23 Magnetic Personality Traits & Characteristics That Attracts People

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Have you ever stepped into a room, and as your eyes sweep across the crowd, you suddenly find yourself drawn to one person in particular? This person isn't consciously demanding anyone's attention. They're just so comfortable with themselves that you can't help but gravitate toward them

If your answer was “yes”, you've just met someone with a magnetic personality. How else would you explain that “pull” toward them?

Most of us probably have someone like this in our life, or maybe you wish you could be more like them. They are a pleasure to be around and make you feel like anything is possible. So, what is a magnetic personality, and what are some of their characteristics?

What Is a Magnetic Personality? 

The easiest way to explain a person who has magnetic characteristics is to imagine a magnet's effect on metals. People with this personality can draw others to them just like a magnet draws metals to it. They're authentic, have excellent listening skills, and can make people feel validated. They have a natural charisma that makes people want to follow them.

Magnetic people have the ability to make friends easily with their warm and honest personalities. They know precisely how to read a person and what to say to make them feel seen and heard (which is very important to people) … without being forceful or disingenuous.

That is the biggest difference between a magnetic personality and a toxic one. Toxic personalities (or unsafe people) have an ulterior motive, whereas magnetic personalities are genuine, open, and honest. What you see is what you get. They want to make people happy and will apologize immediately if they've caused any upset.

Some people are born with a magnetic personality, but the truth is you can learn to be magnetic. You might not have all the classic traits and characteristics of a magnetic person just yet; but with time, patience, and learning how to share kindness, you can develop this wow-factor personality and connect with people the way a magnetic person does.

This big personality is always looking for ways to better themselves (and others). They make excellent leaders and influencers and treat people with the utmost respect. I have come across a few magnetic people, and I can honestly say that I've never heard them make a joke at someone else's expense. 

23 Magnetic Personality Traits 

There is a fine line between having a magnetic personality and having a toxic personality, especially when someone tries too hard to be what they aren’t. It’s a slippery slope and one to be on the lookout for.

So, before I get into the traits of a magnetic person, it's important to remember how you feel when you're around a magnetic person. You should feel confident, motivated, and eager to take on the world with the same verve as them.

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They're bursting with a good type of energy (not the unfocused and irritating kind), but the kind of energy you want and need in your life.

If you feel stressed, uncomfortable, and mentally drained, you're likely dealing with a toxic personality and need to steer clear!

Here are the 23 magnetic personality traits that can help you identify a magnetic person or strive to be one yourself:

Trait #1. Great Sense of Humor

A magnetic person makes you feel happy and at ease by cracking a joke or telling a funny story that doesn't undermine or belittle anyone else. This big personality does things for a reason: by telling jokes they’re trying to make a connection with you and learn what makes you happy. 

This is the polar opposite to what a toxic personality would do. They would make a joke at your expense without any regard for the consequences. A magnetic person’s sense of humor comes from a selfless and genuine place.    

Trait #2. Authentic and Genuine

Magnetic personalities see no point in being fake, as it goes against their nature and serves no purpose to anyone. You'll always know where you stand with them, and this trait helps encourage others to see and accept themselves for who they are. 

I am usually a good judge of character, and there’s nothing that irritates me more than seeing right through a person and their fakeness. I am sure we all appreciate genuine people who are unafraid to be their authentic selves. No time for “fake it till you make it” here.    

Trait #3. Excellent Listening Skills

When you talk to a magnetic person, they focus all their attention on you and listen to you out of genuine interest (they’re compassionate listeners). They maintain eye contact and ask questions if they need more clarity, but they’ll never try to talk over you

Here is another indication of the difference between this magnetism and a toxic one. A toxic personality would try to dominate the conversation. You won’t see a magnetic person trying to butt in or stop you short so that they can relay their own experience or story. 

In the modern world where people have forgotten how to put their phones down and really listen to someone, this is a trait we should all strive to be better at. 

Trait #4. Knowledgeable and Wise

Magnetic people constantly learn and absorb as much from life as possible. Because of their eagerness to learn about people and what makes them happy, they have a vast knowledge and a wise outlook on situations.

They see this as a way to make the world a better place, and they enjoy sharing their knowledge with others.  

Trait #5. Kind and Thoughtful

A magnetic person is aware of how their words and behavior can affect another person (both positively and negatively), and they strive to avoid toxic situations. If they slip up (they’re human after all) and realize they have hurt or disappointed you, you can be sure they'll apologize and try to make amends

Trait #6. Inspire Others

This type of personality has the ability to inspire others just by being themselves. They give off such positive vibes and believe in using positive affirmations  to help others.  People who are around them can’t help but smile and try to be like them (they never force their personality on others). 

I met a bona fide magnetic personality once, and by the end of our brief but pivotal conversation, I found myself pursuing a new hobby in astrology. I had no interest in this subject before speaking to this person. This right here, is the magnetic power of these larger-than-life personalities.

Trait #7. Naturally Curious 

A magnetic person has this fantastic ability of being able to make you feel like you're the only person in the room. They make you feel like what you say matters, and they genuinely find what you say interesting.

They're naturally curious, want to learn as much about everyone's experiences as possible, and are really good at remembering the smallest details. Magnetic people aren’t afraid of asking questions, and they appreciate the answers they receive. 

Trait #8. Bursting with Energy

They're bursting with a good type of energy (not the unfocused and irritating kind), but the kind of energy you want and need in your life. They use this energy to help inspire others to get up, learn something new, and contribute to the world.

A magnetic person thrives on positive energy, and for them, it's a give and take situation. As much positive energy as they give out, they receive back from seeing your interest and change in mindset. Magnetic personalities are light bringers, who share their incredible energetic aura with those around them.

