60 Encouraging Affirmations to Move On After a Breakup

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Breakups are sometimes inevitable, and it’s natural to feel sad, angry, or frustrated. However, it’s not healthy to dwell on these emotions for too long.

One positive way of moving on is to use affirmations after a breakup to pick yourself up. These statements are easy to remember, and you can repeat them several times a day. Read on to find out more.

Why Affirmations Are Important for Moving On After a Breakup

In most cases, breakups lead to both parties feeling negative emotions, even if they manifest after a week or two.

It depends on the person, but some people have a mixture of positive and negative emotions. Fear, relief, sadness, and more often arise and create confusing emotional cocktails.

Every relationship is different, which also means that breakups affect everyone differently. Nevertheless, it’s fair to say that most of us feel some degree of sadness after a breakup.

When you dwell upon the negative feelings for too long, you lose the drive to work, feel lonely, or even lose your appetite. In extreme cases, adverse physical conditions can develop or aggravate existing ones.

That’s why it’s essential to move on from the breakup after taking time to grieve. Moving on not only helps you regain your drive, but you might even find love again once you’re ready.

One of the best ways to move on from a breakup is to use affirmations. These don’t take effect immediately and aren’t miracle solutions. However, if you persevere, the benefits will be clear to see.

When repeating affirmations, it’s best to say them aloud. Of course, reading them to yourself is also acceptable if the situation doesn’t permit it. Nevertheless, reading them aloud tends to be more effective.

60 Affirmations to Move On After a Breakup

Here are some helpful affirmations you can use after a breakup. Feel free to find those that resonate most with you and use as many or as few.

  1. Even if my heart hurts, I’m worthy of love.
  2. I can control my life.
  3. It’s time to focus on my growth.
  4. I choose to seek peace and solace.
  5. I strive for love and happiness.
  6. I can’t force myself to feel great, but I’m not giving up.
  7. Being alone isn’t the end of the world.
  8. My happiness will be my number one priority.

My happiness will be my number one priority.”

  1. I can find happiness no matter what.
  2. There’s potential for greater things in love.
  3. Heartbreak only makes me feel stronger.
  4. When the time comes, I’ll open my heart.
  5. I’m a joyful person; this breakup won’t stop me for long.
  6. I will move on from this.
  7. This is only temporary pain.
  8. I will release myself from these chains.
  9. It’s time to let go.
  10. These experiences are essential for my personal growth.
Affirmations After A Breakup - These experiences are essential for my personal growth. | affirmation after being cheated on | affirmations for self love | affirmations to stop thinking about someone
  1. It’s okay to feel hurt.
  2. I’ll be at peace with all these feelings.
  3. It is perfectly normal to feel these things after a breakup.
  4. I am letting go of that which no longer serves me.
  5. I matter, no matter what.
  6. I will learn to love myself unconditionally.
  7. I am enough.
  8. I’m only becoming stronger.
  9. People know I have much to offer them.
  10. I’m excited for the things the future will bring me.

I’m excited for the things the future will bring me.”

  1. I’ll use this time to work on myself.
  2. I will trust again.
  3. I am attractive.
  4. This is only a footnote of my magnificent story.
  5. I attract only amazing and healthy relationships.
  6. I’ll be ready to receive love again.
  7. I choose to let go of my past regrets.
  8. I choose to let go of my resentment.
  9. Pain is temporary, and I’ll fight through it.
  10. It’s okay to remember, but it’s essential to move on.
Affirmations After A Breakup - It’s okay to remember, but it’s essential to move on. | affirmations for self love | affirmations to get over a crush | mantras after a breakup
  1. This breakup won’t define me permanently.
  2. Smile and laugh; it’s time to move on.
  3. I know when I love myself more, others will love me more too.
  4. I’m strong and powerful.
  5. I am grateful for the lessons I have learned.
  6. I’ll love, forgive, and go on with my life.
  7. My friends and family all love me.
  8. I’m grateful for all the love I’ve received in the past.

I’m grateful for all the love I’ve received in the past.”

  1. I choose to let go of my anger.
  2. This is just a stepping stone to a better future.
  3. I’d rather be healthy alone than in a toxic relationship.
  4. I have the power to make a change.
  5. I choose to let go of my anxiety.
  6. The best is yet to come.
  7. I trust that everything will work out fine.
  8. Even if no one cares, I’ll take care of myself.
Affirmations After A Breakup - Even if no one cares, I’ll take care of myself. | mantras after a breakup | affirmations for healing | affirmations to get over a crush
  1. I’ll become the best possible me.
  2. I have the strength to persevere.
  3. Someone perfect is coming.
  4. I deserve some rest and recovery.
  5. Every day is a new chance to improve.
  6. I am valuable and worthy.

How to Use Affirmations for Moving On After Breakups

It can take a long time to fully move on from a breakup. Before that, it’s natural to feel all types of emotions. Acknowledging them is the first step to moving on, but some accidentally indulge in these feelings too much.

You need to transcend the fear, sadness, and pain before moving on is possible. Peace and clarity are two components of moving on and getting back on our feet again. Only then can you look for a healthy relationship once you feel ready.

It’s also alright to remember the sweet moments. It’s not wrong to remember the good things, but dwelling too long on these memories can make you feel trapped by the past.

Knowing how to move on from a breakup helps you mentally, emotionally, and even physically. You’ll eat better, enjoy restful sleep, and generally have more drive to exercise. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind, and it’s crucial to maintain a balance either way.

Thus, to help you find some mental footing, it’s time to start repeating these affirmations.

The best way to practice this habit is to repeat them three to five times, twice daily. During breakfast and before bed are great times to do so. Don’t force yourself, but try to find a schedule that works best for you.

Saying them three times a day before meal times is also another helpful method. As long as you put your mind into reading the affirmations regularly, you’ll experience the benefits in no time.

Another habit you can develop is to carry a card with an affirmation or two with you in your bag or purse. You can also keep them in your work cubicle or desk. Frequently noticing them throughout the day will help you ingrain the words into your mind.

Affirmations won’t work immediately, as it takes time for them to really sink in. Only with constant repetition and practice will you notice the benefits. You may not be the only one, as others will likely see how your spirits improve.

When you feel sad after a breakup, it’s also beneficial to spend time with friends and family. They can offer you the emotional support you may not know you needed. In addition, having someone to talk to always makes things better.

Call a friend or family member if visits aren’t possible. Considering that the COVID-19 pandemic is still active, this may be the better solution. We recommend doing whatever feels best for your situation.

With lots of self-care and affirmation practice, you’ll notice how much better you’re feeling. Your mind will be clearer, and you won’t be as bothered by unpleasant memories.

That’s when you know the affirmations worked, though it’s not time to stop repeating them. It’s best to stop only when you feel totally free of the negative emotions.

Final Thoughts on Affirmations for Moving On After a Breakup

The emotions that come with separating from a significant other can be grueling, but it doesn’t mean you should let them rule over your life. These affirmations after a breakup aren’t the perfect solution, but they can be an excellent tool for moving on.

If you’re unsure how to use affirmations, try reading our guide. You may find these tips helpful in conjunction with your own methods.

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