11 Kindness Challenge Ideas and Printables for 2024

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Wanting to do a kindness challenge, but don’t know where to begin? We can get you started!

If there is one very important value that people ought to learn, it’s kindness. Being kind is not just about helping other people. It’s also about helping yourself become a better person—it’s about doing something that can make you feel a lot healthier and happier.

It’s no wonder why various kindness challenges have emerged lately. Several groups and organizations are using this tool to teach kids (and even adults!) ways to be kind and compassionate towards others.

The original kindness challenge was initiated by Kids for Peace through a project called “The Great Kindness Challenge.” It is a free program intended for children in school to practice being kind toward their teachers, school authorities, and fellow students.

The goal of the project is to instill kindness in children until it becomes a habit. The original developers envisioned that, through this challenge, children would develop a sense of purpose and gratitude. By performing simple acts of kindness, they could become instruments of peace for a healthier, happier community.

As time went by, other schools and organizations devised their own kindness challenges. This became an entire movement to make the world a better place.

In this article, we provide a list of ideas, templates, and printables you can use to start your own kindness challenge. You can check them all out and combine the ideas to create a unique project of your own, or you can simply pick one and follow what’s written.

Let’s check them out!

1. Kids Kindness Challenge

Natural Beach Living aims to teach children that spreading kindness can be a wonderful way to make people feel good and happy. According to the site, the whole point of the challenge is to “promote kindness” and “make someone smile and feel good with a small act.” They created this kindness challenge printable as a guide for parents who’d like to teach their children how to be kind and understanding.

You can download this printable directly from their site. Pick one action each day and help your kids accomplish it. Before doing the challenge, you can also sit down with your kid and explain how such a simple act can turn people into happier and better human beings.

2. 28 Days of Kindness Challenge

When you log onto the site, don’t mind the word “February,” because this challenge can be done during any month of the year. You can add two to three more ideas to turn it into a whole month of challenges, or you can keep it as is and simply do the included acts of kindness for 28 days.

The deeds in this challenge are designed for adults, but children can also join in. For instance, kids can write notes of gratitude or say hello and give compliments to strangers. When going to the grocery store, they can help the workers by returning the carts you used in front of the store.

3. 100 Acts of Kindness Challenge

This idea is from a 2015 event by Toddler Approved in cooperation with Coffee Cups & Crayons. It aims to help children practice small acts of kindness in their homes, neighborhoods, schools, and communities. It aims to teach children that anyone can make a difference by spreading the value of kindness.

Though the event was in 2015, the deeds in this challenge are timeless. You can use them today and in the future as a reference to instill kindness in children. You can also use them for yourself if you want to take on the challenge.

4. Kindness Checklist for Adults

Ripple is an organization that focuses on creating projects that empower individuals to live more meaningful and happier lives. Most of their projects revolve around sharing and spreading kindness all over the world through small acts that make a difference. One of their major developments is the creation of a school curriculum for universities and institutions.

This school curriculum includes kindness challenges for different types of people. In this item, we find a kindness checklist for adults, which is divided into four categories: kindness to others, kindness to yourself, low-cost kindness, and kindness with kids. This item is only one of the thousands of printables that the site offers. 

5. Kindness Challenge for Mom

Inspired by the book from Shaunti Feldhahn entitled “The Kindness Challenge,” this printable kindness challenge was created by the mothers behind iMom for their fellow moms. Like Feldhahn, they believe that a simple act of kindness can significantly improve any mother’s relationship with her children. After all, children are usually closest to their parents, so who can teach them life’s most valuable lessons better than Mom and Dad?

In this challenge, there are three things you need to do every day with your child. First, don’t say any negative thing to them or about them. Second, praise them for one positive thing that they have done. Third, do a simple act of kindness for them. This template can give you some ideas on how to go through the three phases with your child, so make sure to check it out before starting the challenge.

6. Family Acts of Kindness

What we really love about this kindness challenge printable is that it is divided into several different categories. For instance, there are lists of kind acts you can do in five minutes, in an hour, and in a few hours. There are also daily challenges, monthly challenges, and holiday challenges you can try out with the whole clan.

It is called “Family Acts of Kindness” because these are acts of kindness you can practice not just by yourself, but with the people you value and love the most. If you are looking for more ideas, you can visit the site and check out their other printables.

7. School Holiday Kindness Challenge

We really like this Kindness Challenge printable from Spectrum Education because of the way it is divided into such wonderful categories—to self, to family, to others, and to the planet. It teaches children that kindness should not be limited to people only, but also to other things like our environment.

We also like how colorful and engaging it is. You can get a copy of it directly from the site, as link leads you to a PDF file that is free to download and print. There are 32 acts of kindness, you can choose from and you can practice one or more each day. You can include your own ideas as well.

8. 30-Day Acts of Kindness

The 30-Day Acts of Kindness by Moritz Fine Designs is designed for parents who’d like to teach their kids the value of kindness. Creator Heather Moritz believes that parents play a big role in influencing their children. Kids usually follow what older people (especially their family members) do. Hence, if you show them how to be kind even in the simplest of ways, they will grow up to be kind people!

There are more than 50 acts of kindness included in this printable. Every day, choose one item that you can do with your child. Put a checkmark next to every item you complete. You don’t need to follow the numbered list—instead, you can pick randomly, or choose any item you think may be appropriate for the day.

9. 100 Random Acts of Kindness

If you are looking for “more” ideas for your kindness challenge, we recommend you check out this list from Boone County Schools and SchoolPointe Inc. There are 100 acts included here so you have lots of things to choose from every day. Put a checkmark next to or cross out every item you finish.

Most of the ideas in this challenge are for adults and teens, but small kids can also participate with guidance from their parents. Some of the items that children can accomplish include saying “Have a nice day” to everyone, saying “Sorry” when there is a need to, and saying “Thank you” to show gratitude and appreciation.

10. #CRAK 40-Day Challenge

Amy Polley is the designer and creator of this wonderful 40-day kindness challenge, and CRAK stands for Christian Random Acts of Kindness. However, anyone who wants to use it may do so, regardless of religion, as long as they have a sincere desire to be kind.

Although the challenge was initiated during the Lenten season of 2013, it can be done at anytime, anywhere, without conditions. After all, any time is a good time for kindness.

11. The Great Kindness Challenge

As mentioned earlier, The Great Kindness Challenge is the event that actually started the whole kindness challenge movement. Presented by Kids for Peace, it has grown into a revolutionary movement that aims to reach as many people as possible. The goal of the organization is to challenge kids and adults alike to perform as many good deeds as they can in one day.

Don’t feel pressured, however, to finish everything in a day. This list just serves as a guide on your journey of spreading kindness, positivity, and happiness. Take it slow, one day at a time—do one random kind deed to someone and see where this cycle takes you. We’re pretty sure that it will lead you to a happier and more meaningful life.

Final Words on Kindness

Kindness is contagious. When you do something good for a person, that person will be inspired to do the same thing for others. 

We hope that the kindness ideas we have presented above help you become more inspired and motivated in starting your own kindness challenge. If you want to make everything more fun and interesting, we suggest involving your children and other members of the family too!

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