25 Kawaii Coloring Pages for Adults & Kids [New for 2024]

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Who doesn’t love adorable and cute?

Kawaii is a Japanese word that means “cute,” “endearing,” or “childlike.” It refers not only to people, but to anything that you find pretty or nice to look at.

Kawaii is even a distinct part of the culture in Japan and other parts of the world. Many Western people are fond of things that are kawaiiand everything that comes with the style.

In this article, we share with you 25 kawaii coloring pages for both adults and kids.

Let’s check out your options and start coloring!

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1. Unicorn Cat

Ever heard of a cat and unicorn combo? This is our first time seeing one, too, but they sure are incredible. For the lover of things kawaii, this one is definitely a must-try—whether you are a kid or an adult.

2. Magical Unicorns

Don’t you just love how magical unicorns can be? Here’s a set of unicorn drawings to satisfy your craving for everything cute and lovely.

3. Squishmallows

Here we have a set of Squishmallows coloring pages for both kids and adults. Regardless of age, this page is meant to keep your stress and worries at bay.

4. Plants vs. Zombies

Have you ever played Plants vs. Zombies? If so, you might enjoy coloring this page. We suggest lots of green, since both zombies and plants tend to be that color!

5. Kawaii Plants

If you love both kawaii and plants, this page gives you the perfect combination. You can even use it as a cute wall design once it’s complete.

6. Kawaii Llama

How about this easy-to-color llama? We’re sure the kids will enjoy working on this page.

7. Kawaii Cats

Here’s a page for all the cat lovers out there! You can also cut each colored shape out and use them to design your journal or notebook.

8. Kawaii Owls

Here’s a coloring page you can gift to your special someone. It is going to melt their heart for sure, especially with all of those hearts surrounding the owls.

9. Kawaii Melting Cake

The next few images are mouth-watering. Let’s start with this kawaii melting cake that looks like a gift wrapped in a picnic basket.

10. Kawaii Birthday Cake

Here’s another adorable cake for all the kids and kids-at-heart out there. Who doesn’t love cake, right?

11. Kawaii Fruit Drink

It seems like summer is calling to us with this coloring page. Imagine having a drink like this in real life, with that cute little being in fruity gummy form.

12. Summer Milk Shake

Thirsty for a milkshake? Enjoy an afternoon treat with your cute, furry friend.

13. Summer Sweets

Summer is the time for sweet treats and fancy beverages—like this cold, fruity drink surrounded by candies. Have fun coloring this with your kids!

14. Bread & Coffee

How about some bread and coffee for a morning coloring routine? You could prepare breakfast for the kids while they are coloring this page.

15. Creepy Kawaii Food Shop

It turns out creepy can be kawaii, too! Check out this food shop full of different items you can color. It’s the perfect page for people who love both cute and scary.

16. Kawaii Adventure

How about an adventure on a kawaii train? This page is a wonderful addition to your coloring collection, whether you are a kid or an adult.

17. Kawaii Witch

Here’s a creepy yet cute chibi witch for the kid in you. Have fun coloring this page and try not to freak everyone out!

18. Kawaii Fries & Drinks

This page is definitely making us hungry. It has our favorite foods, no matter the season—pizza, fries, shake, and strawberries!

19. Cute Sugar Skulls

Remember when skulls were a trendy kawaii feature? This coloring page brings back so many memories!

20. Kawaii Desserts

What’s more fun than an adorable afternoon tea party? Create your own tea party for the kids while they color this page. What a perfect afternoon activity!

21. Kawaii Succulents

If you have a thing for cute plants and succulents, this page might just be perfect for you. You can even use it as inspiration to design your next greenhouse shelf!

22. Kawaii Doodle

Coloring this doodle will surely relieve any stress or anxiety you’re feeling. It’s a mixture of everything kawaii, all on one page!

23. A Kawaii Christmas

This one is seasonal, but who cares? You can color it even if it’s not Christmas. We just think it’s too cute not to include it here. You can also check our Christmas coloring pages list.

24. Kawaii Food Set

We just can’t get enough of these cute food items, can’t we? Here’s a page full of all your favorite drinks and desserts! Color it with the kids while enjoying snacks on a calm Sunday afternoon.

25. Kawaii Cups & Cakes

Aren’t these cups and cakes just way too cute? We bet they are going to look even tastier once you’ve colored them.

Final Thoughts on Kawaii Coloring Pages

Have we satisfied your thirst for everything kawaii? We hope that you enjoy these kawaii coloring pages. Choose your favorites, then print them out and start coloring. There’s no better way to bond with your kids!

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