75 Self-Love Affirmations to Find More Acceptance in Life

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When was the last time you checked in on yourself? Self-love plays a significant role when it comes to health, happiness, and success.

I know, for me, self-care isn’t always enough. I can get all the massages in the world, but unless I love myself, it doesn’t reduce my anxiety about my life or lessen my worries about the world.

I find that only self love affirmations help me through the moments when everything seems too much.

I find that a helpful hand helps when finding the right fit for me. Let’s go through 75 affirmations for self love, together, to find the right fit for you.

What are Positive Affirmations for Self-Love?

Science has proven that positive affirmations rewire the brain to focus on the good rather than dwell on the bad. By focusing in on affirmations for self love, we not only change how our brain responds, but we boost our physical health, too.

We produce feel-good hormones when practicing mindfulness and self love affirmations. Everyone can benefit from a bit of rewiring. By speaking positivity into the universe, you are inviting positive changes into your life.

It is not a cure-all or magic. It is a scientifically proven process that takes practice. 

Affirmations do not desensitize us to bad things; rather, it energizes us to tackle and overcome the obstacles that are part of everyday life.  So let’s go over the specific affirmations you can use to develop more self-love:

75 Self Love Affirmations

  1. “I choose myself today.”
  2. “I will stop apologizing for being myself.”
  3. “I am thankful for the joy in my life.”
  4. “I feel endless love and empathy for those around me.”
  5. “I am worth compassion.”
  6. “I emanate love.”
  7. “I deserve all the love that comes my way.”
  8. “I am beautiful because I feel beautiful.”
  9. “I am at absolute peace about my past because I know I can’t change it.”
  10. “I radiate happiness.”
  11. “I am in control of my actions.”
  12. “I am confident in myself.”
  13. “I see the positive in all things in my life.”
  14. “I can achieve anything if I keep trying, even when things get tough.”
  15. “I am beautiful inside and out.”
  16. “I have an open and loving heart.”
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  1. “I know my limitations, but they don’t limit my journey.”
  2. “I am proud of myself and my personal journey.”
  3. “I accept criticism and accept it is not personal.
  4. “I am not my past mistakes.”
  5. “I deserve the good things that happen to me.”
  6. “I am talented, creative, and original.”
  7. “I have everything I need in life to be happy.”
  8. “I have the power to create change in my life.”
  9. “I am a blessed individual.”
  10. “I am not defined by other people’s expectations of me.”
  11. “I do not pass judgment on myself or others.”
  12. “I will excel in everything I do today.”
  13. “I am not the negative thoughts and emotions I have.”
  14. “My prosperity increases every day.”
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  1. “I deserve all the happiness in the world.”
  2. “I will allow the universe to help me succeed.”
  3. “I deserve the good things that happen to me.”
  4. “I am enough for myself and others.”
  5. “I am exactly who I need to be.”
  6. “I celebrate my successes.”
  7. “I understand that no one is perfect, including me.”
  8. “I have everything I need to be happy.”
  9. “I am in love with the person I am becoming.”
  10. “I do not accept negativity in my life.”
  11. “I am in control of my ears; they do not control me.”
  12. “I trust myself to make wise decisions.”
  13. “I am not perfect.”
  14. “I can succeed. I will succeed.”
  15. “I have faith in myself and my abilities.”
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  1. “I am beautiful.”
  2. “I have all the tools I need to achieve my dreams.”
  3. “I will be assertive for the things I want in life.”
  4. “I am a work in progress.”
  5. “I embrace self love as it flows through me.”
  6. “I accept my flaws.”
  7. “I know my possibilities are endless.”
  8. “I know I will struggle, but I will learn from each of them.”
  9. “I am evolving into the person I want to be.”
  10. “I exude confidence.”
  11. “I love my body.”
  12. “I know that self love allows others to love me as I deserve.”
  13. “I know that I am complete without another person.”
  14. “I respect and love the person I am.”
  15. “I choose myself today and every day.”
Self Love Affirmations - “I choose myself today and every day.” | self love affirmations youtube | self love affirmations 2020 | daily self love affirmations app #dailyaffirmations #affirmationstoactions #positivity
  1. “I feel the love throughout every aspect of life.”
  2. “I will defend myself because I deserve to.”
  3. “I know my self-worth.”
  4. “I will give myself as much love as I give others.”
  5. “I know that I am doing my best.”
  6. “I make the conscious choice to be happy.”
  7. “I am bold and brave.”
  8. “I am talented.”
  9. “I am proud of myself and my accomplishments.”
  10. “I am powerful.”
  11. “I am grateful for everything I have and will receive in the future.”
  12. “I release my worries and anxiety.”
  13. “I unconditionally accept who I am.”
  14. “I alone can change my life and circumstance.”
  15. “I know that everything I need is inside of me.”
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How to Use Self-Love Affirmations

The first thing to examine is your life goals. The questions you ask yourself will develop a clear view of the path you wish to take to achieve those goals.

With a little bit of help, we will discover together how to put positive affirmations to positive use.

Take five or ten minutes when you wake up and before you fall asleep to speak them with enthusiastic energy.

Everyone keeps their affirmations in different places. The best spots are places you see every day and remind you that you deserve all the love the world has to offer.

A few suggested places to put your affirmations for self love include:

  • Bathroom Mirror
  • Closet Door
  • Computer Screen
  • Steering Wheel
  • Coffee Pot
  • Wallet
  • Cell Phone Case
  • Framed on a Wall
  • Calendar
  • Ceiling
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Laptop
  • Bedroom Door
  • Screen Saver
  • Phone App

Next, sticking to a routine when it comes to affirmations helps make the most of them. Even your breathing plays a factor in their effectiveness.

You should take at least three ten-second deep breaths. Remember to inhale and exhale deeply.

Remember that you are bold and brave. Look yourself in the eyes while standing in front of a mirror. Give yourself a smile; you deserve it.

Spoken repetition puts your affirmations for self love into the universe, and the world will respond in kind. Speak it into existence using clear and concise words, so you absorb their meaning. Repeat your affirmation three to five times, truly take each one in.

When you’re done, take another three breaths. You are inhaling the positive energy you’ve put into the universe.

Your brain is activated by words, but also with visualization. The combo of spoken affirmations and visualization creates an entirely positive experience.

When you’re looking at yourself in the mirror, try to develop a movie of what you want in your mind. Play that film or desire in your mind as you speak positive words into existence.

If you need a little practice, start with creating goal pictures or writing down what you want to picture onto index cards.

Final Thoughts on Positive Affirmations for Self-Love

Self-love is not easy. But affirmations put you on the right track so that even when negative thoughts or unexpected you continue to love who you are and who you’re becoming.

The best way I’ve found to access affirmations and information about mindfulness is through a phone app.

The hustle and bustle of our lives keep our digital devices close. It means I always have access to my self love affirmations if at any point I feel negative thoughts sneaking in.

Most of all, never give up on you. You are the most important person in your life. Create and maintain a positive and healthy life by using the affirmations that speak to your soul and mind.

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