43 Famous People & Celebrities with ISFJ Personality Type

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There are several types of personalities, and each one is special in its own way. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a questionnaire with a series of Yes or No questions that evaluates a person’s psychological preferences. These preferences determine how people see the world and make decisions. Are you or someone who know a … Read more

15 Codependent Personality Traits and Characteristics

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Codependency is a term we hear often but not everyone truly understands what it means. The term was first used to describe a person who was in a relationship with an alcoholic. However, psychologists now realize that this is more widespread. Codependency is different than being interdependent. All living beings are dependent to a certain … Read more

Fishing for Compliments: 7 Reasons Why People Seek Attention

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Have you had it with that friend, coworker, or partner who has an unusual habit of soliciting favorable comments about themselves? Did you know it’s called “fishing for compliments?” Yes, and I wonder how much more of this attention-seeking behavior you can take. You’re probably annoyed by having to constantly think of nice things to … Read more

17 Ways to Make a Narcissist Really Fear You

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What personal experience with a narcissist brought you here looking for “ammunition” to finally put them in their place? There’s never a dull day around narcissistic individuals. I’m pretty sure you have enough stories to compile a bestseller. I was once ensnared by a vulnerable malignant narcissist who fits most of the criteria for Narcissistic … Read more

Climacophobia Explained: What is the Fear of Climbing?

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It was completely unplanned—getting stuck on the top floor of my employer’s 25th story building when the elevator broke. While all of the other employees were happy to descend the flights of stairs, I simply couldn’t walk down nor could I climb into the fire-department’s emergency ladder bucket to be lowered to the parking lot … Read more

49 Famous People & Celebrities with ENFJ Personality Type

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When it comes to extroverts, there are layers to their personality which can be difficult to understand. The ENFJ personality type is one of the more intriguing types defined by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test. People with this personality type are outgoing, compassionate, and natural leaders. They are known as protagonists, and they make … Read more