17 Best Songs About Friday to Start Your Weekend

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Excited for the weekend?

Many people who work hard during the week look forward to a well-deserved break. Friday brings a rush of excitement and a feeling of freedom.

If you’re one of those hardworking individuals open to the exciting possibilities the weekend brings, you’ll love this post. We’re sharing this collection of songs about Friday to help you celebrate.

We’ve got tracks from different genres, all of which are a testament to the most exciting day of the week.


1. Last Friday Night (TGIF), Katy Perry

Last Friday night, yeah, we danced on tabletops, and we took too many shots. Think we kissed, but I forgot, last Friday night.

Here’s a song about a pretty wild Friday night. It’s about unleashing the party animal in you and just fully enjoying what the weekend has to offer.

2. Friday I’m in Love, The Cure

I don't care if Monday's black. Tuesday, Wednesday, heart attack. Thursday, never looking back. It's Friday, I'm in love.

In this cheerful song, the narrator associates a particular emotion to each day of the week. While the rest of the days of the week have mostly negative emotions associated with them, Friday stands out as the day the narrator is in love.

3. Hello Friday, Flo Rida ft. Jason Derulo

Hello, Friday, I've been waiting for you for a long time. You just save me when my life came tumbling down.

This song invites you to cast off your stress and embrace the weekend. It’s about the sanity-saving quality of Fridays, especially when you’ve been under a lot of pressure from work or school.

4. Friday, Rascal Flatts

Na-na, na-na-na, na… Let the good times roll when the guitars play. Here is to another week gone. Raise them up and sing along. Friday cannot come fast enough.

Meanwhile, this song is about looking forward to Friday. In it, a guy imagines the ways he’ll spend the weekend, which primarily involves having an awesome time.

5. Friday Night, Saturday Morning, The Specials

I go out on Friday night and I come home on Saturday morning.

How seriously do you take your weekends? In this song, listeners are introduced to a guy who takes weekends very seriously.

It’s like a ritual to him, which begins on Friday, when he has a great time together with friends. His weekend celebration culminates on the wee hours of Saturday morning, waiting for a taxi to take him home.

6. Big Lights Bigger City, CeeLo Green

I been livin’ for the weekend, but no not anymore. ‘Cause here comes that familiar feelin' that Friday's famous for.

Still looking for your personal anthem for the weekend? Here’s one you’ve got to listen to from CeeLo Green.

This song is dedicated to all the hardworking people out there who have earned their right to party when Friday arrives. The song describes aspects of the night life and having wonderful memories about these weekend adventures.

7. Party People…Friday Night, 911

Party people, hey, it's Friday night. We're gonna rock this joint until the morning light.

This song is an invitation to have a blast this weekend. It encourages listeners to go out on Friday and party all night.

If you love partying hard during weekends, this song is for you.

8. Our Time, Lily Allen

Let your hair down now. It’s the end of the week. And this is our time now.

Still need more convincing to party on a Friday night? Lily Allen’s song encourages you to chill and forget the stresses of the workweek.

It tells you that it’s time to do whatever makes you feel alright this weekend. Just don’t get into fights, okay?

9. Finally Friday, George Jones

It's finally Friday, I'm outta control. Forget the workin' blues and let the good times roll.

Many people receive their wages on Friday. For some of them, receiving their paycheck at the end of the week is the start of a good weekend.

Here’s a song about a guy who’s determined to have a good time over the weekend. He’s aware of the consequences of partying too much, but for now he’s having such a good time that he doesn’t care.

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10. Is It Friday Yet?, Gord Bamford

Is it Friday yet? Is the weekend here? Is it time for me to kick things off with an ice cold beer? Been working so dang hard that I forget. Is it Friday yet?

Some people view the weekend as their escape from the drudgery of their jobs. In this song, a guy is working so hard he loses track of the day. He wonders if it’s already the weekend so he can take a break and chill.

11. Love on the Weekend, John Mayer

It's a Friday, we finally made it. I can't believe I get to see your face. You've been workin', and I've been waitin' to pick you up and take you from this place.

Not everybody plans to party the whole weekend. Some people actually prefer staying at home, binging on movies and just relaxing.

There are also those who plan romantic getaways over the weekend, just like the narrator in this song. He loves Fridays because it’s the start of a romantic interlude with his girlfriend.

12. Here Comes the Weekend, P!nk

Here comes the weekend. Hear it calling like a siren.

Here’s a song about someone determined to get the most out of her weekend. She’s got her “bad girl mode” on.

Do you know of anyone who spends the weekend this way?

13. Come Friday, Aaron Tippin

Nothin' you can say, nothin' you can do, nothin' that can wreck our mood come Friday.

This song is about workers who look forward to the weekend, and who won’t allow anything to stop them.

During the rest of the week, these people are hustling—doing backbreaking or brain-numbing work.

For them, the weekend is their only time to unwind, catch up with friends, and have some fun.

It's Friday night. Let's lose our minds in a downward spiral. Here we go 'cause we got no control.

This song is about loving the freedom of the weekend, which allows people to party as much and as hard as they want. It’s about forgetting your cares, even just temporarily, and focusing on having fun because it’s the weekend.

15. Anything Goes, Florida Georgia Line

Alabama on the boombox, baby. ‘Bout to get a little boondock crazy. Hop on, it's a hell of a ride 'cause anything goes on a Friday night.

Friday is the door to the possibilities the rest of the weekend has to offer. As this song tells us, anything goes during the weekend.

16. It’s Friday, Dean Brody ft. Great Big Sea

When the whistle blows, we make quite the crowd. When the sun sets low on Friday.

Many of us love our jobs, but we also need to take breaks every once in a while. Friday night offers the chance to get away from the busy-ness of our work.

In this song, working people gather at a specific place to hang out during the weekend after a long day at their jobs. They have a chance to party, catch up with friends, and simply chill out.

Although they are aware they’ve got to return to work when Monday rolls around, this Friday night is a time to set aside thoughts about their jobs and just have fun.

17. Aloha Friday, Kimo Kahoano and Paul Natto

It's Aloha Friday, no work till Monday.

This song is a reminder that it’s the weekend, so you can do anything you want.

Final Thoughts on Songs About Friday

Friday has a special place in people’s hearts, as it is a day that promises fun and excitement.

We hope you enjoyed this collection of songs about Friday. You can include these tracks in your playlist that celebrates the awesomeness of the weekend.

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