15 Signs Someone Has a Lack of Self-Awareness

lack of self awareness | lack of self awareness word | lack of self awareness examples

A lack of self-awareness is understood as one of the reasons why many people fail to experience greater success. It isn’t surprising. You simply can’t walk into a store and buy self-awareness. Actually, you first have to be aware of self-awareness and then learn how to increase this human ability. Good for you if you’re already living … Read more

7 Best Apps for Introverts to Date and Find Friends

introvert dating app | games for introverts | apps for introverts to make friends

Are you an introvert looking for ways to meet new people and create connections? Being an introvert doesn’t mean that you hate people. It also doesn’t mean having no interest in making friends or finding a special person to share sweet moments with. Introverts, on a very deep level, find joy in being with other … Read more

11 Faith Coloring Pages for Adults

faith coloring pages for adults | free printable faith coloring pages | bible verse coloring pages for adults

Faith is the force that binds you to your beliefs and aspirations. It is the motivation that drives you to work harder and be better. In this post, we share with you some faith coloring pages for adults that can help you remain steadfast. If you think you need a little extra inspiration to hold … Read more

13 Strategies for Overcoming Adversity & Personal Challenges

overcoming adversity | another word for overcome | adversity synonym

I’ll never forget the first day that I walked into the art class at university only to be cross-examined by the very artistic lecturer. She quizzed me about where I was from and my life experience, and then she shook her head and told me bluntly that I wouldn’t be able to make art.  Close … Read more