11 Tyrannosaurus Rex (T Rex) Coloring Pages for All Ages

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Who said that dinosaurs are only for kids? They are definitely for all ages!

The tyrannosaurus, often called T-Rex, is one of the best-known examples of a theropod. Theropod dinosaurs had hollow bones and three-toed limbs, and were originally carnivorous before they evolved into herbivores and omnivores.

The last generation of the T-Rex lived 68 million years ago, right before the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction happened. For those who are big fans of these ancient beasts, we have collected a few of the best T-Rex coloring pages available.

Color them by yourself, or use them as a way to bond with your children or young family members.

Let’s check them out!

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1. T-Rex Mandala

If you love dinosaurs and color for stress relief, this t-rex mandala coloring sheet is perfect for you.

2. T-Rex Surveying His Territory

This simple t-rex coloring sheet gives you an idea on how big these creatures are.

3. T-Rex and a Volcano

This printable coloring page shows a T-Rex fooling around near a volcano. We recommend this coloring sheet for parents who want to bond with their children over a discussion of the history of the T-Rex.

4. T-Rex in a Forest

Here we have a T-Rex who seems to be coming out of the forest. Imagine living during the time of dinosaurs—or imagine if they had never become extinct. Would you be scared? We bet your kids would be excited!

5. T-Rex in the Field

Cheer up this cute dino that seems to be having a bad day by coloring its skin and surroundings. You don’t want to anger these huge reptiles, so start coloring now!

6. One with the Clouds

Here is a more complicated coloring sheet for adults and more experienced artists. Enjoy coloring it while having some tea or coffee and sitting under the sun.

7. T-Rex Breakout

This is from NKourk of Deviant Art, who also has other dinosaur designs that you might like. We recommend this sheet for adults and teens who like intricate coloring pages.

8. Close Up

Ever wondered how the T-Rex looks like close up? Here you go! It’s a bit scary, but you can color it in ways that make it look less intimidating (if you want to!).

9. Run, T-Rex, Run!

We are not sure if this T-Rex is running away from something or if he is actually the one doing the chasing. It’s more likely the second. He seems to be getting ready to pounce on his prey.

10. Scary Looking T-Rex

Here is a scary coloring sheet for the adult who enjoys adventure. This design would make a great wall-hanging. Make sure though that you color it well! 

11. Transformer T-Rex

Did you like the movie Transformers? If so, then this is the coloring page for you! Here is a Transformer version of a T-Rex who is ready to fight.

Final Thoughts on Tyrannosaurus Rex (T Rex) Coloring Pages for All Ages

We hope that this list was able to help you choose the best T-Rex coloring pages for you and your family.

You may find some of them easy to color, while others may be more difficult. Either way, they will help keep you and your family happy and entertained.

What are you waiting for? Surprise the kids and download these coloring sheets today!

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