23 Famous Fictional Characters with ENTP Personality

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Are you an extroverted, intuitive, and very cerebral person who loves to take in all the stimuli of the world? Chances are that you’re an ENTP personality type of person.

You are unusual among your peers, and you always jump at the chance to debate issues you become aware of, even though you tend to think instead of do. 

Watching or reading about fictional characters ENTP in books, TV shows, movies, and more is often how we see ourselves—through the eyes of fictional people who are inventors, highly creative, and charismatic in how they think and see the world. 

Who is your favorite ENTP fictional character that you enjoy seeing and thinking about, and what have you learned from them? Time to flip the channel and find out why ENTP characters are so entertaining.

What Is an ENTP Personality Type? 

The ENTP personality type is one of the 16 personality types identified by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers. ENTP is an acronym that stands for extroverted (E), intuitive (N), thinking (T), and perceiving (P). 

Interestingly, ENTP personalities are also quite rare, accounting for 5-10% of the population. Other rare personality types are INFJ, INTJ, and ENFJ. 

All the personality types on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) have “nicknames.” People with an ENTP personality are commonly called the debater, the innovator, and the visionary.

David Keirsey, a psychologist, calls ENTPs rational inventors. Diving deeper into this personality type reveals how apt these nicknames really are. 

ENTPs are expressive (thanks to their extroverted nature), clever, and innovative. They are more thinkers than doers since they are more interested in creating ideas than in the nitty-gritty details of actioning these. 

People with this personality trait remind me of those in high government positions where they think of ideas like it’s going out of fashion but actualizing their ideas never happens.

Like the other personality types, ENTPs are characterized by their cognitive functions (intuition, sensing, feeling, and thinking), which they direct outward or inward

The dominant cognitive function of an ENTP is extroverted intuition, meaning they are open-minded, like to gather information and connect the dots, and come up with exciting new ideas.

The auxiliary function is introverted thinking, which explains why a person with ENTP characteristics likes to think so much

The tertiary function is extroverted feeling, so an ENTP can be a social charmer but they can also be quite aloof, insensitive, and unkind. Lastly, the inferior function is introverted sensing, meaning that ENTPs look back at the past to understand the present and future. 

The main strengths of ENTPs are that they are: 

  • Great conversationalists who enjoy verbal sparring 
  • Values knowledge 
  • Innovative 
  • Creative 
  • Playful sense of humor 
  • Quick thinkers 
  • Energetic 
  • Charismatic

Some of the weaknesses of this personality type include that they can be quite argumentative, insensitive, unfocused, intolerant, easily bored, and dislike practical matters. They can also be quite rebellious

Before I look at famous fictional ENTP characters, here are real people with an ENTP personality

  • Alfred “Weird Al” Yankovic 
  • Sarah Silverman 
  • Mark Twain 
  • Tom Hanks 
  • Thomas Edison 
  • Céline Dion 
  • Sacha Baron Cohen 
  • Walt Disney 
  • Alexander the Great 
  • John Adams 
  • Julia Child

23 Famous Fictional ENTP Characters 

Here are some of the most famous ENTP fictional characters: 

1. Tony Stark, Iron Man 

The ENTP character of Tony Stark is a typical extroverted thinker who is secretly introverted about his real feelings. He puts on a bravado that is meant to keep the world from seeing him, and his quirky humor helps him hide the deep pain his past has carved in his life.

As a true ENTP, he invents new gadgets and dreams of saving the world with his grand schemes (like his free energy initiatives).

When a debate arises, he is first in line to argue his views, but he’s not very practical and seems to lack an understanding of the real value of things.

Part of his facade is being a charismatic leader who uses his knowledge and ability to think deeply to tackle world challenges, making him single-minded and often insensitive to others. 

2. Chandler Bing, Friends 

Chandler Bing from Friends is probably one of the most famous fictional characters in TV history, and he has an ENTP personality.

Chandler is known for his dry and sarcastic humor, which especially comes out to play in uncomfortable situations. 

