108 Positive Hope Affirmations to Stay Positive

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It can be hard sometimes to maintain a hopeful, positive attitude when things seem bleak and discouraging. But the truth is that hard times pass, and remaining optimistic and hopeful actually helps you create your own happiness, regardless of the circumstances.

So here are some of the most powerful affirmations for hope to help you stay positive.

Why Positive Hope Affirmations are Important to Stay Positive

Life is full of challenges and setbacks, and it’s natural to react with unhappy emotions when bad things happen. Likewise, it is also natural and normal to feel down sometimes for no reason.

However, these occasional moods and reactions are different from having an overall positive or negative outlook on life.

A positive outlook on life is connected to many physical and mental health benefits. People with an optimistic view on life have:

  • Fewer negative emotions
  • Better health, including improved immune response and longer life spans
  • Improved performance, with greater productivity and more success
  • Greater happiness

Importantly, we are not born with an innate pessimistic or optimistic outlook. We learn these attitudes and can unlearn them, retraining our brains to be hopeful and optimistic.

Affirmations for hope can actually fundamentally help change our outlook on life, helping us be more positive, optimistic people and unlocking greater potential and happiness in the future.

108 Positive Hope Affirmations to Stay Positive

  1. I hold on to hope
  2. Today I choose to be happy
  3. I expect great things
  4. I get better each day
  5. I fully experience and accept my own emotions
  1. I am open to positivity
  2. I control my emotions and thoughts
  3. I have everything that I need
  4. I am surrounded by love
  5. I have inner and outer beauty
  6. Right now, I am content
  7. My life is unfolding perfectly
  8. Everything works out for me
  9. I am loved and lovable
  10. I am thankful for my life
  11. I feel strong and well
  12. I have unlimited options
  13. I have so much to be grateful for
  14. If I need help, I can ask for it
  15. I am glad to be alive
  16. I cause my dreams to become my reality
Affirmations for Hope - I cause my dreams to become my reality | never give up affirmations | positive affirmations on hope | affirmations for uncertainty
  1. I believe in myself
  2. I never give up on my goals
  3. I am stronger than I know
  4. I treasure my hopeful attitude
  5. I encourage myself to go after what I want
  6. My life is getting better and better
  7. I trust myself to succeed
  8. I always choose to be positive
  9. My future is unlimited
  10. I will choose to be happy
  11. I take good care of my body
  12. I can achieve anything I want to achieve
  13. I am unstoppable
  14. My hope motivates me to act
  15. I grow and learn every day
  16. I deserve to be happy
  17. My hope is a powerful force
  18. I am improving in every way
  19. I believe in my own choices and decisions
  20. Problems are opportunities
  21. I love my life
  22. I am calm and confident
  23. I am brave
  24. I have succeeded; I am successful
  25. I change my life for the better
  26. I can solve any problem
  27. I see myself thriving and happy
  28. I am exactly where I need to be at this moment
Affirmations for Hope - I am exactly where I need to be at this moment | affirmations for trust in relationships | affirmations for trusting the universe |
  1. I welcome peace into my life
  2. I take each positive step as it comes to me
  3. Hope is a choice; I choose to be hopeful
  4. I am expanding the horizons of my life
  5. I make room in my life for positive people
  6. My life is going great
  7. I am a unique person; there is no one like me
  8. My best life is coming to me
  9. I can handle any situation
  10. I have grown; I am growing
  11. I live a powerful and joyful life

I live a powerful and joyful life”

  1. I cannot fail
  2. I always find a way to reach my goals
  3. All my changes are for the better
  4. My positive attitude will take me far
  5. I always do my best
  6. I have a bright future
  7. I breathe in courage and breathe out anxiety
  8. I enjoy life
  9. I belong in the world
  10. I am intelligent and hopeful
  11. I am determined and persistent
  12. My positivity opens doors for me
  13. Every day brings me new possibilities
Affirmations for Hope - Every day brings me new possibilities | affirmations for hopelessness | affirmations for faith and trust | never give up affirmations
  1. I have a satisfying life
  2. I am naturally hopeful
  3. Hope opens all doors for me
  4. Hope shows me a better future
  5. I work to get what I hope for into reality
  6. I focus on the things I can control
  7. I cope with stress very well
  8. I act to improve my life
  9. I can have what I hope for
  10. What I want to happen will happen
  11. I always have hope, whether I feel it or not at the moment
  12. I can manage uncertainty and stress
  13. I see the possibilities of good things ahead of me
  14. My hope is a light to see by
  15. Hope keeps me on track when things go wrong
  16. I keep moving toward my hopes
  17. My life has a purpose
  18. I can do things that make my life better
  19. I am thankful every day for all the good things in my life
  20. I have people who care about me
  21. I practice being positive because it makes me healthier and happier
  22. I have many strengths and abilities
  23. I take every breath as a gift
  24. I have the resources to handle life’s challenges
  25. The future will be better; I can make it so
  26. I am thankful for all the positive things I can do
  27. I love to notice everything positive and hopeful in the world
Affirmations for Hope - I love to notice everything positive and hopeful in the world | affirmations for trust in relationships | positive affirmations on hope | affirmations for trusting the universe
  1. I make good things happen every day
  2. I choose hopefulness
  3. I look at the world hopefully and positively
  4. I see myself as happy
  5. I believe good things about myself
  6. My life is flourishing
  7. There are many more pluses than minuses in life
  8. I can overcome adversity

How to Use Positive Hope Affirmations to Stay Positive

Here are some things to consider when using positive affirmations to help yourself be hopeful and optimistic.

Repeat Your Affirmations Every Day, Out Loud

For example, saying affirmations for hope aloud helps to re-train your brain more quickly because it is affected by both the internal thoughts and the external sounds.

Reframe Your Thoughts

It may sound like a cliché to “look on the bright side,” but there are real benefits. If you dwell on a negative experience, challenge yourself to find a positive aspect of that experience.

For example, if you are late because you are stuck in traffic, consider how much you enjoy singing along with your favorite songs on the stereo, or be grateful that you are warm and dry in a car instead of waiting for a bus in the rain.

After identifying the positive aspect of a negative experience, return your thoughts to that happier perspective whenever you feel negative.

Focus on the Positive Future You Are Creating

Hope is the expectation of great things to come. You may be having a stressful time in school, but graduation will create new opportunities. You may have a difficult job, but it may lead to a great career or enable you to save money for your dream vacation.

The hard times you are experiencing will allow wonderful things in the future, so remind yourself of the big goals and big rewards to come.


The act of smiling actually makes you happier. So choose a song, a quote, a memory, or a dream that makes you smile, and keep it with you to boost your mood.

Final Thoughts on Positive Hope Affirmations to Stay Positive

Affirmations for hope are a great way to change your outlook and change your life. Becoming a happier, more optimistic person improves every aspect of your life and is in your control. You can become anything you want to be!

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