Trait #9. Good Dose of Optimism

There’s nothing more annoying than someone who goes overboard with their optimism, especially when the other person is going through a difficult time. Being over-optimistic is more than just annoying, it can end up as an ugly debate because they can’t focus on the present moment and take your feelings into consideration.  

Magnetic people seem to have the right balance of optimism and thoughtfulness and use this to help ease the situation, instead of making the other person feel guilty for their feelings.

Trait #10. Self-Confidence 

A magnetic person is confident in themselves, and they’re comfortable receiving criticism from other people. They see this as an opportunity to learn and make adaptations, and they’re not afraid of the idea of rejection. 

One of the things that makes this personality magnetic is the fact that they know their own worth. They don’t doubt their own capabilities, and they take any form of criticism as constructive. This is something people should strive to instill in their lives.  

Trait #11. Inventive and Original

One trait that stands out about a magnetic person is their free and open imagination. They love brainstorming new ideas alone and with others and always give credit where it's due (unlike toxic personalities).   

They adopt a “think out of the box” outlook and are never worried about how people will react to their ideas.

Trait #12. Have Empathy

People with magnetic personalities find it easy to empathize with others and show genuine concern and compassion. They will sit down and talk it out with the distressed person and do what they can to comfort them (even if that means they just sit with you while you weep).  

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This type of personality has the ability to inspire others just by being themselves.

A magnetic person will not judge you. Instead, they will offer kind reassurances and make helpful suggestions to solve the problems. This is a very important quality and makes this personality extra special.

Trait #13. Well-Spoken 

A person's magnetism comes from knowing what (and when) to say and how to say it. They understand how their tone can affect someone negatively and come across as chastising instead of kind and helpful. Therefore, they carefully pay attention to how they speak and what they say.

This skill comes with practice and adopting the mindset of “how would I want someone to speak to me?”

Trait #14. Honest 

A magnetic person will always be honest with you, whether it's regarding their outlook, values, or beliefs. It's also important to remember that they aren't going to tell you absolutely everything about themselves, but if you ask a question, they'll give you an honest answer.  

When talking to a person who has that x-factor, you can rest assured there are no lies or ulterior motives. If they don’t have the answer, they’ll make it their goal to find out and get back to you.

Trait #15. Always Looking to Grow

This personality type is always looking for ways to grow as a human being and help others do the same. You will often find magnetic people signing up for retreats or life coaching courses to help them grow as an individual.

Once they’ve learned a new skill, they’re more than happy to share it with others or use their new skill set to make things better for people. 

Trait #16. Creative Nature

Magnetic people have a creative side that helps them handle problems more constructively. This relaxed outlook allows them to work well with others and have a knack for bringing out the creative side in people.

Trait #17. Leadership Qualities

People with a personal draw have no problem getting others to follow them (and they really don’t have to try at all). Their charismatic and passionate outlook on life makes people more than happy to follow their lead. Magnetic personalities make for powerful leaders. 

I think you can agree when I say we all want a positive and approachable leader. Someone we know we can go to at any time and will always have something constructive to offer us.

Trait #18. Warm and Approachable

You always feel a sense of warmth and safety when approaching a person with that x-factor. Their honest faces are always open and approachable, and you don't feel judged when you speak to them. They will never look down on you, no matter what’s going on in your life.

They are somehow able to put your mind at ease and make you feel like everything is really going to be okay.

Trait #19. Open and Controlled Body Language and Posture

Magnetic people always stand up straight, look you in the eye when they talk, and use confident gestures (such as gently patting your shoulder for reassurance). Body language says a lot about a person, and magnetic people use theirs to communicate with other people.

They never overdo the gestures, as they’re very aware that some people don’t like to be touched.

Trait #20. Make Friends Easily

A magnetic person's charming and friendly persona makes it easy for them to make friends from all walks of life. Casually meeting a stranger on a stroll usually makes for a deep conversation and plans to meet again for a chat. 

It’s very rare that you see a magnetic person sitting on their own; people can’t help but gravitate toward their easy personalities.

Trait #21. Boost Others

One of the most admirable characteristics of magnetism is their ability to boost and praise others. In a world that’s always fighting for the top seat, it’s nice to know that someone wants you to genuinely succeed and sees the potential in you.

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You always feel a sense of warmth and safety when approaching a person with that x-factor.

They have your back and are more than happy to help you get to the top. A magnetic person thrives on seeing you succeed.

Trait #22. Always Smiling

You rarely see a magnetic person looking down and not smiling. When they smile, it's genuine, and you can see their smile's effect on others. It's contagious and has a domino effect. You’ll suddenly find yourself smiling at the next person, and so the chain continues.

A simple act that has a beautiful ripple effect. 

Trait #23. Dresses to Impress

Looking good is another trait of magnetic people, as they like to make an excellent first impression. They choose colors and styles that make them feel comfortable and confident and aren't concerned if people don't like their shoes (for example).

They believe in staying true to themselves, and if dressing a certain way makes them happy then they dress that way. People who have a well-groomed appearance are more approachable.

Final Thoughts on Having a Magnetic Personality 

Spending time with a magnetic personality is a wonderful and inspiring experience. I spent just about 20 minutes in a magnetic person's company, and when we said our goodbyes, I found myself excited about my future.

Someone with a magnetic personality will encourage you to open up about your ambitions and dreams, and they will give you that little nudge in the right direction. These are the people we need in our lives, as they want us to succeed.

We should all strive to be one of these people… the world would be a much better place if so. Get started on your journey of self-improvement by checking out our article on 13 ways to be a more caring person.

Finally, if you want to identify YOUR personality type, then take one of these 11 personality tests to better understand what makes you tick.

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