What also makes Chandler an ENTP is that he is open to trying new things and has an ability to adapt well. Think of when Chandler changed his career to work in advertising? 

This character is also a good problem-solver and a creative one, fitting of an ENTP person. 

3. Mia Wallace, Pulp Fiction 

The unhealthy side of ENTPs is clearly shown in the Mia Wallace character, who is completely insensitive to the needs of others or the consequences of her impulsive actions. She’s a typical thrill-seeking ENTP who is easily bored with events and people. 

Conversations with Mia is like catching rabbits as she’s always hopping between topics, seeming to lack the ability to focus on meaningful matters.

She lacks empathy and her verbal sparring can easily turn to insensitivity and intolerance of others. 

Mia tries to make sense of things by grouping things and people randomly in her mind, but this leads to twisted knowledge and her energies become destructive.

4. Number Four (aka Klaus Hargreeves), The Umbrella Academy 

Klaus Hargreeves, or Number Four, in The Umbrella Academy is a really fun ENTP character. He is always ready for a party and loves being surrounded by people, and this makes sense considering how outgoing and extroverted he is. 

Number Four is highly intelligent and humorous, always ready with a comeback or quick-witted observation. Like other ENTPs, Klaus loves a good debate and engaging in an argument, and don’t worry, Klaus will most definitely speak his mind. 

5. The Joker, Batman: The Dark Knight

ENTP characters can easily become villains (or twisted heroes), and the Joker from The Dark Knight is an ideal example of this.

The Joker is a true “agent of chaos,” and he embodies this in horrifying creativity and dark thinking that seems out of touch with reality. 

The Joker’s intuitions lead him to do terrible things to people with almost no sense in why he does these things. His skills at debating his thoughts and beliefs are so successful that he even turns the “white knight” to evil. 

Acting as a charismatic leader, the Joker drives toward his goals with a restless energy that stirs people up, even though he may come across as someone who can’t keep an idea in his mind.

6. Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 

The classic character of Willy Wonka is an embodiment of creativity and a lack of practicality all rolled up into one super sweet candy bar.

His charismatic way of thinking about the possibilities of the world helps him innovate and intuit who to trust with his plans and who to avoid. 

He seems immune to criticism, and his creative spirit and oddball humor are perfect examples of the extroverted intuition of an ENTP character as he is open minded, but his introverted feelings ultimately drive him to find ambiguous ways to search for resolution of his frustrations with “a little nonsense now and then.” 

7. Amelia Shepherd, Grey’s Anatomy & Private Practice 

Amelia Shepherd, McDreamy’s little sister, in Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice is an ENTP. She is confident, funny, and all over the place. Amelia likes to come up with new ideas, becoming starry-eyed at the potential of these. 

Amelia can be impulsive, acting before thinking things through carefully like when she and Owen became co-parents to Leo (her son) and Betty. While she is one of the most flawed characters, she lives her life as authentically as she can. 

8. Jack Skellington, The Nightmare Before Christmas 

Jack Skellington from the 1993 movie The Nightmare Before Christmas has an ENTP personality. He is a tragic hero, desiring to feel complete and yearning for the other side of life (Jack is dead and skeleton, after all).

Like many ENTPs, Jack is impulsive, and his selfish decisions nearly cause the destruction of himself and Christmas. 

Luckily, Jack is willing to fix his mistakes. He loves learning new things and possibilities, and that’s why Jack dives deep into Christmas and its meaning to understand what the holiday is about. 

9. Jimmy McGill (aka Saul Goodman), Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul 

Jimmy McGill or Saul Goodman, as he is also known, is a fictional character ENTP. He is intelligent, thinks outside the box, and is able to get himself (and his clients since he is a lawyer) out of sticky situations. He is the guy who always has a plan

You won’t be surprised that he is kind of a con-artist to find clients, and that speaks to the rebellious, rule-breaking nature of a typical ENTP. 

