25 Fun Mindfulness Activities for Kindergartners & Preschoolers

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We all know that mindfulness can be scarce these days, with so many distractions and technology taking up the time we have when we can be mindful.

But mindfulness is important for kids of all ages and backgrounds, especially in this age of technology and overstimulation. It helps them learn how to deal with their feelings and emotions positively.

In this article, we will discuss some mindfulness activities for kindergarteners that you can do at home or in the classroom.

25 Mindfulness Activities for Kindergarten

Mindful activities are significant for building self-awareness, concentration, emotional intelligence, coping skills, empathy and more!

Learning these skills when kids are young sets them up for success throughout their lives, not just the immediate scenario you’re addressing.

Mindfulness activities for kindergarten kids are a fantastic way to help your child build confidence and be more mindful of their actions and thoughts.

1. Taking Deep Breaths

Practicing mindful mediation can be helpful, even in as young as preschool-aged children.

Try having them focus on their breath going in and out of their nose while using calming music or nature sounds as background noise. This activity will help kids feel calm and be more aware of their thoughts and actions.

2. Stop and Wiggle

Get the kids to stop in their tracks when they feel anxious, excited, or frustrated.

Ask them to breathe in deeply and then let it out slowly while shaking their arms and legs for a moment (like they’re making snow angels). This activity will help them calm down so that they can work through their feelings healthily.

3. Mindful Listening

Give each child their own mindfulness bell and ask them to ring it whenever they need some quiet time, or just want the class to be silent for a moment.

Before you start your mindfulness lesson, let everyone practice ringing the bells so that they will know what sound it makes when someone needs time to reflect.

4. Mindful Thoughts

Ask the kids to sit in a circle and give each of them an object like a stone, stick, or ball (not too big).

Let everyone hold this toy for one minute while they focus on sitting still and concentrating on their breathing. Here, it’s good to teach them that even in their thoughts, they need to be mindful of how they think about certain situations and people.

5. Jack be Nimble

Play games during your mindfulness sessions with the kids.

One fun game is called “Jack be nimble, Jack be quick” where you get them to walk around in a circle while they focus on their breathing and try not to bump into anyone or anything.

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Play games during your mindfulness sessions with the kids.

This also gives them the ability to think quickly on their feet and adapt to situations easily in a way that is kind and mindful of those around them.

6. Self-Portraits

Take some time during mindfulness activities for kindergarteners each week to have the kids draw self-portraits.

This art activity will help them get in touch with their emotions and teach them how to express themselves creatively! Kids can paint how they think of themselves and those around them while concentrating on an activity that stimulates the mind.

7. Dance Party

Turn on some soothing music for mindfulness activities for kindergarteners, like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” or something relaxing from your favorite yoga playlist.

Play games while the kids dance, like making them do a pose every time you change songs. This will help them be more aware of their surroundings and other people in their space while providing movement and stimulation.

8. Sensory Bottles

Sensory bottles for kindergarteners can be done in small groups or even individually!

Fill a glass bottle with rice and add different objects from around your house to make patterns on top of it (like buttons, sequins, glitter and more). Let the kids shake the bottles until they’re calm or focused.

9. Mindfulness Rocks

Fill a jar with rocks that have different feelings on them like “calm,” “happiness,” “peaceful” and others.

Each time kindergarteners feel a certain way, they can select a mindfulness rock from the jar and think about what it means. In doing this, you’re asking them to reflect on how they feel. Encourage them to think about how they’re feeling and how it could impact others around them.

10. Art

Art is a great class project! Ask the kids to draw what mindfulness looks like to them and then hang their artwork on your wall after it dries.

You could even have an art contest where each child gets a prize for drawings that speak the most to mindfulness and how important it is! Encourage them to think about what they’re drawing and why they feel that way.

11. Muscle Relaxation

Most of us, including kids, aren’t always aware of the muscles in our body and how they feel or move.

Practice this with kids to teach them when to know their body is stressed or tense. This will teach them how to tense and relax their muscles while being mindful of themselves. Self-awareness is key to this activity.

12. Glitter Jars

Take a mason jar and try filling it with water, glitter, and other various objects.

This is a great tool for those kids who need a physical outlet when overstimulated or upset. This is also a craft project you can do with them to keep them occupied. The finished product is something they’ll be proud of and gain confidence in building coping and mindfulness tools.

