How to Make a Mindfulness Glitter Jar with 7 Examples

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Have you ever heard of mindfulness jars?

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to own one, but don’t know how to create it?

If so, you have come to the right place! In this post, we share with you simple explanations of how to create a mindfulness jar. We also list down a few examples to give you an idea of what it should look like!

But before we start, let us give you a brief explanation of what a mindfulness jar is, and some of its benefits.

What Are Mindfulness Jars?

A mindfulness jar is a glass container filled with water and glitter. It is primarily a relaxation and healing tool that helps calm your senses and improve your mindfulness. They are also called Calm Jars or Glitter Jars.

Mindfulness jars serve a lot of purposes. Some people use them as visual timers when they do breathing exercises, while others use them to teach children the value of mindfulness. Here are some of their most common benefits:

  • Relieve anxiety and initiate a calming sensation
  • Improve the mind’s ability to focus and concentrate
  • Regulate thoughts and manage emotions
  • Enhance sensory awareness and perception
  • Boost self-awareness and self-esteem

Mindfulness jars can be a lot more beneficial than you might think. If you are new to mindful living, you might want to consider adding them to your journey.

How to Create a Mindfulness Jar

Creating mindfulness jars is easy if you have the right materials. Here are the things you need:

1. Glass Jar

  • You can use any kind of jar, as long as it is clear and clean, but we recommend a mason or spice jar. Make sure that it is sturdy and durable.

2. Clear Glue

  • We recommend using Elmer's Clear Glue, as it is safe and nontoxic.

3. Warm Water

  • Use warm water straight from the tap for the best results.

4. Glitter

  • Fine glitter usually works best, but you can also use other kinds. You may want to add other designs, as well, such as those made from glitter-like materials.

5. Food Color (optional)

  • A simple mindfulness jar consists only of warm water, clear glue, and glitter. However, you might want to add some food coloring to beautify it more.

6. Essential Oil (optional)

  • This is optional as well. If you want your mindfulness jar to be more fragrant and soothing, you can add some lavender (or any other kind of) essential oil.

Here are the steps you need to follow to make your mindfulness glitter jar:

1. Fill your glass jar 1/8 to 1/3 full of clear glue.

  • The movement of your glitter actually depends on the amount of glue you add. The more glue you add, the longer it will take for your glitter to settle.

2. Add your glitter (and other elements) to the jar.

  • While it is all right to put all the glitter in at once, it is best to use a tablespoon or a scoop to measure. You never know how much glitter you will want to add, so it is better be safe than sorry.
  • You can also include food color and/or essential oil at this point.

3. Pour warm water then stir.

  • It is all right to fill the rest of the jar with warm water all at once, but we recommend leaving a little room for any additional elements you might like to include after shaking or stirring.

4. Seal the cap with a hot glue gun.

  • After mixing all the elements and filling the jar with warm water, seal your mindfulness jar with a cap. Use a hot glue gun to prevent future leakage.

As you can see, it's quite easy to create a mindfulness jar. Make sure that you have all of the materials and then you're good to go.

Now that you have learned how to create a mindfulness jar, let’s check a few examples of what they can look like.

7 Examples of Mindfulness Jars

1. Calm Down Glitter Jars

Here’s our first example from Kumarah Yoga, in three different colors. As you might notice, they also used hexagon sequins for the purple jar and star sequins for the blue jar. You can do the same and add shapes that represent your vision of a peaceful mindset.

2. Mindfulness Jar

This one is pure glitter, but in different sizes. You might also notice the bubbles on top—some DIY lovers say that it is all right to add liquid soap (perhaps a replacement for essential oils).

3. Calm Jars

Here’s an example that gives you a clear view of the top. The designer is in the process of creating her jar in this picture. Refer to step two, where you add the glitter and other elements after filling the jar half or almost half full with clear glue.

4. Little Mind Jar

Here is another example of a mindfulness jar with pure glitter, and in three different colors. You might want to create mindfulness jars for your loved ones! Choose colors that they will resonate with.

5. Glitter Prototype Mind Jar

This looks like a prototype of a new design. You can try creating a sample like this one if you haven’t yet decided on your final design—or you can try creating small ones like this as gifts.

6. Mindfulness Glitter Jar

This example made us thing that mindfulness jars might make great wedding giveaways. A party gift like this is a great souvenir and a way to remember a happy occasion.

7. One-Year Mindfulness Challenge

Ok, hear us out—we know that this is not the type of mindfulness jar we described earlier, but we still thought it was worth a look. Mindfulness jars can come in all shapes and sizes—and even different styles too!

Final Thoughts on Mindfulness Jars

If you are new to mindful living, or if you want to teach your kids the value of mindfulness, these jars are a great way to start the journey.

We hope that we were able to inspire you to make your own. With the examples we’ve provided above and the steps and materials we listed, you should be well on your way to a DIY mindfulness glitter jar!

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