Like other ENTPs, Jimmy uses humor to diffuse tense situations, and he loves to debate, so his career path as a lawyer fits him perfectly.

10. Alex DeLarge, A Clockwork Orange 

ENTP characters can easily become a force of darkness when they turn their natural talents to satisfying their impulses with no regard for authority and lack a moral compass.

Since they are resourceful and very creative, ENTP characters like Alex DeLarge can easily typify as psychopathic. 

Alex is a classic example of a bad ENTP character who is dangerous, unpredictable, impulsive, and lacking in any thought of how his actions influence others. For Alex, people are like toys, and he recklessly abuses them for the fun of it. 

11. Dr Emmett Brown, Back to the Future 

Quirky humor, absentmindedness due to being focused on his creations, and an intriguing passion all typify Dr Emmett Brown.

Brown, the scientist in Back to the Future, is obsessed with his inventions, and he does whatever it takes to follow his dreams

His charming personality, innovative ideas, and dedication to his ideals are endearing, and generations of B2F fans have loved the Doc’s character because he’s all the good of an ENTP personality

ENTPs have wild dreams, and they thoroughly believe they can achieve anything they want, which is so typical of the Doc. 

12. Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones 

While ENTP characters can be out of touch with reality, they can also be brilliant strategists and debaters since they have a widely developed knowledge base. In Game of Thrones, the character of Tyrion Lannister has a typical ENTP personality. 

His oddball humor and ability to see situations from entirely new perspectives make him a mind to be dealt with. He is charming and dedicated to reaching his goals, and he seems able to negotiate his way out of any sticky situation. 

By being inventive, he manages to outwit other lords and those who are scheming against Tyrion’s few partners. Unlike other ENTPs, Tyrion is able to read people’s feelings because he can use his extroverted feelings to establish his power.

13. Timon, The Lion King 

You may not believe an animated character is an ENTP, but the vibrant character of Timon, the meerkat, is so characteristic of an ENTP personality. 

Timon constantly talks, he schools the other animals on his views and ideas. He always has advice and opinions that he shares and uses to convince animals to join him on adventures.

He radiates confidence, but his sense of self is dependent on his ability to boss Pumbaa around. 

Like a true ENTP, Timon is a charismatic leader, and he manages to inspire others with his debating skills, getting them to do things for him

14. Fleabag, Fleabag

A famous line from Phoebe Waller-Bridge (who is also an ENTP) as Fleabag in Fleabag gives you a clear idea of who an ENTP character is. It says, “Being proper and sweet and nice and pleasing is a f**ing nightmare. It’s exhausting.” 

Fleabag, the main character, is self-destructive and sharp-witted. She has a talent for making longing, shame, and guilt resonate with the audience while laughing at how these serious emotions are presented.

Like Chandler, Fleabag uses inappropriate humor and jokes as a defense mechanism. 

This ENTP fictional character is rebellious since she is direct and insubordinate. Like other ENTPs, she is extroverted, preferring to be surrounded by others instead of spending time alone.

She is also confident, spontaneous, and detached from her emotions, making it easy for her to manipulate others

15. Dustin Henderson, Stranger Things 

A healthy ENTP fictional character is Dustin Henderson from Stranger Things. Dustin is a sensitive soul, in touch with what other characters feel. He is good at thinking on his feet and isn’t scared to stand up for himself and what he believes. 

His charismatic nature helps so others can listen to him. Dustin is also intelligent, with a thirst for knowledge and learning. This is what makes him a valuable Hawkins’ AV club member. 

As an ENTP visionary, Dustin is always up for a challenge and taking risks. He is fearless and simply a sweetheart

16. Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean 

Ah, Captain Jack Sparrow has to be one of the most iconic ENTP characters in movie history. His wit, charm, innovative use of invention to create chaos, and his very fluid loyalties to the people in his life are typical of a ENTP personality. 

In true ENTP fashion, he is an epic debater, and he constantly surprises audiences with his seemingly selfless acts of heroism that all feed his self-interest.

