81 Positive Words of Affirmations for Kids

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Building your children up with positive affirmations is a great way to show them you care. 

Think about it. Don't you enjoy when you hear something positive, especially when it's about or for you and it builds your confidence? Your kids enjoy this as well, and this is why you should always do your best to lift your children up with positive affirmations.

If you want, you can use the list of positive affirmations for children found below as a gentle reminder and guide to keeping your children full of hope, confidence, and inspiration. You can share one a day or as many as you like.

The first 25 affirmations are meant to serve as direct quotes from you to the child to increase confidence and courage. Numbers 26 through 51 can be said by your child as a personal affirmation to boost confidence. The final 30 affirmations are simpler affirmations that will be perfect younger children.

Positive Affirmations to Say to Your Kids

  1. Today is a new day. You can only learn from yesterday. And tomorrow never really comes, so today is the day to do what you need to do to get the life you want.
  2. It's never too late to say sorry and never too soon to think about the things you're sorry for. Knowing what you're sorry about and making proper changes is the best thing you can do in life.
  3. You are a bright star that never stops shining.
  4. There are many roads in life that all lead to the same destination. If you ever get lost, ask yourself where you're heading.
  5. Your confidence will take shape in many forms, so look around for the things you're grateful for any time you lose your confidence.
  6. It's not every day you are faced with large decisions, but every day does have little decisions to make. You are making the right ones.
  7. You can always come to me with any victory or battle. If you haven't yet fought a battle, I will fight it with you.
  8. You have shown this family so much about how not to give up.
Positive Affirmations for Kids - You have shown this family so much about how not to give up. | positive affirmations for kids | positive affirmations for students | list of positive affirmations for students
  1. You are the reason I choose what I choose in life because choosing you is the only thing that matters.
  2. In a chaotic world, you have to look above the chaos into yourself and no one can do that better than you.
  3. Always take the time to understand this: Your thoughts matter.
  4. What you think is based on what you think you know and it's okay to not know everything.
  5. It's okay to lose as long as you learn.
  6. Your perception of life dictates everything.
  7. You have the ability to do far more than you realize and you will never realize everything. You will always have the ability to do more, be more, love more, and forgive more.
  8. Confidence can be found in every act you perform.
  9. Don't let the loss of something ever make you think that you've lost everything. You can never lose everything. Some things are yours and only yours.
  10. Life was given to you for a reason so live it confidently.
  11. Not everything is about you, but you should carefully consider everything when making choices.
  12. Staying in your own lane isn't meant to be remembered only when driving. You are traveling on a road through life and staying in your own lane is crucial to keeping peace.
  13. You have more confidence deep inside of you.
Positive Affirmations for Kids - You have more confidence deep inside of you. | positive affirmations for students pdf | positive affirmations for babies | words of affirmation for kids
  1. You lack nothing.
  2. Your ideas change the world.
  3. I have watched you become confident your whole life.
  4. My love for you is with you at all times.

Child Affirmations to Build Self-Esteem & Confidence

  1. I was born to accomplish things. Some of them will be great things, some of them will be boring, and some of them will change the world.
  2. I have confidence inside of me that has not yet been tapped into.
  3. My confidence is not meant to boost my perception of power.
  4. Confidence can be found in others, but mine cannot come from theirs. I have to create my own.
  5. I can show confidence but I can't share it. It's mine and no one can take it from me.
Positive Affirmations for Kids - I can show confidence but I can't share it. It's mine and no one can take it from me. | affirmation child development | 200 positive affirmations for kids | positive affirmations for parents
  1. I am the only person that can truly give away confidence and turn it into nothing. And once it becomes nothing, I am the only person who can create more.
  2. This life I see is my reality. Time goes on forever, so it doesn't really exist, but my life does according to the confidence I have in my reality.
  3. Every word I speak or write will impact me.
  4. Every choice I make matters.
  5. All the thoughts in my head are based on what I think I know. By tapping into a higher power source, I can know more, which allows me to raise my thoughts in light of what I think I know now.
  6. Looking inside is one of the best ways to build confidence.
  7. I have more than I could ever imagine and my confidence has no reason to wither like the lillies in the field.
  8. I will always be setting an example to someone.
Positive Affirmations for Kids - I will always be setting an example to someone. | little kid affirmations | positive affirmations for your children | affirmation for children
  1. Every interaction I have with someone else is an opportunity to create an example of leadership.
  2. I am a leader of someone even if I don't know they are watching me.
  3. Being a good leader starts with having someone to follow.
  4. You can lead without power but you can't lead without confidence.
  5. No one will ever know everything I do except me.
  6. It's okay for me to feel lost as long as I admit it to myself, but having someone help me find my way to where I'm going is always priceless.
  7. I have too many people who care for me to ever feel like I don't have anyone to talk to.
  8. I am here to do what I came to do, which is to create a life of peace.
  9. Confidence and peace within myself go hand in hand.
Positive Affirmations for Kids - Confidence and peace within myself go hand in hand. | affirmations for 3-year-old | positive affirmations to tell your child | positive affirmations for children
  1. True peace can only be found when I am truly confident I have found it.
  2. What I do not know cannot hurt me.
  3. There's never a good enough reason to quit learning.
  4. Today is the day I will prepare for tomorrow.

Simple Positive Affirmations for Kids

The strongest affirmations for kids are often the simplest ones. They are easy to remember and have a greater impact.

These simple affirmations are all acts of positive thinking from your child. They will help your child to overcome challenges, manage stress, learn to love learning, and make better choices.

Your kids can use this positive affirmation list by reading the words aloud or by discussing how these attitudes can help them in their lives. I recommend you have your child go over about 10 affirmations daily.

simple affirmations for kids | list of positive affirmations for students | words of affirmation for kids
  1. I am a good friend.
  2. I am helpful. I help with family chores.
  3. I want to be a better person every day.
  4. My teachers like me. They want to help me learn interesting and useful things.
  5. I am proud of myself.
  6. I care about others.
  7. I love learning new things. Every day I become smarter.
  8. I am fun to be with.
  9. I am trustworthy
  10. I like to share the things I have.
  11. I am special.
  12. I am grateful for the good things in my life.
  13. I am generous.
  14. I respect the opinions of others
  15. I am mindful.
  16. Today is a great day.
  17. I enjoy new adventures.
  18. I am generous.
  19. I have many gifts and talents.
  20. I am brave.
  21. I love trying new things.
  22. My family loves me exactly the way I am
  23. I am patient.
  24. I am unique. No one else is quite like me.
Simple Affirmations for Kids - I am unique. No one else is quite like me. | kids affirmation | affirmations for my child | childrens affirmation
  1. I am a good brother/sister.
  2. I am going to be happy today.
  3. I am a kind person. I care about others.
  4. I always try my best.
  5. I will pick up after myself.
  6. Good things will happen in my life.

Final Thoughts on Positive Affirmations for Kids

Make sure to share the positive affirmations for kids listed above with your own children. You can also share them with friends and family members who have kids of their own. If we lift up our children, we lift up not only our future but theirs as well.

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