7 Anger Issues Test to Measure Your Temper

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Do you think you have anger issues?

Do you ever find that you can’t control your emotions?

If so, then you might want to take an anger issues test to determine whether or not you need to undergo anger management treatment.

Anger is a healthy emotion, but it becomes unhealthy and toxic if it starts interfering with your daily routines and your relationships with other people.

In this article, we share with you seven anger issues tests that can help you measure your temper. Although they are not a 100 percent accurate, they can help you reflect on yourself and figure out whether or not you should see a mental health professional.

Let’s check them out!

1. Psychologist World: Anger Test

Psychologist World claims that their Anger Test measures your anger levels based on how you react to stressful situations. It is reported to be based on a method included and developed in the Novaco Anger Inventory.

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Anger is a healthy emotion, but it becomes unhealthy and toxic if it starts interfering with your daily routines and your relationships with other people.

The quiz provides you with 25 situations, and you answer depending on how much you think you would be angered by them. The options include not at all, a little, a moderate amount, much, and very much. At the end of the quiz, you provide information about your age group, gender, and country.

Upon clicking submit, your results will be displayed, along with an explanation of some of the ways to beat stress and how others cope. It will also give you an explanation of how your answers were rated.

2. The British Association of Anger Management: Do I Need Anger Management?

The purpose of The British Association of Anger Management: Do I Need Anger Management? test is to help you identify if your anger issues are manageable or beyond what is good for your mental health. It only has 10 questions, and it only takes around five minutes to complete.

When you’re done, fill in the information at the bottom of the page and your results will show up. You will receive your test scores and a statement about whether or not your anger is becoming a problem. Below that is an explanation of what your score and statement mean.

3. Psychology Today: Anger Management Test – Abridged

This site provides the reader with a few introductory questions first before taking them to their Anger Management Test – Abridged. These questions allow you to reflect on your behavior and determine whether or not you might have anger issues. If you think you need to confirm, that’s when you take the test.

The test consists of 10 questions and is divided into two parts. Once you finish the second part and submit your answers, your results are shown. An explanation of your overall score is also provided. The test also has a full version, which you may or may not want to take.

Psychology Today is one of the leading websites in mental health, so you can assume that your results on their anger test will be quite accurate.

4. Online-Therapy.Com: Anger Test & Anger Symptoms

Online Therapy provides you with a wide view of anger management before it gives you the actual test. This includes the signs and symptoms of anger problems and the common factors that can make people angry. It also provides further reading on how to overcome anger problems.

When you take the Online-Therapy.Com: Anger Test & Anger Symptoms, you will be given three answer options: true, partly true, and not true. The questions are situational, and you need to answer based on how likely you are to behave a certain way. There are 16 questions, then you click the “Generate Result” button once you’re done.

Your anger score will be displayed, together with an explanation. A disclaimer follows, stating that the test you took is a standard questionnaire, so it is best to consult a professional about your anger issues.

5. Mantra Care: Anger Issues Test

Mantra Care provides its readers with a similar layout. It shares information about what anger is, why people get angry, how to overcome anger issues, and why an anger issue test may be helpful. It also has a section that explains how they came up with your anger test results.

There are 25 questions to answer in the Mantra Care: Anger Issues Test, and there are only two options for the choices: true or false. The test is easy to take and gives you a good idea of how you manage your anger.

6. Practical Psychology: Anger Issues Test (Signs & Guide)

Practical Psychology’s Anger Issues Test gives you a detailed explanation of anger management—what anger is and what it does, what are the signs and symptoms, how to overcome it, etc. It even briefly discusses intermittent explosive disorder.

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There’s nothing wrong with getting angry at times. However, you have to make sure that your anger does not get out of hand.

You can take the test either by answering the questions in the upper part of the site (in a dialogue box) or scoring yourself manually through the list below. Each choice has a corresponding grade, so all you have to do is total everything up at the end of the quiz.

The results are broken into four categories: better than average (25-40), average (41-55), likely signs of anger issues (56-79), and seek help for anger management (80-100).

7. ProProfs: Do I Have Anger Issues?

ProProfs provides a set of 10 questions in this anger quiz. The questions ask you to picture a scenario, and from there try to assess the degree of your feelings by giving you four options, with 1 being the least and 4 being the most.

Like all of the other quizzes on this list, this one does not claim to be 100 percent accurate. Hence, it is still best to consult a mental health professional if you feel like there is a need to do so.


There’s nothing wrong with getting angry at times. In fact, psychologists recommend letting your emotions out. However, you have to make sure that your anger does not get out of hand.

Otherwise, it can ruin a lot of things, including your health and relationships. We suggest taking one or two of these anger issues tests to determine if you have the tendency to be violent when it comes to managing your negative emotions.

If it turns out that you have anger management issues, make sure to visit a mental health practitioner immediately.

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