He is resourceful, from walking under a boat to reach his ship to pretending to be a tribal king, he is never left without manipulative strategies to win. 

17. Lucifer Morningstar, Lucifer 

It should be no surprise that Lucifer Morningstar in Lucifer is an ENTP. He is devilishly charming (though what would you expect from the fallen angel?), highly intelligent, and impulsive.

Lucifer is also quite rebellious, challenging authority and living life like it’s a party. 

ENTPs know how to have fun, and Lucifer is no exception. He enjoys living his life, and he is the life of the party. While Lucifer is a great strategist, his impulsive nature with his words and actions regularly lands him in hot water.

18. Olive Penderghast, Easy A 

ENTP characters are rarely the lead in a movie, and that’s what makes Olive Penderghast in Easy A so interesting.

Olive is original, creative, and bold, especially since she creates an identity to be what others believe her to be. She pushes out against social norms, doing things her way

Like most other ENTP personalities, Olive is rebellious, breaking rules instead of following them. But unlike most ENTPs, Olive is kind and sensitive to what others feel. She tries to help others, even those she can’t stand. 

19. Eve Polastri, Killing Eve 

One of the main characters in Killing Eve is an ENTP. Eve Polastri is quite unfocused as she is always all over the place. Eve likes working in a team, so she can brainstorm with other team members, especially when they need to track down Villanelle. 

Eve is as impulsive as she is quick-witted, and when Eve lands in tricky situations, she can use her smarts and resourcefulness to help get her out of them.

She is a very interesting (and highly unpredictable) ENTP character, especially since Eve is also charming, ambitious, and fearless

Like other ENTPs, Eve gets bored quickly and never wants to feel stuck; she craves excitement since she’s an adventurous soul.

20. Kevin McCallister, Home Alone 

Kevin McCallister is a youthful ENTP personality in the form of a kid who has to rely on his intuitions and innovations to outwit two burglars that had invaded his home.

From making weapons out of Christmas tree lights to setting ingenious traps, Kevin always comes out on top due to his almost innocent enthusiasm and passion to think his way out of trouble. 

Like a true ENTP, Kevin has loads of witty comments that express his genius. 

21. Ji-yeong (aka No. 240), Squid Game

If you’ve watched Netflix’s Squid Game, you might recognize that Ji-yeong (or No. 240 in the South Korean survival drama) was an ENTP.

Everyone else was panicking in the TV show (and no surprise there), but Ji-yeong kept her cool

She kept looking toward the future, a typical ENTP character trait. Ji-yeong was fearless and easy-going, and she was innovative and creative, two essential skills if you are in a “game to the death.” 

22. Felicity Smoak, Arrow 

Intelligence and curiosity paired with great wit and inventive genius are words that come to mind with Felicity Smoak’s character. She always finds a way to investigate situations and come out on top with a brilliant answer.

Her introverted thinking and extroverted intuitions make her a character to be reckoned with. 

Felicity does get caught up in the drama of her research, often failing to see the finer detail that could have brought her an easier success.

She loves to debate events and can talk her way into any situation and out of any danger. 

23. Robin Hood, Robin Hood

Robin Hood, the hero who takes from the rich to help the poor. He is smart, charismatic, and quite rebellious, fitting the character of the ENTP visionary to a T. Robin Hood doesn’t like authority and believes it’s his responsibility to serve justice

He is a rule (or law) breaker, doing anything to help the have-nots. Robin Hood believes that the ends justify the means, a character trait that’s typical of ENTPs. 

Final Thoughts on Fictional Characters ENTP 

We are often drawn to charismatic leaders because they reflect something about ourselves in them. Which fictional characters ENTP are you drawn to, and what does this say about you? 

Do you find the Joker’s confession of being an “agent of chaos” alluring, or are you drawn to Willy Wonka’s almost absurd creativity

When you embrace your own creativity and charisma, you can become the best of an ENTP personality by developing your knowledge and keeping an open mind

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