13 Ways to Not Care About What People Think

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“I don’t care what people think!” You’ve likely said that time and time again, yet you still care. Why? I’ve included different factors that could help answer the question, along with 13 powerful tips on how to not care what people think, for real. You’ll come to appreciate the tips after discovering the dangers caring too … Read more

13 Narcissist Traits, Characteristics, & Warning Signs

narcissist traits | overt narcissist traits | malignant narcissist traits

Narcissists have chameleon-like personalities that allow them to go undetectable until their ‘mask’ slips. The proverbial mask represents the false self which is used to hide their true selves and (sometimes) their diabolical intentions. Add their charming personality and tendency to love bomb their ‘targets’ to the equation… and it becomes far more challenging to identify them … Read more

75 Childhood Trauma Quotes to Get Past Your Trauma

childhood trauma quotes | short quotes about childhood trauma | famous quotes about trauma

For many people, their childhood memories are filled with visits to Grandparents, letters to Santa, and their favorite toys. They can probably describe the smell of Mom’s baking. And pinpoint when the snow fell heavy, blanketing the streets like a magical wonderland. But for others, the darkness of childhood trauma overshadows these beautiful memories. And … Read more