here’s another sweet and sincere coloring page for all the couples out there. You can either use it as a gift to give to your special someone or you can ask them to join you while coloring it. Coloring together can be a fun way to bond without having to go outside.

35. City Life

This is a perfect fit for those who are fond of lines and buildings. It may seem quite difficult at first, but we are pretty sure that with the right amount of patience and imagination, you will be able to produce a great masterpiece. There are also other artworks available from the same designer. You can check out the source link for more.

36. Butterfly in Elegance

We believe you deserve the elegance of this beautiful butterfly. See those perfectly drawn curls and lines? It might take some effort to color this page, but it will be well worth it.

37. Tale as Old as Time

Here is another gorgeous page for our Beauty and the Beast lovers. Remember that first scene of the rose in the stained glass? You might want to add a twist to your coloring and use the same style.

38. Farm Life

Have you ever experienced farm life? If not, color this page and imagine yourself living on a farm, where all of nature’s gifts reside. Such a peaceful feeling!

39. Thanksgiving Doodle

For those who like doodles, you might enjoy this coloring template. There is no doubt that it will keep you busy, especially on Thanksgiving!

For more Thanksgiving coloring pages, check this post.

40. Have Courage & Be Kind

If your favorite Disney princess is Cinderella but you are too old for coloring pages for kids, you might enjoy this page instead. It is quite simple, but still elegant, and perfectly represents one of our favorite princesses.

41. Lovely Dreamcatcher

Here’s to catching your dreams and filtering out your nightmares. This lovely dreamcatcher has a pretty simple design, but we like how its feathers and threads are perfectly lined up.

42. World of Doctor Who

If you are a fan of Doctor Who, you will surely enjoy this coloring page. Travel through time and space with your coloring skills!

43. Peeks in Feathers

Here’s another intricate design that includes flowers and feathers. We are sure you will enjoy coloring those swirls and spaces.

44. Take More Chances

We know that some of you love coloring pages with quotes and thought that this one could be a perfect wall decoration in your room. You can also use it as a gift card to your friends.

45. Beautiful Horse Mandala

We suggest using different colors to turn this horse into a magical animal. It even has a frame to make the whole design more beautiful.

46. Happy Birthday!

Is a friend celebrating their birthday? If so, why not take this chance to make your gift a bit more personal? Print out this page and make a birthday card for them.

47. Surfboard Mandala

Looking forward to summer? Print out this surfboard mandala and color it while you wait. Time will pass faster than you can notice!

Check this post for more summer coloring pages.

48. Flower Outlines

We really like this flower coloring page. It is super intricate and involved, even though it features images of something that is simple and beautiful—flowers!

49. Message in a Bottle

Ever wondered what those messages in a bottle say? Here’s a coloring page for you to enjoy while you try to figure it out. You could even write your own message on the back of this coloring page and put it into a bottle yourself!

50. Under the Sea

If you can’t get enough of the sea, there’s another template to keep you busy. This page is great for scuba divers because they exactly what colors to use.

51. Magical Cat

Animals are special, and cats are especially magical. Here’s a cat with wings that will take you to a fantasy land. The drawing is pretty detailed, and we are sure you are going to love it.

52. Skull Mandala

Check out the skull at the center of this mandala. It has so many small details and will surely keep you wanting to color more. Take inspiration from Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead), a Spanish holiday where they celebrate the legacy of deceased loved ones.

53. Tattooed Girl

Are you thinking about getting inked? Perhaps you want a design like this. But first, color this page to see how good it will look!

54. Mermaid Queen

This mermaid queen has the most magnificent tail. Make sure to use fancy, vibrant, elegant colors to help her shine.

55. Intricate Lace Pattern

We saw this design and immediately thought you deserve to color it. If you are coloring to destress, this pattern is the perfect choice. Dive in and watch your worries drift away.

Final Thoughts on Adult Coloring Pages

As you can see from the list above, adults can enjoy coloring as much as children. And this list only scratches the surface of the thousands of beautiful illustrations available on the Internet.

We hope that this list has inspired you to enjoy coloring. Whenever you feel stressed or overwhelmed, just grab your crayons or colored pens and release all the tension. Breathe, relax, and color your world with happiness!

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