13. Quiet Time

Quiet time should help those who are feeling overstimulated, needing time to think, or time to be more mindful of themselves.

This gives them the opportunity to de-stress and refocus on what matters most. This also helps children take stock of how they’re feeling both physically and mentally and process them with the time allotted.

14. S.T.O.P.

Teach children the STOP method of mindfulness; Stop, Take a breath, Observe, Proceed. In this process, they’re being taught to make sure they think before they act, being more mindful than they are in the moment and reacting instead of acting.

15. Gratitude

When children learn to appreciate what they have and those around them, it fosters a calm in them, and they’ll find they’re more satisfied with their lives. Try thankfulness exercises to practice this. Thankfulness isn’t just for Thanksgiving!

16. Meditation

Meditation is great for kindergarteners, helping them reflect their inner being and the outside world.

mindfulness activities | mindfulness activities for elementary students | 5 minute mindfulness activities
Meditation is great for kindergarteners, helping them reflect their inner being and the outside world.

Try different meditations to help set your group up with mindfulness skills, focusing inwards instead of outwards, which can be difficult when you have so much going on around you.

17. Make a Mind Jar

We also refer to a mindfulness jar to as an “anger jar.”

Fill the bottle with slips of paper and have children write or draw what makes them upset. Then, they’re instructed to put it in the jar. Once their anger has settled, you can discuss how mindfulness helped them gain control of themselves by refocusing their attention.

18. Mindful Eating

Model mindfulness in the way you eat by being aware of your food and how it makes you feel. You can do this anytime, not just at mealtime!

Watching TV or playing games while eating is a splendid example for kids not eating mindfully because they’re so engrossed with what’s going on around them, they aren’t aware of what’s going in their mouths. Practice this not only on yourself, but with them as well. Being an excellent role model in this activity is key.

19. Coloring Book

Perfect for kindergarteners! Coloring books have plenty to help with mindfulness and show kids how easy it can be when you make time, even if it’s simply a few minutes each day to draw and color.

Depending on how much time they have to devote, this may become a favorite activity and a way to appreciate the time they have for such activities.

20. Talk it Out

Sometimes mindfulness is as easy as taking a few minutes to talk with your kindergartener.

They may feel overwhelmed by all they have going on, so it’s important to take time with them and see how mindfulness can help them relax and focus better. Talking it out can often have them find solutions on their own and improve their speaking and critical thinking skills.

21. Nature Walk

Take a walk outside and let mindfulness come naturally. You can talk about mindfulness and what it means to them as you walk.

This is an effective way for kindergartens to practice mindfulness by simply enjoying the outside world around them, taking in all kinds of sounds and smells they may not be aware of otherwise!

22. Pranayama

Pranayama breathing techniques are simple to learn and helpful for mindfulness. One of the best ways you can help your kindergartener is by teaching them how to breathe better, which pranayama does! This helps with focus and awakening their senses.

23. Yoga

Kindergartners can do yoga! This mindfulness activity does wonders for them and gives an exercise routine they can follow to help relieve stress.

Yoga is another mindfulness practice that helps kids become more aware of their bodies, which leads to becoming mindful overall and feeling better about themselves.

24. Mindfulness Bracelets

Send home bracelets with your kindergarteners so parents can encourage mindfulness as well, at home! Kids love wearing a bracelet around reminding them what mindfulness means and how important it is.

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Parents can also help mindfulness when they notice their children have been doing activities and rewarding them or simply being mindful of what’s going on with their own lives and how to best support your child during the day.

25. Hula Hoop

Kids love playing games! Mindfulness isn’t only about teaching kids mindfulness, it’s also about letting them have fun in their activities!

Hula hooping gives your kindergartener an activity that they can do just by themselves or with others. This mindful practice helps children focus on the task at hand without giving into distractions around them.

Final Thoughts on Mindfulness Activities for Kindergarteners

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of mindful activities and fun things to do at home with kids. Feel free to give feedback about what your favorite is by sharing in the comments below.

Remember, mindfulness doesn’t always need to be sitting cross-legged on the floor for 45 minutes; it’s about finding brief moments throughout your day where you’re present and aware of yourself and others around you.

Be sure to take advantage of these opportunities when they come up because there are so many activities for kindergarteners available to you. Helping them develop the necessary skills and develop emotionally is the goal, and one you’ll enjoy achieving with them.

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