7 Best Religious Values Tests to Try in 2024

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Do you often wonder where you stand in the spiritual spectrum?

If so, you have landed on the right page.

Religious values tests are insightful tools designed to explore your beliefs, moral compass, and spiritual inclinations. They reflect your alignment with various religious ideologies or philosophical doctrines.

By engaging with these tests, you can embark on a journey of self-reflection, gaining clarity on your values and finding a religious or spiritual path that resonates with you.

In this article, we delve into a curated list of religious values tests that offer diverse questions and topics, each aimed at unveiling a different facet of your spiritual identity.

Whether you're a devout believer, an agnostic, or somewhere in between, this set of religious values test provides a fascinating insight into where you may find spiritual resonance.

Read on to discover tests to guide you on a path of spiritual self-discovery

1. Religious Values Test by GitHub

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The Religious Values Test by GitHub evaluates one's stance on 10 religious and political axes. It presents statements for agreement or disagreement, gauging alignment with ideologies like pro-Catholic, anti-Protestant, atheistic, etc.

The test covers a broad range of religious and philosophical doctrines, aimed at mapping political inclinations accordingly.

The test provides a total of 133 questions, so it might take some time to finish. Each question is a statement with a scaled response, affecting your axis score.

Before you start the test, there is a warning that some content may be disturbing for sensitive people, so be wary.

2. Religious Values Test: 20 Questions to Find Your Path

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The AhaSlides Religious Values Test is a 20-question exercise exploring one’s religious and moral inclinations. It is structured as a multiple-choice questionnaire, each with three-answer choice reflecting varying degrees of agreement.

The questions cover diverse topics, including one’s approach to charitable acts, views on social justice, and involvement in religious or spiritual communities.

This test engages individuals to self-reflectively understand their religious values better. The average completion time isn’t specified, but the test is designed for quick, insightful self-evaluation.

Its multiple-choice format makes it easy to navigate, offering a simple way to contemplate personal religious and moral standings.

3. Pew Research Center: Religious Typology Quiz

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The Pew Research Center's Religious Typology Quiz aims to sort individuals into distinct religious groups, such as “Sunday Stalwart” or “Solidly Secular,” based on their responses. The quiz is part of a larger study involving over 4,000 US adults.

It consists of 16 questions and is designed to help individuals see where they fit within a broader religious landscape​.

The quiz recognizes that some questions may be challenging to answer, as participants might identify with multiple categories. It encourages users to select the closest matching answer, even if it doesn't perfectly describe their beliefs or practices​.

4. ProProfs: What Religion Should I Follow?

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ProProfs designed this quiz to guide individuals on the journey of self-discovery regarding their spiritual path. It consists of 10 questions covering various religious and moral beliefs, such as attitudes toward confession and feelings about a higher being.

The questions offer multiple-choice answers, allowing for responses corresponding to different religious perspectives.

This ProProfs: What Religion Should I Follow? quiz aims to help individuals explore and uncover the spiritual path that best aligns with their beliefs, values, and aspirations. It encourages self-reflection on one’s thoughts, feelings, and perspectives towards religious concepts.

5. What Religion Am I?: A 3-Minute In-depth Test

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This What Religion Am I?: A 3-Minute In-depth Test quiz serves as a platform for individuals to explore their spiritual and religious inclinations. It includes 15 questions, and the estimated completion time is about 3 minutes.

The questions are framed to help you reflect on various religious ideologies and personal beliefs, making it a compelling tool for self-discovery.

This quiz delves into your personal beliefs and preferences, attempting to align them with various religious doctrines. It is designed to help you understand which religion resonates with your personal thoughts and lifestyle choices.

6. Pew Research Center: U.S. Religious Knowledge Quiz

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The Pew Research Center's US Religious Knowledge Quiz offers an engaging opportunity to measure your understanding of various religious subjects against a broad demographic.

This short quiz includes 15 questions designed to gauge participants' knowledge across various religious topics.

Participants are compared with 10,971 adults from a study that assessed the public's religious knowledge, providing a unique insight into how individual knowledge stacks up against a national sample.

Completing the quiz takes just one to two minutes, but the insights gained can be enlightening.

Upon finishing, quiz-takers can see how their religious knowledge compares to the general population across different demographics, including religious affiliation, attendance at worship services, gender, and education level.

7. HowStuffWorks: Can We Guess Your Religion in Just 30 Questions?

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The HowStuffWorks “Can We Guess Your Religion in Just 30 Questions?” quiz is a captivating exploration of personal faith and belief systems. It aims to guess participants' religions based on their responses to various lifestyle and belief-related questions.

This quiz acknowledges the broad spectrum of religious engagement, from devout practitioners to those who may not adhere to any faith, and even those who actively oppose the concept of religion.

It comprises 30 questions that delve into the nuances of daily living, moral values, and personal rituals, offering a comprehensive look at how faith influences individuals' lives.

Designed to be completed in three to five minutes, this quiz provides insights into how closely one's practices align with specific religions, and prompts reflection on the role faith plays in personal and community life.

Participants are invited to share about their faith, ranging from their devotion to rituals to their philosophical engagement with religion (or lack thereof).

Once you are done, the quiz attempts to match your responses with a religion, offering an intriguing perspective on the diversity of faith experiences and how they shape our identities and actions.

Final Thoughts on Religious Values Tests

Today we have looked at various religious values tests, each with a unique approach to unveiling one's spiritual identity. These tools share the common goal of aiding you in understanding your religious or philosophical leanings.

We hope this excursion into the world of religious exploration has been enlightening, and that you've found a test that resonates with your quest for spiritual understanding.

May this article serve as a stepping stone on your journey towards greater self-awareness and spiritual fulfillment!

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