Overt Narcissist: Signs, Examples, and How to Deal with One

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What do you do when life gives you a raw deal by placing an overt narcissist in your life? I can relate to your despair considering I married one. Overt narcissists can be just as difficult to handle as the other types of narcissists. Why? Their unappealing personality traits. I mean, how long can you stand someone’s intense arrogance, … Read more

15 INFP Songs That are Instantly Relatable

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Have you ever wondered if your taste in music reflects your personality? In the Myers-Briggs personality types, the INFP personality stands out with its unique blend of introspection, creativity, and deep empathy. INFPs are often known as “Idealists,” driven by a strong desire for authenticity and meaning in all aspects of life. For those who … Read more

Introvert VS Social Anxiety: 9 Basic Differences

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Introverts can be mistaken as socially anxious, shy, antisocial, or avoidant. On the flip side, those affected by social anxiety are sometimes mistaken for an introvert. Nothing is wrong with being an introvert or experiencing social anxiety. Learning the key differences between introvert vs social anxiety can help you understand and embrace yourself. You’re also able to determine … Read more

30 Famous People & Celebrities with ESFP Personality Type

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ESFPs are known for being outgoing, spontaneous, and fun-loving. If you’re an ESFP, you likely enjoy being surrounded by people and spending time outdoors. You’re probably also very creative and enjoy expressing yourself through art, music, or performance. Even if you don’t work in a creative field, you may enjoy it for fun. After all, … Read more

23 Famous Fictional Characters with ISTP Personality

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Some of our favorite and most memorable fictional characters from TV sitcoms, cartoons, and the big screen share the ISTP personality type.    We identify with these characters because of their levelheadedness and calmness in times of crisis.  We can even relate to their risk-taking nature and thrill-seeking tendencies. They are often nonjudgmental and tolerant of others.  … Read more